Ugh, Snakes [NOT 8/3/21]

Hi, friends! Full disclosure – I have no issue with snakes. Some are quite cute.

There’s the scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure where the pet shop catches fire and he hates snakes, so saves all the other animals and then has to go back for the snakes. I love that as a metaphor for that thing you hate doing but have to do.

I need to go through my dresser and closet and box up the too-small clothes. I need to do this, I’ve done that “folded laundry in baskets on the floor” for months because it’s like another glaring admission of yep I done did it and gained weight in 2019 and then 2020 fucking happened and I made it worse and there isn’t a chance in hell most of the things in there will fit.

So yes, I need to box up the stuff I want to keep and put it in the basement for if they fit again. Womp womp.

But it’s definitely a snake for me.



  1. Appointments. Making them & waiting for people to show up or trying to make it to them on time. Gawd, I hate appointments. Any and all. At my house or businesses. Also phone calls. All of them. Email and text should be the only forms of acceptable communication. 

  2. I need to go through my clothes too. I hate shopping so I wear things for years until they’re falling apart. Quarantine has been wonderful for my sloppy sartorial sense. But the real world is going to read it’s ugly head soon and I’m gonna have to get dressed.

    • “so I wear things for years until they’re falling apart”
      We are SO twins on this!!!😉😆😂🤣🤣🤣
      I fiiiiinally have jeans that fit right, without a bajillion holes, AND around 10 new bras (Half off sale at Lane Bryant online, during the Superb Owl, starting at halftime–i was down to *three* bras until that day, because I hadn’t shopped for them siiiince abouuuuut 2015😉🤣🤣).
      I still need shirts which are not men’s flannels from the late 1990’s (bought about a dozen at some thrift stores, for work. I’ve been wearing one for the first session of kiddos at the school, and changing into a new/clean one at lunch, because in Pre-K SPED, there are boogers allthetime, and social distancing is *NOT * exactly something preschoolers believe in!😉😆🤣), because all I really have right now are old, “getting ratty” tanks that I wear under *everything,* and I think maybe *four* ollllld t-shirts, along with my 3 sweaters I wear if I’m *not* in the flannels😉

  3. I really need to do some decluttering in my apartment. 
    I’ve not read/watched it, but I strongly suspect I could benefit from Marie-Kondoing this place…  And, now that I’ve gotten a raise, and am in a much better place, I don’t really need to keep all the stupid stuff I keep “just in case”  – yeah, the first couple instances where I find a use for something within 1-3 months after getting rid of it is going to be mildly frustrating, but I’ll just try to keep in mind that I’m living in a small apartment in an urban area, and clearing up space is going to benefit me more than saving a couple dollars.

  4. My Sneks are homework…. alllllll the homework🙃
    I got behind a few weeks ago, because my concentration has been absolute shit this semester… 
    Turns out, I was burning up a fuckton of spoons, subconsciously, without even realizing it (gotta loooove being neurodivergent, and having the ability to somehow simply *not* notice “certain parts of you are doing _____!”🤣🤣🤣) because of both “flow” and the ability to block out undesired stimuli** 🙃
    I just got bumped up *again* today, on my Vyvanse… it’s seemed to work pretty well at the lower dosages–and every time my NP bumps me up, it feels like I’m able to focus better, snd face the Sneks sooner… 
    But MAN does it suuuuuck, and does it ever feel like a g.d. SLOG sometimes!
    (being able to block pain by just “thinking on it for a bit” is awesome… untilllll you realize that you were doing it subconsciously, and you now have pain somewhere between 11-15 out of 10, because you blocked it for *too long* and now it’s crashing & screaming it’s way right on through all your nerve blocks!🙃😖😨😱😱😱😱)

  5. i hate seeing my skyhighatrist…which i get to do tomorow…yay
    fuckers always prying and wanting to talk about shit i dont want to talk about
    expecting me to open up to some mild mannered asshole with an empty smile is the worst torture known to farscykind
    by the time they let me out im usually about ready to strangle him
    suspect ill be grumpier than usual by the time i get home tomorow
    (unless i do actually strangle him this time in which case i may be a few weeks late)

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