…true enough [DOT 21/7/20]

& yet...how in the fuck can it be...

…no kidding…shit be crazy out there…& I mean like all over…not so long ago (no, really, like only a president or two ago) this kind of shit would have topped the world headlines for at least a week or so


Several foreign governments have criticized the new law, which gives China broad powers to crack down on political crimes in the territory.

…but now it’s not even top of the crazy shit stakes in the UK


…much less if you pull up for the wider shot of the “big picture”

The coronavirus exposed European countries’ misplaced confidence in faulty models, bureaucratic busywork and their own wealth.


…to be fair…there’s the makings of some good news on the horizon



A small study of an inhaled form of a commonly available drug, interferon beta, suggested it could reduce the odds of patients becoming severely ill.



…but sometimes the horizon has a funny habit of staying way the hell over there about as far away as you can see

Since dozens of women spoke up about harassment in gaming last month, prominent industry figures have resigned. But has anything really changed?

…& even when things seem to change…all to often they don’t, really…although I’m still going to wring every bit of satisfaction I can from the fact that people haven’t shut up about how badly this whole thing reflected on the tinpot tangerine




…all the same…I’m not going to pretend it means the crazy is enjoying any less traction as a result




…it’s all in the kool aid, it seems…& that shit is more places than you’d think


…note to self…John Roberts is not your friend…& is less likely to solve a problem like an out of control executive branch or a rogue AG playing the part of defense counsel for the asshole “in charge” than one Robert Mueller…although the two do share a love of picking their narrowly-defined battles


…denying the expediting of the material to the House Committees but allowing it in the Cy Vance case (which itself is seeking to rule on a narrow issue pertaining to the legality of the hush money payments (that have been variously denied/otherwise characterized/generally associated with some grade-A-sketchy-lying-ass-bullshit…& which could yet be forced to turn upon some finnicky “point of law” or “term of art” whereby Roberts declares that he finally got around to watching Hamilton & really isn’t this just like that…which (spoiler-alert) it entirely fuckign isn’t…not that it would matter when they take this kind of shit seriously


…or have this kind of horsetrading to distract from

GOP coronavirus bill likely to include payroll tax cut and tie school money to reopening plans



…& they are going to be in full distract-at-all-costs mode


…not to mention listening to some unrepentant bullshit…because apparently substance is nothing & the narrative is all…which can be a serious fucking problem

How to Identify Flawed Research Before It Becomes Dangerous

Wearing a Mask? It May Come From China’s Controversial Labor Program

Why We Still Don’t Know Enough About Covid-19 and Pregnancy

Arizona reopened early to revive its economy. Now, its workers and businesses face even greater devastation.




The Pandemic Has Pushed Aside City Planning Rules. But to Whose Benefit?
Teachers Unions Sue DeSantis Over Order Pushing Florida Schools to Fully Reopen


…but don’t go thinking older, wiser heads might prevail

You’re a Senior. How Do You Calculate Coronavirus Risk Right Now?

…because that would be ignoring the bit that said “Florida”

‘If It’s Here, It’s Here’: America’s Retirees Confront the Virus in Florida

…& you know what…that isn’t enough crazy…not for 2020

The authorities are investigating whether a body found near Liberty, N.Y., was that of the gunman who shot into the home of Judge Esther Salas.




…& you know what…that still isn’t as crazy as it gets…I mean…it gives the previous crazy a sincere run for its money & maybe even pips some pretty major-league crazy at the post

White couple who pointed guns at St Louis protesters face criminal charges


…but some people…& I say this with no small amount of symapthy for a man clearly in the grips of some troubling mental upheavals of his own…some people have a headstart when it comes to racking up the hours on the crazy-train



…& with all due respect…it’s neither the time nor the place to be distracting from the efforts of those whose goals are less inclined to present as symptoms of the diagnosable variety…even if the hard of thinking still reckon them crazy



…but of course it’s fucking 2020…so we still haven’t topped out the crazy yet

Federal agents sent to confront protesters in Portland have “done a fantastic job” and could be deployed to other cities, Donald Trump said on Monday.



…but you know who don’t play that shit…yo’ mama


…mind you…turtles aren’t known for calling on their mama…they tend to retreat into their shell, as a rule

Senators and donors worry that with President Trump in trouble and the House probably out of reach, the Senate could be their last chance to hold power in Washington.

…& unlike the diminutively-digit-ed dyspeptic they tend to work with polls that don’t leave out the bits that might make them feel bad

Big Polling Leads Tend to Erode. Is Biden’s Edge Different?

…& speaking of feeling bad…we all know these are campaign spots he’s trying to call coronavirus briefings…they were before & they’ll only be moreso now…so frankly I’d argue they ought not to be granted airtime



…because it’s not like the whole campaign season hasn’t tested positive at this point


…& there are all sorts of inconvenient truths just lying about the place in the unlikely event that you can spare a thought


…although I’m not sure how far you’ll get explaing to a hungry polar bear that you just want to be friends

Polar bears could become nearly extinct by the end of the century as a result of shrinking sea ice in the Arctic if global warming continues unabated, scientists said Monday.

…& for the record…I’m pretty sure I like the endangered animal that would probably quite happily tear me limb from limb & eat me more than I do the people keeping the bullshit iceberg that is team-Dolt45 afloat

….how in the name of all that is holy is it only fucking tuesday?

…I demand a recount



  1. The latest Fox News rape/assault/harrassment lawsuit is really disturbing. Ed Henry has already been fired, though he is obviously more disposable than Carlson and Hannity (I don’t think anyone cares about Kurtz).
    Tucker Carlson sure sounds like he has something he’s worried about that is coming from The New York Times:

    • Yeah, those Fox assholes have been completely out of control, and now they’re all running scared. Must be awful to see your anointed figurehead’s reelection chances plummeting and find out simultaneously that your creepy cadre of sex offenders are being publicly outed. 
      Thoughts and prayers, Fox News. Thoughts and prayers. 

  2. It’s truly baffling – how tRump and co can’t read the room on school openings. All they need is a comprehensive plan to present on how to “try” to keep kids safe and they can’t even be bothered to do that. 
    Also – 

    • @Lymond I saw the Moody Blues two summers ago.  Warm night, coldish beer, bare feet and lawn seats.  Justin Hayward’s voice at 70ish was just as pure as it was back when.

        • Someday we’ll get back to a life or at least a better version than present. Then, you’ll go see them or anyone.  Polly sent you. 

  3. I think John Roberts is playing the long game here. He’s giving ground on stupid little unimportant things like Trump’s taxes (which he’s very neatly deferred until after the election) and saving his ammunition for bigger issues. He’ll come down firmly on the right on things like voter suppression. 

    • Oooh, we’ve got a crazy Republican under arrest too: 
      This guy, local tax collector, slandered a political opponent as a child molester, but left all kinds of DNA, IP addresses, and other stuff around for investigators to find. After his initial arrest, investigators found he had used confiscated driver’s licenses to create a bunch of fake IDs (?). He’s been creating scandals since his election, pretending to be a cop and feuding with a county commissioner. It’s a fascinating look into craziness. Of course, he’s from an extremely wealthy family, so once again we have to wonder why he’s not relaxing in a palatial mansion but is instead out being an egregious asshole. 

      • …that really is a pretty stark example of the kind of destructively profitable shit that gets lost in the sheer volume of egregious bullshit this so called administration has presided over

        …you think you have a rough idea of the outlines just from the broadstrokes but up close it’s a struggle to grasp the scale of the thing or how entirely backwards the outcome really is?

        …to take a state economy with a manufactring industry with potential for growth combined with a drive towards efficiency & increasingly renewable energy production/consumption & choke both in service to avoiding the political fallout of plant closures while making investors a 3,000% profit margin is an enterprise that in a sane world would be straightforwardly criminal

  4. -Whenever the news reports vaccine progress I’m incredibly wary. Do we live in a marvelous age of science where anything is possible? Yes! Do those blaring headlines about vaccine progress give people a false sense of security and hope? Yes! ‘Cause whatever vaccine makes it to the finish line is not going to be available to you, or me, in the US until next year. How can anyone look at how the US has done so far, with all of the expert advice and examples on how to efficiently move through a pandemic ignored, and think that the US could efficiently and equally distribute a vaccine?
    -We can expect the new stimulus/extended UI fight to be absolutely stupid. The GOP’s opening volley is “people shouldn’t be paid not to work” and it’s going to be difficult to fight that mentality. All evidence shows that the increased cash flow to the American people is propping up the economy. Reduce those cash benefits and the suffering is going to absolutely explode. Not that they care, of course. 
    -I’m too tired to come up with some kind of deep thought connection between Roy Den Hollander murdering a a Latina woman’s family and Ted Yoho, representative of Florida, calling AOC a “fucking bitch” over a policy disagreement but it boils down to male violence and violence against women of color.

    • …I’m with you on the vaccine thing but trying to remain optimistic that we’re finding other treatments that can at least help people get through it with a better shot at a desirabble outcome in the shorter term…although that doesn’t touch the sides in terms of equitable distribution

      …the compound layers of fucking stupid invovled in trying to grandstand about the funds/stimulus stuff is beyond witless…the people making the most noise about how vital it is that the engines of industry get back into gear are in the same breath decrying the only lubrication much of that machinery is getting…which I guess says a fair bit about who has faith in that whole trickle-down theory

      …& it sucks how right you are about that last thing, too

  5. Gawddammit, Ohio. 
    I like living here. Most of the time. I was seriously impressed with Dewine’s handling of the initial outbreak. Sadly he’s caved to the selfish dumbasses, who were so craven they forced Dr. Acton(?) to retire from public service as an advisor. In all other regards I despise Dewine, but I will give him props for his initial reaction and response. 

  6. This is out of left field, but does anyone have any suggestions on the best Fred Hampton books, I am ashamed I am behind when it comes to reading anything in depth about the great man and I want to rectify that and learn more. More about him but also his philosophies and strategies etc. I do not have anyone in my life to ask, so I figured I would start here, if anyone is wondering why I am posting it on this site.

  7. For any of y’all who need a good chuckle today–
    There is *nothing* in this world, like an angry young Marine, who fiiiiiiiiinally gets back stateside, and then can’t go have fun!

  8. Acccck…
    I’m getting kinja’d over here!🙃
    Twitter had a really great thread on him a while ago, if I can find it again, i’ll add a link.
    But here’s an article I saved from it;
    I keep losing my reply, so I’ll add more either by edits, or in replies to this one, because I DO have at least 2 more links😉

    A great write-up from Teen Vogue Surprisingly,but also *not* surprisingly, because they HAVE had some really great reporting!)


    • And NOT Hampton, but interesting, and in the same sort of racial/societal justice train of thought as his work–and something WAY too many of us *don’t* know about–
      The work of the Kerner Commission;
      It was shared in a thread over on Twitter,by the daughter of one of the men who worked on it & helped to write it up…
      As the link said, they got things right… but no one listened😕

    • I found the thread!!!
      It starts HERE, and she gets into COINTELPRO,  and how the American Government used fearmongering & lies to get white folks to fear & hate the Black Panthers. It’s a GREAT thread!:

      • And another really great thread, which gets into Hampton’s Marxism/ Communism, and which has links to both Willett’s thread, AND a great thread on Hampton, from The Root’s Michael Harriot;


        • …I’m sorry that little lot got derailed from the thread @AWhit started but thanks for all those

          …in a roundabout sort of a way (which is to say not in the non-fiction category but still with something of a pedigree) the James Ellroy “Underworld USA” trilogy (American Tabloid/The Cold Six Thousand/Blood’s a Rover) covers the COINTELPRO era in a sort of detail, although I don’t think it’s the sort of reading AWhit had in mind

          …also…twitter links embed a little odd sometimes & I think you lost the Harriot bit of that last one?

          …any chance you had this one in mind?

          …either way, it’s a great thread

          • …never mind…I answered my own question

            …misread your comment & thought you were expecting the embedded tweet to be Michael Harriot…which is instead the next thread linked to in the one you posted that quotes the previously posted one in the preview/embed

            …sorry about that

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