Ugh gross weather [NOT 10/4/21]

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I love you all. Except that one of you. You know who you are.

Hi, friends!

We had gross weather today where it was like every time we thought it was done raining… MORE RAIN. I did not make it to the farmer’s market because I didn’t want to mess around with wind and rain.

I did get some gardening work done, which is good. I think I finally got the bunnies to leave my plants alone, thanks to a combination of several applications of repellent containing putrescent egg solids (you can imagine how that smelled to lay down) and the clover coming in a few feet away. They can eat the clover all they want! Also thanks to the ground being so soggy, I was able to tear up some Star of Bethelem and actually get the fucking bulbs for some of them. Not many, but the effort is ongoing.

Now I need to go do my evening workout and then eat some dinner. Leftovers, because I love leftovers.

How are you wonderful folks doing today? Was it a good day?



  1. The rain and wind are due here tomorrow. Today I spent 5 hours cooking the week’s dinners. And I think I got two FYCE posts for my efforts, photos but not yet written up. A curry and some nut cookies. Next weekend I will be painting and sealing the concrete front porch, so it was important to stock up the freezer this weekend. I hope that your Sunday goes well, with less rain.

    • Make sure that concrete porch is smooth and stable so that when I come to visit I’ll be able to navigate it on my shaky, compromised leg! Btw I’m moving into my physical therapy stage starting Monday. Who knows, I may return to the state I was in just six short months ago. Bum leg or not, I can still spend hours over a stove and have over the course of this interminable and quite mysterious medical journey, to which my FYCE posts will attest. This astonishes the kitchen elf. “So, you can’t even go down to the lobby to collect the mail, let alone go outside, but you can stand up and beat the crap out of eggs?” “Egg yolks, my one and true love. I’m making hollandaise. Since you’re here, pour me a glass of something and bring me the asparagus. The lamb roast is almost done.”

  2. I’m sorry to say that we had beautiful weather today.
    Had to apply sunscreen as Ms. Meme and I joined her Rotary club for a riverside park clean-up. Everyone was masked and adhered to social distancing. Hard work, but we got a lot done, and then she and I enjoyed a café patio beer afterward. 

  3. We’re in for a treat, they are forecasting one whole week of warm sunny days! Maybe @LoveShaq brought it back with him? We’re going to pump up our new paddle board and test it out with the kids.
    I planted a bunch of cherry trees this afternoon…virtual ones. That’s as close as I get to gardening.

    • I love my pump up paddle boards!  I spent 8 hours on my knees screwing down an 800 sq ft deck & am wiped out.  Super sunny but 20 mile cold winds made it miserable.  I’m going to have a few beers, jump in a hot tub & crash hard.  Get up early for 4 hour drive home & hope avalanche control is done on the pass we have to cross. 

  4. We had excellent weather today, but we’ll make up for it with the next four days of cold, shitty weather.  However, I was able to capitalize on the sun and heat by getting roughly eleventy-billion onions and leeks in the ground, as well as the last of the Swiss chard seeds.  Also cleaned up the debris that I cleared out of the lake last week which was nice and dry for bagging.

    Got my weekly tortilla-making task done as well.  However, did not have time today to try out that long walk in the nearby trail.  Maybe tomorrow, but I’ve got a bunch of seeds to start in pots, and Mrs. Butcher and I need to go shopping for a new canoe, so maybe not.

    • My unasked-for opinion since you haven’t gone shopping yet is that kayaks are much better than canoes. Of course that could be due to my never mastering the art of paddling canoes.
      They’re both a blast, though, great exercise and great ways to unplug.

          • I have ocean kayaks & inflatable paddle boards.  Kayaks definitely better option if weather is not perfect or covering distance.  I’ve paddled outrigger canoes in heavy seas but don’t like traditional canoes, too hard to steer.  

            • Inflatable whitewater rafting is enormous fun too. I’m not sure the paddling all of the customers do actually matters one bit, but you can’t help but feel proud when the guide tells everyone they did a good job getting through the rapids.

              • I’ve done rafting in AK and CO. I think the paddling does matter because one of of these trips the guide told us we had to do exactly what he said or we’d get stuck in different places. We did pretty well for the most part but we blew it on one section and got jammed up on a huge rock. He was getting pissed and yelled at us to ROW BACKWARD GODDAMMIT. We managed to free ourselves but it definitely put a chill on the rest of the trip. 

      • I wouldn’t say I enjoy Swiss chard.  More like Mrs. Butcher always wanted it every year and I just figured out a way to deal with it.  However, she stopped eating it last year and I had some leftover seed.  So, this is the last year we’ll be growing it, and I’ll most likely use it as a layer in the eggplant parm.

  5. On my honeymoon one night my wife and I kayaked in a double kayak in a biolumenescent lagoon. At one point we got out and swam and every splash lit up with natural light. Needless to say, that’s pretty amazing.

  6. Snowed again here last 
    Expecting night frost for the next two weeks
    Sooo winters holding on exceptionally long over here…not quite hell froze over long…but it’s getting there 
    Other than that it’s been gray and miserable for so long its actually starting to affect my mood some …lol

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