Trump Murders Canadians…[NOT 9/1/20]

A War Criminal and Murderer of Canadians

According to US intelligence (which is an oxymoron to everyone except Americans), an Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down the Ukranian International Airlines jet that killed 176 people. According to Canadian Prime Minister, Blackface Trudeau, it might have been an accident.

Let’s delve…

If it was an accident, it was still an accident that only happened because Trump blew up an Iranian general without approval from the house.

If it wasn’t an accident, let me get this straight…Iran blows up an airplane containing mostly Iranian citizens and Iranian-Canadian citizens (138/176 of whom were destined for Canada) in order to get back at the USA for illegally blowing up an Iranian general?

Makes sense to American mouth-breathers, I suppose.

Either way, Trump murdered Canadians and deserves to be held accountable.

Moving on…

Speaking of the “we’re #1 (and we’re the only ones who think so)” shithole country:

Texas man calls 911 after leaving his girlfriend’s baby zipped in a backpack in his car all day.

A police affidavit says Rowe had “crammed” the child into a backpack and placed her on the front passenger floorboard of his car while he went to work. He returned later to check on the child, who had freed herself from the backpack. He put the child back in the bag and returned to work.

Racial profiling; Canadian edition:

Indigenous man and his 12 year old granddaughter handcuffed for trying to open a bank account at BMO.

Johnson, 56, and his granddaughter were using government-issued Indian Status cards, his birth certificate and her medical card. He said the employee became suspicious and went upstairs with their cards.

He says the employee then told them to come upstairs to retrieve their identification. Not long after, they saw police walking toward them.

“They came over and grabbed me and my granddaughter, took us to a police vehicle and handcuffed both of us, told us we were being detained and read us our rights,” Johnson said.

Johnson says when he saw his granddaughter in handcuffs, crying, he was heartbroken.

“You can see how scared she was … It was really hard to see that,” he said.

Johnson says he believes he was racially profiled.  

Ye fuckin’ think?

Nothing to add or take away from this:

Moderately mighty monarchy mad (maybe); magnanimous Meghan Markle making moves:

Turns out nana is upset that her grandson is moving out.

Prince Harry and Meghan did not consult any royal about making their personal statement, BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond was told by palace sources.

Buckingham Palace was “blindsided”, he said, as talks about their future had begun but were in very early stages.

The palace said there were “complicated issues” to work through.

Victorians urged to leave their homes:

Two fires are about to merge prompting the Victorian premier to urge people to “leave now.”

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, who earlier extended the state of disaster declaration for 48 hours, said the “leave now” message on Thursday was the clearest signal the government could send that it was not safe for people in bushfire-affected areas to attempt to stay and defend their homes.

When love and hate collide:

The greens and conservatives have formed a coalition in Austria. How could this possibly go wrong?

The Green party faced enormous pressure, not least from its own voter base and allies. For women’s, LGBTQ and migrants’ organisations, preventing the FPÖ from re-entering the government was and remains a vital concern. Even more pressingly, environmental NGOs and the Fridays for Future student movement urged the Greens to deliver on their climate promises. Many members and supporters felt like they had no choice but to enter negotiations with the Conservatives.

At the same time, this is more than just a marriage of convenience. It represents both a reaction to the growing popular awareness of the climate crisis, and an attempt to dissolve the climate movement’s demands in a greenwashed rightwing project. For all the ambition of the 2040 target, which goes far beyond anything any previous Austrian government has dared to do, only a few concrete measures, such as subsidies for public transportation and the phasing out of gas, oil and coal for heating have been proposed. There will, encouragingly, be a new, powerful ministry of the environment, energy and infrastructure, presided over by Leonore Gewessler, former head of one of Austria’s largest environmental NGOs – but the ÖVP-controlled treasury will probably put the brakes on more ambitious projects.

According to the internet, here is how gays are made:

But while straight people argue about whether it’s genetic or situational, the topic has become a running joke for the community. After all, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter why LGBTQ people exist. They do.

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  1. “Trump murdered Canadians”

    Oof. As much as there’s been quiet outrage among my fellow Canadians about the deaths (and the seeming lack of response by other Canadians–there’s a sense that because they were Iranian-Canadians, the silence indicates the continued existence of a hierarchy of who constitutes a Canadian), I don’t think many of us have really made that connection (yet).

    Local news sources are saying that we shouldn’t expect to get answers anytime soon, in large part because if it ends up being a major embarrassment for Iran, they’re not going to want to own up to that. I also fully expect some more right-wing Canuck pundits to posit that Trudeau is weak, and won’t get answers as a result. It also doesn’t help that we apparently don’t have diplomatic relations with Iran at this time.

    For myself, I’m hoping that the involvement of the Ukraine in examining the black box will be enough of a crack to let some info out, if only for the sake of the bereaved. However, I’m concerned that Conservatives will push Trudeau to take a hard line, against either Iran or the US, and will do so well before any facts come out. I’d like to believe it was an accident–they chose a target without checking the manifest, maybe–because I don’t want the world community to assume we’ve aligned ourselves with Trump’s actions. He’s a goddamn nutterbutter, but I do still hope Canada can maintain relations with the US enough to help restabilize in a post-Trump world (please let that be soon!).

    This could put Canada in a really awkward position.

    • I was hoping people would see the humour in that bit of a reach…

      I watched Trudeau’s live press conference this afternoon and there were over 200 comments BEFORE the press conference started. Most of which were claiming Trudeau to be a weak-ass lib by putting words he had yet to say in his mouth.

        • …true enough – but while the oval office remains in the the hands of the pussy-grabber-in-chief there’s at least one that isn’t going to be

          …we’ll try in general not to rub folks the wrong way but if I’m all the way honest there is perhaps a part of me that is sympathetic to the idea that at times there might be a place for a joke that isn’t really a joke precisely because it isn’t funny – language is an intricate thing & the internet is notorious for being a place where tone & nuance get trampled but I’ve seen worse out there in the seas of clickbait outrage-baiting – & it was always going to be a NOT…so maybe I just saw Wayne’s World one too many times & my moral compass is broken?

  2. On my drive home, NPR played a clip of an interview with an Iranian official saying there was no chance it was shot down by a missile from Iran because, and I’m not making this up, “We have satellite imagery that can show license plate numbers. So for a plane to be hit by a missile, it would be impossible for that not to show up on satellite images.”

    I’m gonna use that excuse to deny everything for the rest of my life. “Uh, so, you left work early the other day?” “I can’t have left early, there would be satellite images of me doing that.”

      • 1. Umm…we sorta don’t? & to some extent the insistence from various parties that aspects of one or other version of events is inaccurate & can be proven to be so suggests that even if one didn’t a number of sources seem to be operating as though they have first-hand information?
        2. I believe there are (broadly) two sorts of satellite & that some of each sort are equipped with a variety of video capabilities either they orbit in which case they can be adjusted to pass over more or less anywhere on a complicated & expensive schedule or they are geo-synchronous in which case they sit over an area pretty much – I think at least some can mix it up a little…& then you have UAVs at various altitudes some of which are not unlike that old-fashioned plane that famously got shot down over the USSR & led to Tom Hanks being in a movie about a prisoner exchange?

        …so it doesn’t seem entirely crackpot to surmise that there might have been some sort of record beyond the black box flight recorder but hit-by-a-missile seems to be the bit we get to know, at least for now?

  3. I mean if Trump thinks he can shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue then we can be sure he didn’t murder Canadians… Imma take a “wait and see” approach on this one.

  4. …just for the record in case anyone is keeping score about this sort of thing – that thing with the headline is what some of us like to think of as hyperbole & if it seems a little on the nose I recommend comparing it to whatever vacuously offensive drivel last issued forth from the toddler-in-chief & maybe cutting a short-sighted canadian a bit of slack?

    …not that any of you fine folks would give a canuck a hard time now would ya?


  5. Well @Hello America you convinced me to come over and register. First thing i look at has a link to some asshole who murdered an infant and i want to just burn our entire species to dust and then drench the dust in acid. Fuck everyone/thing.

    Also, Trump most definitely has blood on his hands for the downing of this airliner, assuming it was indeed a missile that did it.

    • …not to belabor the point since it does appear to be aggravating you but I don’t think anyone is seriously suggesting that his responsibility reaches the level of accomplice or direct perpetrator?

      …& with all due respect I’ve had about as much of a nap as I seem to be able to get these days & I still have a hard time looking at the situation & seeing how that flight gets shot down absent a bunch of stuff he personally is in fact responsible for setting in motion, so while I wouldn’t disagree with you up to a point, I think I see the other guy’s, too

      …hope it doesn’t put you off too badly, though – tend to value what I read under your heading so I’m hoping to get to more often rather than NOT?

      [full disclosure – the jokes may not be what some of us do best – apologies in advance?]

    • Well the story is that Iran was on high alert and perhaps trigger happy, right? So I find it hard not to assign Trump responsibility for that. Yes it was Iran’s mistake (if the story they tell us us true), but it wasn’t made in a vacuum.

  6. Someone needs to start a Trump Body Count website like the one started in Jenny McCarthy’s name that documents anti-vax deaths. At this point, Dump’s site includes:

    1) Heather Heyer
    2) Anyone who died in the cages and/or scuffles at the southern border
    3) The people on the downed Ukrainian jet
    4) The people who died in the crush at Suleimani’s funeral
    5) The people who died in the Texas Wal-Mart shooting

    Who else?

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