Trying to work myself up to this

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg during a stop in Raymond, N.H., Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

By no means is anything a done deal, but *so far* Mayo Pete is leading in Iowa. As we’ve covered, the winner of Iowa has taken the Dem nomination for nearly the last 30 years.

I mean, so, hey, looking on the bright side: I think there are a lot of people who hate Trump because he has bad manners and not because of crimes and racism. Maybe those horrible people will flock to the Dems if Pete is the nominee. He is our very special boy who always says please and thank you. And he makes people feel good – like the world isn’t on fire and they could just return to a time when they could spend time with their relatives, without thinking too hard about that.

Looking on the not so bright side: The world is on fire and he needs to fucking do something about it. I don’t want him to be the president. I super duper extra don’t want Trump to be, though. So, I’m trying to ease myself into all this.



  1. I don’t get why we say he’s leading when he doesn’t have the most votes. will we adapt an electoral college vote counting system became it helps mayor mcmilk?

    UPDATE: “In the popular vote count, Sanders has 28,220, ahead of Buttigieg at 27,030. Warren is in third with 22,254, followed by Biden at 14,176 and Klobuchar at 13,357.”

  2. I now have CSPAN and CPAC and I am officially banning myself from posting on Deadsplinter from now on (for obvious reasons). At least, for the immediate future.

    I just want to say that I am happy to see Biden so low…not that it matters because the free press is the enemy.

    Germany lost the second world war. Fascism won it! Believe me, my friend.

    Edit: I posted the youtube link for the George Carlin quotes and not to support Bill Maher who Hachi (from Kinja) would shit on me for promoting.

  3. I’m a procrastinator and I’m also someone who has long-standing projects I need to finish so I cannot for the life of me understand why the Democratic Party of Iowa would call a press conference to share _partial_ results from their caucuses. Don’t do that: the partial results only mean
    1 that Buttigieg and Sanders performed well
    2 that Warren performed somewhere between well and good
    3 that Klobuchar and Biden performed okay
    4 that every other candidate there was “unviable” according to the rules set by the Iowa caucuses

    All four of these talking points were suspected by the Iowa polling. So just wait until there are complete results and release those. And apologize over and over again for doing such a bad job of releasing the results in a timely manner.

    • Elizabeth Warren answered questions after her rally in Keene, NH today to address this very thing. She basically said that the data showed that it was tight in the top three, but everyone should move on (to NH) until the final results are in. After further pressing about why her campaign released a statement when the results were not in, she insisted that there was enough data to conclude that it appeared to be tight in the top three and “we should move on until the final results are in” because “I’m here (in NH) to say to the people (in NH) why I can beat Trump.” This coming after she explained (in her rally) that it is important to win up and down the board (meaning unseating turtle, winning the senate and expanding on the seats in the house).

      k NOW I am done commenting/posting.

      • Nah, you should def. keep commenting/posting.

        Unless you just keep commenting/posting with the same frequency and end each one with “…starting NOW!”. Then I will allow it.

      • Yeah I’m no math person but with 38% percent of precincts not reporting in there is substantial ability for movement in the two-and-a-half tiers of results. Pete and Bernie probably got first and second but right now we don’t which, and they’re different enough in terms of their ideology that that big story (“socialism wins in Iowa!!!111”) can’t be reported yet. Liz probably got third and might have final results closer to Pete and Bernie. … or she might have gotten fourth. Joe and Amy are trying to figure out who got 5th place. The last time Joe got 5th place in Iowa he closed up his campaign so I’ve been silently hoping for that little bit of history repeating…

  4. I don’t trust anything anymore circa 2016 but I want to believe the Butt Judge doesn’t really have a chance. I know Iowa predicts the Dem, or whatever, but you really think he’s going to have momentum going into NH? Even if the people of NH like his nice-young-man routine their loyalty will be divided between Warren and Sanders.

    Further still, you think he can win South Carolina without the black vote? Same goes for Sanders. Nah, Poot Babadook will stay in the race long past his welcome and then will throw it to Biden/run as Biden’s VP.

    • Normally Iowa predicts the Dem but we also haven’t had so many viable candidates in recent history. And everything is weird in this timeline, too, so I don’t think we can count on historical patterns.

      That said, I told myself that as primaries start happening I’m going to quickly start doing the work of coming to terms with the people who do well in them. Around 4/5 of Democratic primary voters will not get their nominee – we’ve got to accept that as quickly as possible.

  5. I personally can’t support anyone who is in the pocket of the insurance companies, which Mayor Pete clearly is. Sure I’ll vote for him if he somehow clinches the nomination but I’ll be really unhappy about it!

  6. The year is 2023, more commonly known as Year Seven of The Orange God Emperor’s Reign, Long May He Rule.

    In the FEMA camps, the Sandernistas and Clintonites continue to fight each other over 2016 to the amusement of the ICEstapo guards. The border camps are finally being closed, according to the Washington Breitbart, as no immigrants remain in the country, though administration officials will only say of the 12 million people that they’re still looking into where they all went.

    Meanwhile in Iowa, a stained and bruised Troy Price uses his lunch break from the Exxon-Agra-Kroger ethanol labor camp to announce to the Excellence In Broadcasting New York Times that with 96% of the vote counted, Bernie Sanders now holds a slight lead in the 2020 Iowa Caucus over former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who fled the country last year after being credibly accused of heresy against the God Emperor.

      • I’m just a little loopy from some of the arguments my friends have been lobbing about Sanders and the DNC and 2016 lately. Being that in the tank for any candidate is brain damage, no matter how awesome it would be to see him or her elected.

          • Friends: Russia had nothing to do with Hillary losing in 2016!!!!!!!!!
            Me: OK, sure.
            Friends: Because the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Me: Uh, I guess?
            Friends: DID YOU SEE THE EMAILS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
            Me: The ones the Russians hacked from the DNC?
            Friends: Russia had nothing to do with Hillary losing in 2016!!!!!!!!

            • This is always part of a broader point I wish people would acknowledge – there were a lot of factors in Trump’s very slim win, and any one of them could have been the breaking point. That could be everything from Hillary going to Wisconsin to Russia to that small percentage oof Bernie or Bust people to Jill Stein – all of that mattered.

              • There were also a significant number of black voters who just stayed the hell home because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary and weren’t going to vote for anyone else. That’s not even counting all of the deliberate voter suppression on top of it all. They are what’s known as the other swing voter–people who will either vote D or not vote at all–and there are a shitload of them. But nobody likes to address the problem other than trying to shame black voters into voting, even if that means voting for someone who will either fuck them over or just continue to ignore them until the next election.

                • People are always like, “BLACK PEOPLE DIDN’T TURN OUT, YOU RUINED IT!” without a hint of irony that you are saying they are at fault for not unfucking what our very own white people did.

  7. I think Pete might be the best-worse case (or is it worse-best??) scenario for the nom. We have to acknowledge we’re in a pretty tiny bubble and even those that support progressive values and programs are a 50/50 bet to turn out to vote. We are playing a game where 55% of those that can will. I hate calling it a game but if it walks like a duck…

    I’m beating a dead horse but I don’t see Warren and/or Sanders getting near the ticket. I don’t think their combined polling gets close to cover the Super Delegates and the media won’t give up a chance to blast either one. They are both outsiders and have enough ‘baggage’ for the party to keep rehashing it to keep them in place.

    I don’t want to lose Klobuchar in the Senate and at 60 is a tad older than I’d like for the office but her Middle-America background is perfect. I fear she is too ‘inside’ for the voters in the general and might not show enough in the primaries to carry over any momentum to the general.

    The media and party are going to make Joe or Mike happen and that will keep people at home in November. If Pete can get on a roll and show he can win elections in the spring and summer he might get leadership support and steal some of the attention from the great grandparents.

    I like Pete’s age and this country eats up military service. I don’t think you can attack his sexuality in today’s game and I think any attempt would help him, especially with the younger vote. He won’t be seen as the ‘same old guard’ by the majority of voters in the general election and will be attractive to those that just want to vote for someone different or ‘outside DC’.

    Bottom line is that we need to win the Electoral College and hope that can create down ballot momentum to win as many Senate seats as possible. That means we need that 58% turnout from 2008. We Also need to look at this cynically. We need something we can sell the people and a under 40 gay guy is as good as we can hope for from the DNC.

    • This is a pretty good analysis. I’m not convinced we can say yet that Bernie or Warren aren’t getting on the ticket, but if you are right about that, I guess I’ll take Pete haha.

      • I just need to see how hard they are fighting Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Omar. I think they all have primary challengers from the ‘center.’

        I’d love to be wrong too but history shows the DNC is not a progressive party. We get mad at relitigating 2016 but the DNC is still trying to shake off 1968 and McGovern.

        I’m also seeing a red scare creep into the pundits vocabulary as we get closer to elections. The media is filled with a ton of Neo-cons that jumped ship as never-trumpers and they’re pulling the narrative and the party right. Again.

        Even Bill Maher has made big shifts since ’16. The last voice left is Moore’s and he’s too damn old and needs to get rid of that stupid hat. The progressive podcasts are great but really only filling their bubbles.

        • Yeah and older people don’t lissten to podcasts. So the Boomer Dems who are worried about SOCIALIZZMZMMSSSS aren’t even getting that more reasoned media. I interact with a lot of local Boomer Dems due to my involvement in a couple organizations nad I BEG them to stop watching cable news, but they are just as addicted to it as any MAGAt is addicted to Fox News.

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