Treat Yourself [NOT 10/1/22]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends!

I’m super tired today and strongly fighting the urge to nap. Only because it would be late enough in the day to mess up my sleep tonight.

But I love naps. Naps might be my favorite way to treat myself. Chillax with a good book and then nap.

What are your favorite things to do? Are you a stress baker and making cookies, etc level you out? Running? Watching movies?



  1. I’ve been walking (new City Walks queued up for tomorrow) and it’s great. You feel a pulse of a place in a way cars just cover up.

    One thing I’ve been lax about since Covid is going to art museums. There is something just fantastic about sitting on a bench in an uncrowded museum in front of some big work and just looking and figuring out how it all comes together.

    There’s one museum within walking distance I keep meaning to go this past year, but I somehow don’t carve out the time for a proper visit. I need to get that done soon.

    • I do love sitting with art, too. Are there any parks with sculpture near you where you can combine the two?

      I don’t get there all that often since I don’t live super close, but this is one of my favorite places to walk  

      • There’s a sculpture garden with some nice pieces by Rodin, Noguchi and Calder not too far, but it’s just too cold to sit right now. What I really miss is the ability to travel, but I swear I will get to that point before too long. Just seeing architecture, gardens, or some other public art will be great. My family went to an old local Victorian-era conservatory before Christmas and it was such a great feeling to be there.

        • Oh I totally understand that. I barely want to leave my house to walk the 20 feet to my car this time of year.

  2. I have a bewildering variety of ways to treat myself. Between baking goodies to snuggling with Butcher Dog to watching a movie.  Naps however are a supremely awesome treat.

  3. Baking is #1.

    When I take a little break from working at home I’ll come upstairs and pet the cat and get a snack.


    • Is there a category of baked goods that you prefer? Like do you keep a sourdough starter going and dip into it regularly? Or more *fuck it, I need oatmeal muffins* kinda thing?

      • Brownies are the go to for something quick or chocolate chip cookies!

  4. Bath bombs and bubble baths with a good book, followed by a nap. Bliss

    • I admit I have a stash of Lush bath bombs in the hall closet for when I need a good bath!

      • My daughter worked for Lush when she was an undergrad. I miss the discount -50%. They were liberal with the freebies to employees too. But they still know me and load me up with samples when I go in. And the occasional free bath bomb. I do love their products.

  5. Summertime it’s a fine few glasses of wine on the deck watching the sunset.  Winter is a walk or snowshoe in the forest.

  6. Normally, excessive beer consumption.  Occasionally other alcoholic drinks.

    But, I figured maybe I should dry out for a bit, so, not really an option right now…


    Betwixt the time off for the holidays, a fair bit of rain, and excessive tire problems, it’s been almost a month since I did a full bicycle commute both to and from work.  The rain seems to have calmed down for a bit, and I got new tires put on this weekend, so today was my first complete commute, and all that time off definitely took a toll.  pretty typical time-wise, but I was a lot more winded and tired than I should have been.  But it was nice to be able to expend some energy on the way home, I just got tired before I could expend all that I wanted…

    Oh well.  That will get straightened out soon enough…

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