Tuesday NOT [27/7/21]

Hi, friends!

It’s Tuesday, which is slightly better than Monday but not nearly as good as a Friday.

Today was rough. Found out another coworker is leaving. My boss is also leaving for a great opportunity, so while I’m happy for them, that means I’m going to get reassigned to a different boss since they aren’t backfilling the role.

So I took my lunch break to use my treadmill since I was like hey I can de-stress a little. Fucking power company decides to show up and change the meter. Which I knew was going to happen one day this week, but that asshole didn’t knock. So here’s my fat ass running on a treadmill and the power abruptly shuts off and I go flailing and cut my hand open by hitting it against the edge of the side of my treadmill.

Anyways. It’s scabbed over and will be fine. I’m going to tell people I got in a fight since it’s along my knuckles.

Also if I see anyone disparage Simone Biles for make the right decision for her? SO HELP ME I WILL BLOODY MY OTHER KNUCKLES.

How’s your day going?



    • We watched a segment on the nightly news (because we are elderly) and she gave an interview talking about her mental health and the rigors of Olympic training, what a strange year it’s been for everyone, performing in empty stadiums with no crowd energy to feed off of. 150 Covid cases so far among the Olympians, that’s got to weigh on everyone’s mind who’s there.

      Honestly, was this necessary? Ratings are the lowest they’ve been in decades, and that streaming service, Plutarch  or whatever it’s called, is a complete disaster for subscribers. One of its “features” is that if you opt for the more expensive “ad free experience” you wont see ads, BUT the screen with just go blank for the amount of time the ad would have been shown. Also, there’s no on-demand function; if you miss the broadcast you have to wait until they rerun it in the future. Technincal glitches, no sound, no video…This really is The Disaster Olympics. That said, American exceptionalism, Team USA has racked up the most medals so far.

      • Honestly, was this necessary? 

        Not at all. That’s the problem. As much as I generally LOVE the Olympics, I’ve had no problem ignoring them. It’s a matter of watching something on the Roku instead of on NBC, with their shit-tonne of commercials. 

      • Lol, Peacock? I have the alleged premium version part of my cable package and it still has ads, and the Olympics are on Xfinity’s on-demand and I still never watch them. A 3 min stand alone clip of one performance is really boring, I found out, and I have no idea when the “live” stuff is on.

    • She was having mental health issues and withdrew from the women’s team competition.

      She did a vault where she totally missed part of the twists and looked damn near lost in the air. And then she basically was done for the night. Given the high risk of the moves they do, any mental health issues make it high risk for catastrophic injury. Also, like I was saying to a friend, she’s the only returning gymnast from Rio and the last Olympics they were dealing with Larry Nassar molesting them all still. So if there’s anything triggering for her at the event and it’s impacting her breathing, anxiety, etc? She did the right thing by stepping aside. 

      They still got Silver for the team, too!

      • THIS PART!!!
        Ffs, Simone does moves that can KILL if they aren’t done right–or paralyze *at best* if one, single, part goes wrong!!!
        It’s DEFINITELY the right thing to do, in that situation, to step down, and let the back-up gymnast take your place!
        She 100% DID the right thing!💖
        And throughout her WHOLE career, there’s always been honesty from Simone, about stress/nerves, and the pressure she’s faced as a gymnast–heck, that was part of the reason she stayed with her original coach and *didn’t* go to Karolyi Ranch right away, back when she first was headed to the Elite level, from level 10, back when she was a kid… this article gets into it a bit https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/29455749/how-simone-biles-found-voice-changed-gymnastics-culture
        –and I definitely remember reading other articles back in the day, talking about Biles’s anxiety, and how her parents decided to basically say fuckit & keep her training with Boorman, rather than sending her off to be coached by Martha.
        Because Simone responded better to Boorman’s coaching style–treating them all (Simone, Boorman, & Simone’s parents) like a team working together to get Simone into top form, rather than as a general leading troops into battle, with a ton of hierarchy & commands, and no care for mental health (or, frankly–hearing about the food rationing and knowing about the Nassar stuff with Karolyi ranch & USA gymnastics, physical health & safety, either!)
        Simone has been under SO MUCH pressure–folks seem to forget that she had to step away after ’16, for her own health, and *exactly* how much she’s literally been carrying USA Gymnastics on *her own* back, ever since the Massaro trial/USAG Bankruptcy/4 heads of USA Gymnastics in two years thing, a couple years back!!! 
        Ffs, half the reason the team is as solid as it IS is pretty much Simone herself… and she’s been through a TON, and that’s before this damn pandemic took a toll on us all for the last year plus💖;
        We could literally see in the floor routine the other day–when she didn’t just step out of bounds, but ended up OFF the whole damn FLOOR!😳–how much her nerves were jacking up her adrenaline & causing her to “pop”  for an athlete with the power of Simone–that level of power, uncontrolled, is literal danger, and potentially deadly… so YES, she definitely made the correct decision.
        And I’m with y’all–i will fight anyone who says different.
        If folks have paid attention to her, they KNOW the stress levels she faces (well before one begins to dig into all the racism she faces, too!), and they also should get the fact that she’s 1. Doing moves no other female gymnast does, because no one else has her power & control yet, and 2. She has always pushed past & through nerves & stressors that most athletes–Even elite ones–don’t face to this extreme. 
        Yes, she stepped put of the team competition… but also YES, she’s STILL the best gymnast the sport has EVER seen–and she WILL be the G.O.A.T. for the foreseeable future😉

      • I had an aunt who had an extreme case of logorrhea. She could not stop talking. She could go for a good two hours without pausing to take a breath. Needless to say, she was my favorite aunt of all. She’s gone now, no doubt yakking it up for all eternity with other members of the Choir Invisible, so I am left here in this earthly realm to take up her mantle. 

  1. I just thought it was a two for Tuesday NOT! More posting goodness. Brightersideoflife, bryanlsplinter, keitelblacksmith, and I talked amongst ourselves and have you covered. July 30 through August 8th. Vacation and enjoy! (Your report, What I Did On My  Summer Vacation, will be due within 10 days of your return.) Cheers!

    • I really have to let Jezebel go but I was one of its first readers when it launched and when I moved into the blacks an enthusiastic commenter. They’re excommunicating right and left over there. They had something called a Friday Night Pissing Contest, which was kind of like DeadSplinter’s NOTs, but then they killed it, then they revived it, then they killed it again because the writer/editor/blogger who picked a topic once a week left. I guess no one else could be arsed to come up with something profound, like “Most embarrassing date you’ve ever been on.”

      • When I lived in Alabama the dating scene was slim pickings, especially for a fat atheist feminist woman. Anyways, there was this online dating dude that was like okay let’s try this maybe it will be better in person and no it was horrible. Culmination of the night was he was trying to impress me by taking me to the Birmingham Art Museum and the fucker had the audacity to touch the art and without thinking I smacked his hand and corrected him, using the deep dog correcting voice and saying “knock it off!” like I was yelling at a dog for chewing on furniture. 

        Came to find out later that another friend dated him too and was similarly underwhelmed and got pressured into a blowjob, which well, was not happening from me given the rest of the dating experience. 

  2. I dug a hole & helped put in a water pressure regulator with a friend in the sun & forgot sunscreen.  Fucking 3 trips to Home Depot later we got it done but never again will I volunteer for that!  

  3. It’s a tough thing to give up because one has mental/emotional issues especially if you need to be on top of your game mentally to compete.
    I think history is going to look at the 2021 Games as a total bust that put athletes and the Japanese at risk to provide rich arrogant assholes entertainment and $$$.  Fuck the media conglomerates and the IOC.

    • Every two years (because the winter and summer Olympics alternate, rather than both being done every four years) calls go out to just establish a permanent base for both versions and be done with it. As more and more cities see popular uprisings against hosting these things (we did it in New York under Mayor Bloomberg, a man who usually got his way) this might eventually take hold.

      In 2016 calls went out for bids to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Five bids were submitted, but three bidders dropped out (maybe under public pressure from residents of those cities, I don’t know) leaving only Paris and LA. The IOC, in an unprecedented move, awarded the 2024 Summer Olympics to Paris and gave 2028 to LA while they were at it. I think the grifters at the IOC realize that their “Games” might be coming to an ignominious end.

      • calls go out to just establish a permanent base for both versions and be done with it.

        Good idea. They can make one entirely purpose-built city that has both a winter and a summer and us it only for the Games. Kind of like Canberra only exists for the Australian government. 

  4. I zoomed into my HOAs board meeting. Very few people attend and it’s always the same ones. Any time they go over anything that’s “the rules” I feel like saying, ok now tell the rest of the class??? The five of us who showed up aren’t the problem. 😑

  5. I don’t even know what’s going on with Biles, but fuck anyone giving her shit.  She’s already accomplished so much, she’s more than justified to just sit there and chew gum if she feels like it.  I mean, don’t they keep banning the acts she does?  That’s fucked up, but a back-handed compliment in a way.
    And, in a rational world, it shouldn’t be needed to be said, but unfortunately, that’s not the world we are in, but she owes nobody nothing.
    Send these jackasses over my way, I’ve been building up some anger/aggression recently, and my knuckles are good…

    • Technically they don’t “ban” it…
      They just downgrade the allowable points to such a degree, that the risk of getting injured for under-rotation & landing on one’s neck, isn’t worth the reward of so few points being earned🙃
      Simone (and the others saying it, these last few years!) isn’t wrong, at all, when she’s been saying she has nothing left to prove, and the only one she’s really competing with is herself😉💖

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