Tuesday. [DOT 10/3/2020]

With #OrangeMonday, #TrumpCrash, and #TrumpRecession trending yesterday afternoon, I can only imagine how apoplectic Trump was. I’m picturing a fair amount of foot stomping and demented ranting and possibly throwing White House valuables. You?

“Dow sinks 2,000 points in worst day since 2008, S&P 500 drops more than 7%”

Pity the staffer who had to wrangle the phone from him yesterday morning:

Roman Holiday:

“Italy extends coronavirus lockdown to entire country, imposing restrictions on 60 million people”

[Shrug emoji]

“Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein fell sometime Sunday morning while at Rikers Island jail, his spokesperson Juda Englemayer told CNN.”

[Poop emoji]

“Prince Andrew won’t voluntarily cooperate in Epstein inquiry, prosecutor says”

In other news… #RIP

“Max von Sydow, star of The Exorcist and The Seventh Seal, dies aged 90”

And lastly, she’s a national treasure and they should give her whatever she wants.

“Dolly Parton wants a second Playboy cover – and they should say yes…The musician wants to be on the cover for her next birthday, and it might be just what the magazine needs for its rebrand”

Today’s earworm… #SorryNotSorry

On that note, have a Tuesday!



    • …on the other hand…#orangemonday is freaking genius & should be the headline on at least one major newspaper in a sane world

      …& the gas price thing is good in a way…but folks could stand to look at that equation a little differently?

      …if I recall correctly under W there was a window of time where if you did the math it turned out that the entire output of fuel generated by his proposed tapping of reserves under that national park in Alaska (iirc) would just about equate to the extra fuel burned in the newly less efficient SUVs brought to market after he allowed previously existing minimum fuel efficiency standards to lapse

      …maybe if gas were a little less cheap more people would be inclined to give a fuck that engines can be efficient in the modern world?

          • …nice to see another familiar not-a-face, I must say

            …I’m afraid we’ve been slacking off on rounding up more of you fine folks…as myo is wont to remind us with some frequency

            • S’all good. You kept the lights on for me.
              My impetus is that the kinja-verse is barely posting / mentioning the market drop, the current pandemic, or anything more in depth than what Raw Story already covers.
              Even the impeachment and any real critical look at the GOP side is sparse

              • Yeah I have been popping into the Kinja sites but aside from The Root, they’re not covering much it seems. And The Root is so heavily entertainment-focused, which I don’t really care about (although not like The Root is for ME to like haha).

              • …well, if you ever feel like kicking off some discussion of any of the above we’d surely do our best to make that as easy as possible to accomplish?

                …the more the merrier & all that sort of thing

    • I have a long commute so lower gas prices are certainly good for me. But lower gas prices mean more people in gas guzzling SUVs which actually makes my commute a little worse so it’s kind of a wash.

      Of course, pretty soon people won’t be going to work so much and working from home so I will have an easier commute again. Except that I’ll have to keep going to work because they don’t seem to care that I can do my job just as well from home.

      Again, a wash.

      • I was looking into that one myself. Seems that may be true for some Corona viruses, but not necessarily proven yet for this one. Unless you came across something more specific? I’m all about trolling for the links.

        • I’ve honestly not been paying enough attention to the news articles specifically. My wife is an overnight news producer and she told me there was reports of people getting sick a second time.

          Doing some quick googlefoo, the only concrete information I’ve found thus far is in this:

          People ‘shed’ high levels of coronavirus, study finds, but most are likely not infectious after recovery begins

          The pertinent passage states: “At the same time, the study suggests that while people with mild infections can still test positive by throat swabs for days and even weeks after their illness, those who are only mildly sick are likely not still infectious by about 10 days after they start to experience symptoms.”

          That doesn’t match the reports from people who are saying they’ve been getting sick again after recovering (and again, I got this from my journalist wife who saw the reports) but it definitely seems kind of odd. You can test positive for ages after the illness but aren’t not necessarily infectious? Somehow I’m not comforted.

      • …I think (not a doctor, but…) that it’s more a case of sometimes there being “false negatives” when the viral load drops too low to trigger the indicator used in the test so a person can still be infected & go on to test positively

        …my understanding is that once fully recovered you are (as per usual with virus infections) immune henceforth to that strain until it mutates sufficiently to continue its arms race with your immune system

        • My understanding is that this has been circulating because there are more common corona viruses that cause the common cold. The common cold has a rapid mutation factor, so our immune system is always playing a game of catch up. But, this is a unique strain of the virus (although I head a report that there were possibly two versions?), so that’s not necessarily a given.

          • …that makes sense certainly…but the BBC was offering that explanation for a lady in Japan who tested negative in between two tests that came back positive?

  1. Speaking of idiots (we were, weren’t we?), Tangerine posted a meme of himself fiddling while Rome burns:

    “Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!” – D. Trump

    This is literally the dumbest fucking person on the planet that’s not currently in a coma.

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