Tuesday, eh?[DOT 7/4/20]

I’m really impressed with everyone managing to work from home and deal with kids and pets. I only have to deal with myself and sometimes the Mr., and that’s enough for me. Gentle reminder: you don’t have to do all the things right now. It’s OK to give yourself a break.


Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after his condition worsenshttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/06/boris-johnson-moved-to-intensive-care-after-his-condition-worsens

He’s only apologizing because he got caught.

Deservedly so!

The nightly ovation for hospital workers may be New York’s greatest performance

Don’t ask me what’s going on! [People literally ask me all day long.]

Dow soars 1,600 points as growth rate of new coronavirus cases appears to slow

This could be a long fight. People should be told the truth.

Mr. McGee doesn’t understand why I won’t move to Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order by governor to stop Tuesday’s elections in state’s latest whipsaw

Somebody wants to speak to the manager.

Is calling a white Woman Karen a slur?

Silver lining?

Auto insurance companies return $800 million in premiums because no one is driving

Hang in there!!



  1. Had another talk with a manager about the CoVID-19 social distancing. Some guys don’t get it. We had one asshole think that he could plow through a shift changeover to get to the locker room early… we aren’t supposed to. I (and others) told him that he shouldn’t be here. He blew all of us off. A fuck you gets another fuck you. He has a nice appointment today with the manager to discuss his poor attitude and arrogant stupidity (I don’t like being the rat, but my tolerance for stupid is pretty much gone.) The managers must think I’m a fucking pain in the ass. Yeah, I am especially when shit gets real.

    Other guys want to talk to their friends on other shifts. I get that because I want to, but txt them. I mentioned this also to the managers, to remind folks but I didn’t name names as I said, I get it. More gentle prodding to remind folks that CoVID-19 isn’t fucking around.

    Explains why I’m driving a coworker to work during this shift. The buses are still crowded where I am so I drive him to protect him (and myself, let’s be honest here) from catching it. Night time allows for social distancing on the bus.

    • > I don’t like being the rat, but my tolerance for stupid is pretty much gone

      as it should be. we have enough toddlers making decisions…

      > He has a nice appointment today with the manager to discuss his poor attitude and arrogant stupidity

      I hope he shows him these:

      Italian Muslims can’t even find a place to bury their dead:

  2. LOL.

    If the Karens of the world stop acting/thinking like Karens then I won’t call them Karens. Pretty simple… but to paraphrase what a Prussian General once wrote (about warfare but I think it applies): “Everything about being a Karen is simple; but the simplest things are hard.”

  3. Unfortunately, I’m not with Allstate. Fortunately, I’m not driving much at all. I put gas in my car last … Friday? Maybe Saturday. They’re starting to blur together, even with work. The tank really wasn’t empty, but I had made a trip to the grocery store and heck, might as well while I’m out. Anyway, I realized the last time I gassed up was in early March. Silver linings.

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