Trump SNAP Cuts: 3 Rules to Reduce Benefits to Millions of Americans

Three new rules being pushed by the Trump administration will push millions of Americans, including the disabled, off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). (It will also deprive up to 500,000 school children of free lunch.)

One of those rules, limiting state waivers of federal work requirements for ‘able-bodied’ individuals between the ages of 18 – 49 without dependents, was approved by the USDA on 5 December. But the definition of ‘able-bodied’ is open to interpretation, and largely left to state agencies to decide.

In this article, the individuals cited have thyroid cancer; a genetic vascular disorder; spinal issues; is on dialysis, yet are defined as ‘able-bodied’ – how? Why? (but I guess that’s a ProPublica- or Mother Jones-type deep-dive thing.) Just read it. (and VOTE.)



  1. This is why people say things like free college for everyone – yes it might include some people who don’t need the aid, but when you put restrictions on aid, it leaves the door open for the government to whittle away at that service. Like how you have to be making under $18k to get Medicaid, as if someone making $22k can afford healthcare.

    • Also the best way to means test programs is just raise taxes on the people you want to exclude. Don’t want the public paying for billionaires kids to go to public schools? Just add in an extra fraction of a percent onto their tax bracket.

  2. The cruelty is the point, and theirs knows no bounds.

    • I agree. I live in a county that has a large farming population. These are the same assholes that think they deserve their farm bailouts.

      • They are the first to scream about their taxes going up and/or not getting those sweet, sweet farm subsidies.

        But don’t you DARE call it a handout! Or welfare! Them’s fightin words, mister.

    • Whenever someone talks about how the left needs to not get caught up in culture wars nonsense and focus on kitchen table issues, remember that the only things Trump has actually given his base is culture war victories. Pretty much everything else he’s done screws them, but at least those brown people have it worse.

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