Trump Doesn’t Give a Fuck About COVID-19.

I mean, he’s never given a fuck about anything other than money, and he’s always been transparently obvious about not giving a solitary fuck about any human being, but it’s still kind of staggering how little this fuckwad gets it.

But this is America, and Americans are stupid, and Trump is the sum total of all that stupidity, made manifest in a sentient pile of dog diarrhea. Trump is willing to gamble the health of millions of Americans, because he knows millions of Americans will greatly sacrifice the health and safety of others if it means they can go back to work. Trump doesn’t given a shit about any health warnings; he just wants the Dow to jump back up, because the stupid dipshit’s only shot of getting re-elected is the fact that he hasn’t tanked the Obama economy he inherited.

Well, it’s not his only shot, but it’s the only thing he can point at that shows he has any level of competence whatsoever. And Americans, tired and weary and stir crazy, seem ready to accept this shit hook line and sinker.

It’s the kind of thing that happens when you spend decade upon decade convincing people that “big government” doesn’t work. The best way to stop the spread of the COVID-19 is through strong federal action. In any other country that claims to be a democracy or a first world country, Trump’s actions would be enraging. How can the President of the United States advocate letting people die mostly preventable deaths?

In 2020, this is just another Wednesday in which the alleged President abdicates his responsibilities and throws his hands up, sayin’ “fuck it, you fix it”. And half the country will nod along, and more than half the country will silently agree that the coronavirus is overblown and that we should all return to some form of normalcy. Let the people who are gonna die die, let the hospitals be overwhelmed, let the economy still suffer; I’ma get mine, I hope you gets yours.

That’s the America we exists in today.

Nothing is normal. Nothing has been “normal” since Trump took office in 2016. What Trump offers his supporters isn’t normalcy; it’s blissful ignorance. More than perhaps any modern president besides maybe Ronald Reagan, Trump offers a sense to his supporters that everything is actually fine, and the world’s problems are just petty, fringe issues with no basis in reality. He offers comfort to the people for whom comfort has always existed, but now find themselves going from a king size bed to a queen. There’s still plenty of room, but they just know there’s less of it, and they can’t settle down to sleep.

What is a calling for people to return to work amidst a public health crisis if not promoting and propagating willful ignorance? I mean, besides morally corrupt and intellectually unjustifiable?

These things keep happening, and Trump keeps getting away with it. Once again, rather than call into question anything the President does, the media has given the President open forum to spread misinformation and lies. Once again, a shadowy cabal of right wing dickheads feed lies to Trump’s base. Once again, a tired and weary America who just wants shit to be back to normal lets Trump get away with it. Stressed out governors who are just trying to make sure their citizens don’t die get the blame, and Teflon Don gets a free pass for sounding tough on an issue that 1.) he has no intention of solving, 2.) that he can’t be arsed to understand and 3.) that he would give the smallest possible shit about if he wasn’t kind of sort of required by the position to do so.

A lot has been said about the polarization of the country and what it means for ongoing political discourse. But I think the one problem the Republicans will have in replacing Trump is that there is very much, truly and honestly…a lot of them are better baseline humans than him. A lot of them aren’t literal, actual sociopaths. A lot of them care what people thinking of them, and care that people see them as good people. On some level. No one will ever come along with the “I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck” level of Donald J. Trump, and I think that it was appeals to his base the much.

They admire his ability to simply not care. Because it’s a trait they deeply want in themselves. The ability to tune out the world and truly, only give a shit about themselves. And maybe their family. But mostly themselves.

Now is a time where Americans have to care for each other in ways that have legitimately not been thought about or spoken about in decades. or centuries. Or maybe ever. Trump is the pinnacle of selfishness in extraordinarily selfish times.

People just want to be as selfish as he is.

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    • It really goes to show you that all people really want is for a white man to speak in complete sentences in a vaguely authoritative way, even if that white man is speaking misinformation, telling lies, and potentially killing thousands if not millions of people.

      Also boosting Trump is these goddamn $1200 everyone is so excited about. My mom texted me about it and I reminded her that everyone had to pay taxes on the Bush tax rebates, and it literally had not crossed her mind. My mom watches tons of 24-hour cable news, which means that not only has it not cross her mind, but no one on CNN or MSNBC has even bothered pointing out what happened last time, or asked any questions about it. And it’s all in a rushed bill that literally no one has had an opportunity to read, who’s horrors will surely only come to light when it’s too late to do shit about it.

      But all Americans will think about now is how Trump barked into a microphone in a mildly coherent way and tossed them “free” money. It is outstandingly easy to outright buy public approval.

      • Yeah, if/when we get that money, it’s going straight into the savings account so we can give it back next year. The only place I’ve heard anyone talk about this fact is on Marketplace, but that’s kind of their bag so not surprising.

        • Of course, Biden has vanished at precisely the time he’s needed most. (Here I’ll point out that in 2008, candidate Obama was in the thick of negotiations during Bush’s bailout and by most measures was running circles around McCain in public and in private to the point where even Republicans in the room were impressed by how he was handling it. So yeah, where the F is Joe Biden is fair.)

          But people rally around their leaders in a time of crisis because they want something to hang onto when they feel like they have no control. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about him getting a boost now; we’ll see when this starts to shake out and more is widely known about how badly he fucked this up. The red hats won’t care, but everyone else is gonna.

  1. What we’re seeing with him and Dan Patrick is they are now outright saying how they value money over people and yet still it doesn’t register with their base.

    • It’s not that it doesn’t register. It’s that it does register but they’re willing to ignore it. This country has a huge “yeah, okay, they could die, but, like, I’m probably not gonna die, so what’s the big deal” problem. They’re willing to get pissed on if someone else is getting shit on.

      Americans are uniquely unprepared to deal with a pandemic that asks them to be selfless in the face of danger to other people. “It takes a village” is not an American value. “Fuck you, get off my land” is American as apple pie, though.

  2. Even the centre-left media is airing his daily campaign rallies press briefings.

    Where is everyone to point out his blatant lies? His clear desire to get his hotels back open for business? Where are the senators and representatives who should be publicly calling him out nonstop?

    *listens to complacent crickets chirping*

  3. Trump cares about Trump & only listens to people that are nice to him. Unfortunately, he has people like this shit-stain he listens to:

    The cult of Trump will not give up on him until all the cool aide is gone. Lets just hope that some of us survive, I know my governor is NOT going to reopen businesses because these fuckers say so but if just the GOP led states do, we are all fucked it just may take a little longer.

  4. “He offers comfort to the people for whom comfort has always existed, but now find themselves going from a king size bed to a queen”

    I’d argue that, it isn’t even so much an issue of finding themselves going from a king to a queen, as it is, “staying in a king, while seeing a bunch of other folks finally *get* beds, and then complaining because, ‘I want a NEW bed,too!”

    For example, when there were the “scandals” about people getting “free Obamaphones!” ( ), there seemed to be a crapton of folks–who HAD decent, and in many cases top-of-the-line cellphones–who were begrudging poor folks of what were literally small, VERY basic phones. These were phones with buttons so tiny that even someone with hands *my* size (the size of an average 5-7 year old’s today), can EASILY fat-finger 3-4 buttons at a time, with *one* fingertip!

    But, because they were “free!”, folks who would be *outraged* to HAVE to use a phone like that on a daily basis were irate that other people–people who were poor and literally couldn’t afford a landline–were given something that would allow themselves to do something *more* than simply call 911 in an emergency, and *hope* that help miiiiight arrive.

    I definitely agree with this, “Trump is the pinnacle of selfishness in extraordinarily selfish times.

    People just want to be as selfish as he is.”

    I think there ARE a bunch of people who’ve seen rich folks scamming the systems for years & getting away with it, with no repercussions for the VAST majority of them, and that those people want to be able to make those quick, easy bucks, too.

    They don’t understand that Trumpry-dumpty has *lost* more $$$ than he’s likely ever made, until he was able to raid the taxpayers’ federal funds.

    • Good news on that “raiding taxpayer’s federal funds” piece. Looks like the stimulus package is going to expressly prohibit any money going to properties or companies in which Trump, Pence or any member of Congress have a financial interest.

        • I’ll have to give credit where credit is due: Chuck not only didn’t cave on this thing, but actually managed to put the screws to Mitch enough to get this in there. It’s honestly much more than I expected. Hopefully, there aren’t any last minute amendments that get slipped in without anyone noticing…

  5. “What is a calling for people to return to work amidst a public health crisis if not promoting and propagating willful ignorance? I mean, besides morally corrupt and intellectually unjustifiable?”

    …well, gee…I guess maybe it’s some other stuff, too…but I’m pretty sure none of it’s good

    …so you got me there…which is why it’s a little confusing that my first thought when I finished reading all that was “more of this sort of thing would be good”

    …none of this stuff is “good” obviously…but that was a good read…thank you kindly

    • I feel like I’m shouting into the void sometimes. Like I’ve heard so many people talking about the tax rebates and I’m like “we’re gonna have to pay taxes on them, just like we did with Bush” and literally everyone I have said it to looks like they’re snapping out of a trance.

      Thanks for the kind words, but I’d like it very much if I didn’t feel like the only people willing to mention this kind of stuff were either here, or scattered to the four winds by Jim Spanfeller.

      • …right there with you…which goes double for the last bit

        …quite apart from everything else I resent that that seems to have been largely met with a shrug despite the fact that there does seem to have been a concerted & deliberate effort to, as you say, scatter that conversation to the winds (&/or small out of the way places like this) when there appears to be not only an appetite for it but a very real need, to boot

        …like, I’m pretty sure I’m not the crazy one but the fact that doesn’t seem crazy to more people is fucking crazy to me

  6. It’s not even just his concern with propping up the stock market. The entire response to the pandemic has been designed to funnel money into corporate pockets. That’s what relying on the private sector for testing and supplies, and refusing to nationalize response using federal powers means.

    • Exactly. Every time I hear “and we’ve got some great companies, the best, like honeywell and quest labs”, I think great these companies are going to make a shit load off our suffering. Capitalism baby!

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