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…you’re someplace where you need to flee!

I hope everyone in the path of Ida is staying safe, and that the rest of you have a relaxing Sunday.

Some good food?

Wisconsin towns await influx of Afghans — and wonder what it will mean

She’s full of excuses.

Disgraced Theranos founder will blame ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriend in fraud trial

Deja vu all over again.

‘There is no room to put these bodies,’ Alabama health official says as Covid-19 deaths climb


House vote on $3.5 trillion budget raises prospect of higher taxes on the rich


This thread is entertaining and educational:

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  1. Meanwhile, here in my isolated corner of the world:


    I’m only linking to the DM because it has nice photos and videos. I wish the DM numbered their photos. I could take you on a tour of Columbus Circle, or what little you’re seeing of it.

    Mostly what you see is that steel globe sculptural structure. That is an homage to the Unisphere that was created for the 1964–1965 World’s Fair. Behind it, that dark glass and brassy building is the former Gulf + Western Building, which became the Paramount Building, which because The Trump International Hotel & Towers, so this tracks. The globe was commissioned by Trump and the artist is probably still waiting for her payment more than a quarter of a century later. The exteriors were designed by Philip Johnson and Costas Kondylis, who should be ashamed of themselves. Well, Johnson should, as he had great talent. Kondylis was sort of Trump’s house architect and designed many of his properties. Sadly both are dead.

    About halfway down the photos you see an older man desperately in need of psychological intervention holding a big sign saying “My body my choice.” I’m sure he’s spending his retirement serving as an escort at his local Planned Parenthood. He does not concern us. Behind him is the Deutsche Bank Center, formerly the AOL Time Warner Center, also known as One Columbus Circle.

    [The Trump Building used to have an official address as Seven Columbus Circle, but Trump got the city to change it to One Central Park West. Many of the owner/residents are demanding that Trump’s name be stripped off the exterior, you can’t miss it, and the building be rebranded as One Central Park West. It is a little late for that, morons who bought condominiums there, because Trump was the one who converted it from office to hotel/residential, so you bought your condominium from Trump, or your seller did, or their seller did.

    But back to the Deutsche Bank Center. It stands on the site of the old NY Coliseum (demolished 2000) and finally opened in early 2004. It was designed by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). It seems like SOM has been around since the Dutch landed but no, the firm was founded in 1936 in Chicago. They have done hundreds of buildings in postwar New York, including Lever House and the new-ish One World Trade.

    It has a four- or five-story shopping mall within, and the underground space is occupied by a Whole Foods. This agglomeration is confusingly known as Ten Columbus Circle, and the mall is known as The Shops at Columbus Circle, so best avoided. However, on the 4th floor are the good “destination” restaurants, and there’s a lovely public area with views of the SW corner of Central Park and beyond, so it’s worth stopping in if you are in the neighborhood. Also confusingly, there is a venue called Jazz at Lincoln Center, but Lincoln Center is a few blocks north–

    I’ll stop here. Thus concludes our class on Columbus Circle.

  2. We are visiting NYC late next month so thank you for this. I’ve always been fascinated by the way land use changes over time in cities.
    My old grade school, a large catholic school that spanned kindergarten through master’s degrees, completely shut down and is now a giant condo development and school compressed into a small college on 1/3 of the parcels that were left. Because the church got a hilarious bid on their land. 

  3. In Ron DeSantis news (and who doesn’t love that?}:
    DeSantis top donor invests in COVID drug governor promotes
    DeSantis is everywhere in Florida promoting this stuff, which is a) not free like vaccines and b) an investment of his largest donor. Local coverage of this stops with “DeSantis promotes Regeneron” and doesn’t draw the link between his donor and ownership of the drug, which I will point out again a) costs actual money and b) is an after-infection treatment, which makes no sense if you can avoid getting COVID in the first place for free
    People are stupid as fuck. 

    • The NY Times has a front page article today with the bald faced lie describing DeSantis as aggressively pro-vaccine.
      The Times fails to note that nursing homes in Florida have had spikes in infections in part because DeSantis worked overtime to stop workers from being vaccinated.
      The lead Times reporter is Patricia Mazzei, who earlier this summer wrote an article pumping DeSantis’ Covid response as a potential political winner, while ignoring all medical evidence.
      This is one more piece of evidence that the paper’s political coverage is broken, and it is leaking all over the rest of their coverage in other areas.

  4. Right wing radio host Marc Bernier has become at least the third right wing media figure to die of Covid recently.
    I won’t gloat, and I’ll hope nobody he infected meets a similar end.
    I will add, though, that this is another warning that the ideology has overtaken self-interest. If these people will ride this train to their deaths, they will definitely ride it into bankruptcy.
    Money may be the gateway drug, but once they have a taste of the ideology, money stops being the goal.  At most, it’s the fuel.

  5. Since this is a quiet Open Thread let me contribute something that doesn’t have enough oomph to merit its own FYCE.

    I’m working on this book about Spain and there’s a lot about food, as you can imagine. Mojo Verde, “Green Sauce,” comes up quite frequently. It is used on meats and has other applications. I thought, “Well, Labor Day is coming up, and people might be grilling. Maybe they would enjoy making some Mojo Verde for their burgers and steaks and salads.” But what is it?

    Famous chef, restaurateur, and philanthropist (he founded World Central Kitchen, which feeds victims of disaster) José Andrés has a recipe that was reprinted in Bon Appétit. 

    You take 6 cloves of garlic, 2 cups cilantro, a little cumin, and 1 tsp. of kosher salt and process in a food processor. With the food processor still running drizzle in 1/2 cup olive oil and process some more. Add 2 tsp. Sherry vinegar and 1 tsp. water and, you guessed it, process some more. For a creamier Mojo Verde, although this is not traditional and I’m sure Chef Andrés would not do this, you add the meat of 1 medium-size avocado during the first stage

    Now, I am cilantro-averse myself, so yet another definitely non-approved alternative is to substitute parsley for the cilantro. I think I will do this over Labor Day, using parsley and adding the avocado, but I won’t be inviting Chef Andrés, because what will come out of this will be a mocking version of “Mojo Verde” that no Spaniard would recognize.

    • You’ve probably seen it, but in case you haven’t the Parts Unknown episode with Andres revisiting his hometown in Spain is tremendous. The pieces with him talking about Bourdain that were clearly added after Bourdain’s death are heartbreaking.

      • well…i for one…have never watched parts unknown…and am now watching it on youtube
        so thanks 🙂
        now im hungry and want to go to spain

  6. Other than reading through this post, I’m avoiding the news today. Trail run this morning, lunch, nap, and then we’ll get the SUPs on the water this afternoon. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
    Oh, and the Afghanistan meets Wisconsin thing will not go well because Afghanis do not know what “cheddar” is or who the “Packers” are.

  7. That’s some “white woman tears” from Elizabeth Holmes. [Yes, it’s possible–and not unlikely–Balwani was abusive in their relationship, but it doesn’t make her any less culpable for her business decisions and fraud.] And, good Lord, she’s bringing another human into the world?????!!!!???

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