Unacceptable! [NOT 30/3/23]

Who'd like another slice of lemon cake?

Hi, friends!

We had a bake sale (so 2005!) at work as a fundraiser for a local charity earlier this week. Friends, it was not actual homemade goods. They went to Costco and bought bakery stuff and put it into sandwich bags and whatnot to sell. I was underwhelmed. Especially when it was things like $5/muffin.

Have you been on the receiving end lately of a bait and switch like that?



  1. I was assured America was the land of honesty and fairness and today we find out….

    Ahahahahahaha!!!!! Yeah, I’m no dummy thinking this is really a big deal in the scheme of things, but for now I’m laughing it up.

    • We have Girl Scouts selling at tables, at the various grocery stores in our area on weekend daytimes, and even a few weeknights.


      A BRILLIANT move, would be for some older scouts to book table spaces, at the 24-hour grocery stores, starting at about 9:00pm, until 2 or 3 am.

      They would make SO MUCH BANK off the stoners, drunks, and crafters with poor impulse-control**!😉🤣💖

      **YES, I have been in this category too many times to count, while having “craft night” or “stitch-n-bitch” sessions with friends! We inevitably made a run to go get snacks, *sometime* between 9 and Midnight, and SO would have gotten *multiple* boxes each, of Girl Scout cookies, just on principle (and out of solidarity as former Girl Scouts!😉💖)!!!

        • Howdy!

          Still was out today, from the pancreatitis–i’m going to *try* for a full day tomorrow, because if it’s rough I’ll have the weekend to recover & not need to do too much.

          I *already* had appointments scheduled with both my Endocrinologist & Diabetic Educator on Tuesday, so I’ll talk to both of them then, about it & see if we can start figuring out *why* it keeps on happening (tbh, I thiiiink  my pancreas has been a bit “fussy” since I got my booster back in January/early Feb…. i fely LOUSY, but–unlike with the previous boosters–didn’t *quite* tip over into pancreatitis back then… I’m guessing it was the wonky eating, combined with not getting *all* my meds a couple weeks ago, when I stayed at mom’s that maybe tipped me over that next week… annnnd then, because I also had “sinus crud,” I just didn’t *notice* until I had the “burger sitting like a lump” incident on Tuesday.

          Not having pain from pancreatitis IS an excellent advantage! Until it *isn’t,* because i didn’t notice the pancreatitis!😉😆🤣💖


      • I remember a few years ago they set up outside a weed dispensary and the cops shut them down. So the dispensary owner bought all their cookies and gave them away with purchases.

  2. “It is not the end or the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning.”

    -paraphrased Winnie Churchill.

    The fewer remaining crazy cultists (the ones who aren’t in jail or killed off/sickened by CoVID) will try something because they don’t think.

    It’s a goddamned start.

    BTW, at this point the only way the US Navy names a ship after him is if they sink it in a live fire exercise soon after (hopefully with the whole clan on board.)

      • I was starting to think they were waiting for one of the others to drop first since this one is the lesser of all the possibilities but I think you are right.  I see multiple felonies.

      • Ngl,I would be 1,000,000,000% FINE with it, if Trumpty-dumpty went away for *some stupid Tax Fraud charge,* and just ended up dying in prison of natural causes, like Al Capone…

        It doesn’t *need* to be the High Crimes & Misdemeanors that put him away, just so long as he’s permanently away, imo!😉😈😁💖

  3. Trying to book hotels & cars, why can they advertise a rate but when you throw in the fees they go from cheapest hotel/car to the most expensive!  I want the total price in advertising or at least an equal playing field.  You book an air bnb for a night or two, the cleaning fee will be twice the nightly price but only listed after you book it.

    • We have a AAA membership and sometimes the pain of figuring out whether there is a discount and what it is can drive you nuts. Most of the travel industry is really bad at thinking about anything from a customer’s point of view.

      • Totally true, we have AAA too, Costco is sometimes cheaper but you have to book thru them.  We are also USAA members & Hawaiian Air gives me discounts from my card but no one stop shopping!

    • Hidden taxes and fees are an old trick. Look at your utility bill sometime. I am horrified by what what Con Edison was charging me over the winter, but aside from the self-dealing by the lobbyists and their employees in the State Legislature, and the guaranteed income to their bondholders, there’s a bewildering array of nickel-and-diming taxes tacked on that get surreptitiously raised every so often so that we get angry at ConEd, not our beloved and hardworking public servants. It’s a beautiful con, actually, ConEdison, because they’re a monopoly locally so you can theoretically opt out but that will leave you with no electricity or gas and no alternative provider. I have an absolute lunatic representing me currently and she, thankfully, does not have a monopoly on her position (it’s widely suspected she’ll lose the primary, and the winner of the Democratic primary is the winner overall here, locally) so I won’t lose heat and hot water by sending her to the political graveyard.

  4. The last bake sale I went to was in spring of 2016. I remember it vividly, because it was the Democratic presidential primary and it was held at a lovely charter school in a nice part of the neighborhood, so all the good white liberals showed up and voted for Bernie and bought the baked goods to support the school’s PTA. I was one of them. The Board of Elections and the local Democratic machine were not amused, so when Hillary was anointed later on the polling place was moved to a local public high school/medium security juvenile detention center across the street from one of New York’s largest housing projects. That precinct, my precinct, went for Hillary by something like 99.7%, an electoral margin even Stalin himself couldn’t have pulled off. Needless to say there were no baked goods on offer, but I did get wanded when I entered to make sure I wasn’t carrying. (And yes, I voted for Hillary.)

      • ANYTHING to depress voter turnout and return incumbents. Dems and Repubs, on this there is bipartisan agreement. That’s one of the reasons why we’re still in shock over the midterms. You mean that when districts aren’t gerrymandered block by block, the districts are drawn by an impartial Special Master, and people have a choice they might not vote for the incumbent? And that incumbent might be the Democrat on the ballot? Even if he was the leader of the DCCC? And even if the new Congressman (granted that was an open seat, and Long Island was long overdue for a Republican resurgence) was George Santos?

        • It’s Cuomos all the way down, isn’t it?

          If he’d just put half the energy of schemes like embarassing Bill DB over a wounded deer into good governance, and avoided the abusive skirt chasing, he’d have a good shot at being president.

          • He would have been absolutely horrible. His maniacal, capricious, Bolsonero-like edicts were bad enough pre-Covid, but once the Executive Orders came through via the spineless and terrified Assembly and Senate all bets were off.

            Should the Governor of New York have the personal say over whether a barber shop in Brooklyn can stay open? Of course he should! How about reopening restaurants at 25% in NYC and 50% and then 75% in neighboring counties? He’s following the (non-existent) science and contributing to the evisceration of NYC’s once-vibrant restaurant scene, but we’ll all feel safer and plus the low-wage delivery people are immune to Covid, aren’t they? Should he fly medical professionals around the state to teat friends and loved ones for Covid before those tests were widely, or even, available to the hoi polloi? Of course he should! Should he empty out hospital beds filled with Covid patients and dump them in nursing homes, just because the various hospital groups were among his top 10 campaign contributors and Medicare wasn’t reimbursing the hospitals high enough? He’s the boss!

            I’m not a woman, so I can’t really speak to this, but if I were and he wanted to put his hand up my blouse at a wedding and give my boobs a good squeeze I would have taken the opportunity to tell him, “Sonny, they’re comin’ after you.”

    • Sleazy retired fake doctor vs anti-vax vagina candle grifter in ski accident.  Hard to cheer for either side.  Roy Wood called it the whitest trial of all time!

    • FINALLY someone brought up Escape From Witch Mountain: 2016: The Wrath of Gwinnie

      Terry Sanderson, 76, said Paltrow needed to be held “accountable” after she allegedly slammed into him during a ski trip at Deer Valley in Utah — and then alluded to a list of allegations made against Epstein before his eventual arrest.

      ”I guess like, what is going on here? This is obviously an issue that someone needs to be accountable for, and if they’re never accountable, what are they gonna do? They’re gonna do it again,” Sanderson said on the stand.

      “Now we have the … molesting of young children on an island,” he added, referencing Epstein’s “Pedophile Island,” where he trafficked and abused dozens of girls.

      Paltrow, who was notably among the A-listers who outed disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in the #MeToo movement, appeared dumbstruck by Sanderson’s comparison.

      If you’ve ever read read Huis Clos, whether in English (No Exit) or the original French, you’ll realize that the these two belong together for all time. There are no winners here.

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