Tuesday, AGAIN? [DOT 22/12/20]

I’m sure you guys will be glad to hear that they finally came and fixed the heat around 5:15 yesterday. To be fair, I was probably the only person in the whole building.

Here’s hoping for a toasty Tuesday!

With regards to the header image…
House approves huge spending package, rushing to send economic relief to pandemic-stricken country

“One of the main planks of the bill includes sending direct payments of $600 to Americans who earned less than $75,000 in the preceding tax year. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said millions of Americans could begin seeing stimulus payments as soon as next week.”

For real? If you ever downplayed the pandemic you should go to the back of the fucking vaccine line.


Stock futures little changed as Congress prepares to vote on stimulus deal


Baker Mayfield quotes TLC songs following Browns’ win vs. Giants

I’d have been happy never seeing his stupid face, but this is just fascinating!

The Journalist and the Pharma Bro

Sending good thoughts to John Mulaney.

It’s not the end of the world. I kinda love it though.

Have a great day!



  1. …I haven’t checked the math so I forget if it’s a figure for an annual salary or adjusted specifically for the time between the last round of stimulus payments & this deal but I recall someone pointing out that the folks in congress were payed around $130,000 to take this long to decide to send that $600 out to people…many of whom haven’t been getting paychecks for the better part of a year but still have bills to pay…& rent…& of course medical expenses…or car payments…or…well…things that are liable to have dug a bigger hole than $600 seems likely to get them out of

    …something is better than nothing & all…but apparently that element of the stimulus accounts for less than 20% of that $900 billion headline figure…& the bill includes stuff like this https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/21/three-martini-lunch-tax-break-could-fall-short-for-vulnerable-eateries.html

    …hard not to feel like mitch mcconnell & his whole “it’s so important we’re gonna stay at work all weekend” act still deserves the guy fawkes treatment?

      • …alan moore is an odd guy…but he has written some fantastic stuff

        …the movie is a bit take-it-or-leave it for me but I have loved that comic since I first ran across it more years ago than I care to remember…& if I recall correctly he said at some point that he took as his starting point that a particular general election in the UK had gone “the other way” & extrapolated from there…& since V is pretty much the only one with access to classics of art/literature/music (like a farenheit 451/brave new world scenario) the fact the whole thing is littered with quotes & references is one of the things that I’m fine of about it

        …either way, it’s a damn shame that quote isn’t something that would concern the likes of boris johnson, really

        …but for the sake of completeness guy fawkes only tried to blow up parliament but they for-real executed him…so I’m ambivalent about which treatment exactly I was thinking of for mitch, there?

  2. If anyone wants a breezy hot take on Martin Shkreli’s romantic life, and doesn’t mind giving “The New York Post” a click, here’s a pretty entertaining piece I was reading this morning:
    There must be other New Yorkers who read this site. I know there used to be on GroupThink. The Murray Hill throwaway line made the whole piece worthwhile. 

  3. Ok, I need to rant.  I was helping a friend with a construction project deep in apple country of eastern WA.  We drove past the farm mentioned in the below article & I told him I couldn’t believe how these workers live.  The migrant apple pickers are either packed into beat up trailers (like 10 families!) or are put in these little chicken coop sized buildings.  They work crazy long hours in groups.  All around these farms are Trump signs (this was right before election).  I went to a Home Depot near by and almost got in a few fights with these anti-mask assholes.  I just wanted to scream after I read this!

    • …if you can’t afford to pay people properly & treat them right your business has no business being a business…always seemed like a reasonable rule of thumb to me, anyway?

      …$2 million seems like a lot of money to me but I dunno…if they can afford that fine they could afford to do by right by their workers in the first place…so I think the fine should have been enough to bankrupt their sorry asses

      …then again, I might just be a little riled up, myself

    • In Florida most of this type of work is done by illegal immigrants, who are terrified to speak out at all. The legislature abets the abuse by refusing to mandate background checks (the Republicans squeal  about them every election  but mysteriously drop it after the checks are cashed and the election is over — see Rick Scott). Agriculture here is populated by scumbags. 

      • In Minnesota, those workers are often called “Texans”😒🤨🤥
        And as often as possible, they’re “hired” through a third-party company, so that the farm owners can claim “plausible deniability” if it’s found out that they never had acutal documentation of their own…
        Often, of course, the middleman companies who do the “hiring” don’t do thorough background checks, are LLC’s incorporated in places with weak laws, and may ONLY be for the purpose of “subcontracting labor” for a larger/wealthier company–who,like the farmers who hire that company, don’t want “the hassle” (COST!!!🤨🤨🤨) of trying to find legal workers…
        I knew someone whose family needed new barns built**
        The company which builds those types of barns (there is only one, maaaaaybe two?) *designs* the barns & orders the materials…. but EVERYTHING–just like in many construction areas–is subcontracted out, and just overseen by that original company.
        The folks who put the barns up & do ALL the specialized work are typically undocumented immigrants, because the jobs are dangerous; the company is from Texas, so they don’t feel the need to pay what documented workers would demand; and with the jobs being *so* specialized, folks who CAN do these jobs & have documentation often are getting paid MUCH more, with more stable hours & closing not to travel all over the place, because they can make BANK working for companies who are willing to follow Federal labor laws…
        It was a “running joke” to the family of the person I knew, that their barns were being put up by those “Texans.”
        But as long as the buildings were built, and at the lowest cost possible tothem, they didn’t give a rat’s ass, that their contractor used undocumented labor.
        Even though they were staunch R’s,who HIGHLY funded Republican political candidates (to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars in just a few years🤨🤨🤨)…
        Because, as is SO often true, they were apparentlyfirm believers in the R-side ideology of “Laws are for thee, but NOT for *me!!!*
        (**a VERY specific type of operation, with lots of specialized & mechanized/ computer-driven equipment inside–think similar to how the newer high-tech high $$$$ dairy-ops have barns where the cows technically don’t even need people to BE there anymore, because everything can be run via computer program.)

        • This is my biggest problem with these people being Trump supporters & flaunting it in front of the migrant workers.  The only way these apple farms survive here is by hiring migrant workers yet they don’t want to give them adequate housing and pay.  They also want them to leave after the season & not become neighbors even though they are the hardest workers and often the nicest people in these communities.  Many of the hop farmers & grape farmers treat them much differently & welcome them into the community.  Yakima has a thriving Hispanic migrant population.  Only difference I can figure is once you have had beers or wine with someone, you may become friends easier than over an apple?  I don’t know but it needs to change!

  4. In the strain of “slimy shitweasels” and I guess, some folks just not getting it, the lead “am i a Karen?” story/letter that Daniel answered over on Slate recently FRUSTRATES the hell out of me….
    Lavery basically tells the first-year teacher, that YES, she’s a shitweasel, because the custodian got fired for stealing her food.
    Thing is, and what Lavery doesn’t even seem to have thought about?
    That Custodian had access to EVERY room in the school… 
    Meaning they also could most likely access the records of every student who was being served by the school–and depending on if anyone forgot to lock ALL the file cabinets or not & whether the school has had time/$$$ to digitize ALL the records yet** the SPED records of any child who’d EVER been at that school….
    Children of famous, locally-famous, or even just people whom someone in the area may have a vendetta against, and be willing to PAY said custodian $$$ to “leak” personal info, held in that child’s files.
    SPED files are protected by HIPAA…. the penalties are the same as if a HOSPITAL leaks your private medical info.
    There WERE most likely SPED students in that teacher’s classroom, and by that custodian digging around through MULTIPLE places in her room, that custodian SHOWED they would have no compunction *not* digging through sensitive-info-holding drawers, too.
    Lavery BOMBED this response.
    1. The teacher SHOULDN’Thave expected that the custodian would be fired.
    2. There is GREAT likelihood that this ABSOLUTELY wasn’t a first offense, or actually about “stealing some food” because they were desperate & hungry.
    3. This was ABSOLUTELY a violation of any employment documentation that person signed when they were hired–i GUARANTEE this, as someone employed by a school district myself!
    And 4. Anyone willing to cross this line, and actively hunt down the snacks in the room–finding the other locations they were kept in AFTER being discovered? They’re the sort of person who’s most likely stealing OTHER things from the school–or eventually going to escalate to that point…
    This isn’t about a “hungry person”…
    The custodian ALSO has access to thd kitchens & storage rooms where the OTHER before & after school snacks are held.  EVERY JANITOR DOES…
    And I can TELL you, that those snacks *aren’t* counted every day, so NO ONE would notice them going missing.
    This WAS about theft & a lack of ethics.
    And Lavery TOTALLY missed the mark, on his advice.😒
    **and another point here, DEPENDING on if the staffers who HAVE digital access to those records have their passwords written down ANYWHERE in their office!🤔😬🤨

    • That is so absolutely fucking Trump. I mean, the incompetence, the chaos, the stupidity, the ignorance. It’s like a perfectly encapsulated metaphor for Trump’s whole moronic life. 

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