Unnecessary Decisions [NOT 8/3/23]

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Hi, friends!

Happy Wednesday!

Tonight’s NOT theme is things that are designed in such a way that are unnecessarily loud or rough etc. For no reason.

I’ll start. The default volume on my headset at work is way too fucking loud. I have the kind that goes over 1 ear, and I intentionally use it on my bad ear. That’s my left ear, thanks to how working at a call center about a decade ago noticeably damaged my hearing in that ear. At this point, I don’t see a reason to subject my good ear to additional noise.

So anyways. Every goddamn time I start a meeting on my work phone, I’m always having to immediately crank the volume significantly DOWN and that’s crazy to me. There’s no reason to default so loud on a setting. You’d think they would default to quieter so that folks could raise volume as needed!



  1. I hate Harleys & cars intentionally modified to be loud.  We live near a ferry terminal & motorcycles get off before cars & are the choice of many ferry commuters.  Early morning you can hear them miles & miles away racing up the hills.  Every night in summer we get all the loud car idiots racing thru our neighborhoods.  I’ll throw in the assholes with booming base that make your teeth rattle from 300 yards away.

    • As an older millennial, I typically dislike the various “millennials killed ____” industry/shop/item/etc.

      However, years ago I read a “millennials killed Harleys” and I was like fuck yeah those are annoying as fuck and stupid expensive.

      • And the current generation, that grew up on Fast & Furious crap thinks making your Subaru or Honda into a loud rally car is super cool.  It is not!  It is fucking dumb.

        • I’m not one to disagree with you, but I have to disagree.  I would love to hoon around in a 1998 WRX STI.  I wouldn’t do it in a hospital zone or anywhere populated for that matter, but there are roads up here in the mountains where I could have some serious fun.  Probably roll it and kill myself, but still…

        • i mean…making it into a fast rally car is kinda cool

          …adding a fart can and a big wing is not that tho

          may actually make the thing slower…..

    • Omg I hate those fuckers! In a couple of months they will start up again. Friday and Saturday nights (like 1am) they race a loop across the two Lake Washington bridges/highways and through the neighborhoods between them. I hate cops but this is one of those times where I wish they would set up a speed trap to discourage those late night Fast&Furious wannabes.

      • Hell, once it hits the 1:00-4:00 hours, i’m about ready to say “screw the useless cops pulling ’em over,” and ready to just DIY it *myself,* by playing “let’s throw a reverse parade!”

        I.e., go get a couple boxes of  short self-tapping or framing screws, some hog rings, and some old-fashioned metal jacks, and a BIG rolling magnet (like good roofing crews use to roll over a yard!), and then just stand on the sidewalk, and toss those metal-bits out into the roadway like demented candy, as the racers go through!🤬😉😈

        It’s pretty hard to drive that loud shitty vehicle, when you suddenly pop all FOUR tires at the same time!!!😁😂🤣😈

        (Of course, ya need the rolling magnet, to pull up all the metal-bits, so that innocent *regular* drivers don’t also pop their tires!)

    • Cosigning this with you, Shaq!!!

      Especially regarding the loud mufflers & the exceptionally loud bass–If I can hear the bass rattling *inside* our apartment, with the windows CLOSED and the AC on?

      It’s too damn LOUD!!!

      Brought to you by the letters S.T.F. & U., and the phrase, “Your bass sounds shitty & your vehicle *buzzes,* LEARN TO MIX IT PROPERLY!!!”

  2. TVs in waiting rooms should be set by default to mute until someone asks to turn it up. I think 75% of the times I’ve been in one recently, nobody has been watching.

        • I don’t think I’m much help here – I don’t know much about the process of the sound department in actual production and virtually nothing about sound editing in post. My interaction has mostly dealt with putting mic packs on the actors and being shushed the couple of times that my phone went off during a take.

      • I think some are done for specific sound profiles, like surround or THX. I find certain movies on streaming platforms are way worst than others.  I can sometimes change my receiver profile to make it better but some, nothing helps but having finger on volume control thru whole movie.

        • This is one example of criticism regarding Doctor Who, but they’re all over for a lot of shows and movies.


          Basically they’re getting way too self indulgent for their own good and only thinking about one system. They’re chasing a 1% improvement on an ideal platform and suffering a 50% degradation everywhere else. And then fanboys blame it all on user error.

          They don’t test their product across multiple platforms, which is as dumb as designing a webpage for MS Edge on a giant monitor and refusing to think about people looking on any other browser or any other device.

  3. My former housemate is partially deaf, but he refused to get a hearing aid.

    It used to be when I turned on my TV, I would be repeating the opening scene from Back To The Future where Marty McFly would get blown into a wall because of the loud speaker.

    He had the volume cranked to 1100.  My hearing is a touch sensitive and I used to ask him to get hearing aids. This never went well because he’d scream that I’m too sensitive and his hearing is normal. I’d yell back that he’s in fucking denial. He’d storm off and I’d get to watch TV at a normal volume.

    This is one of the major reasons we had fights because I’d be working from home and he’d want to watch TV, but he’d crank the volume all the way up so it would be a distraction not background noise. He still believes this is why I kicked him out of my house. A minor point, but not quite (his sabotaging my near stagnant love life was the biggest reason.)

    Had my hearing tested (for work) and it is above average… for my age.  And yes, I’m like my dad and sharp noises drive me crazy, but my mom is exactly like my former housemate when it comes to hearing.  I yell at her too about it and she refuses.


  4. I took PTO for this week and next week because I was slated to interpret for a 10-day criminal trial – except while I was on the MetroLink going downtown on Monday, the other interpreter texted me to let me know that the defendant was pleading guilty, so there wouldn’t even be a trial. Anyway, after I helped interpret for the plea hearing, I came home and gave back the PTO for next week (I don’t think it would’ve lasted through that whole week anyway), but it was too late to do the same for this week.

    Soooo, that means that I’ve had a bit of an unexpected spring break situation going on this week, with no obligations to interpret – save for a Zoom thing this morning that I was actually asked to cover just before I’d found out about the trial (and it caused quite the logistical pain in the ass while the latter was still pending as well) – or, more importantly, to don a fucking headset and deal with my own personal audio headaches.

    And I bet you don’t need to ask whether or not I mean that literally, too!


  5. Oh good. I thought it was me…the TV sound thing. My pet peeve is when the music is SO loud but the voices are low. There is no comfortable middle ground.

  6. TV commercials are–and always have been–way too fucking loud.

    In other NOT stuff, today on Marketplace I learned about a nifty online game called fiscalship.org.  The basic premise is to balance the fiscal ship of the US within 25 years.  You have to pick certain issues and then specific policies within those issues.  I did pretty well in terms of meeting my goals, but not in terms of the fiscal part–I actually increased the debt because Medicare for All killed me (if I had added UBI it would have been even worse).  However, I take great issue with some of their assumptions.  For example, one of my issues was combating climate change.  Some of the policies I chose were cutting military funding by 1.1 trillion, canceling new aircraft carrier construction, lowering the submarine fleet, killing the F-35 program, reducing the size of the nuclear triad, and increasing infrastructure spending.  None of those items contributed to combating climate change, according to the game, which is total bullshit.  The US military is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters on the entire planet, and improving infrastructure would likewise help.  But, I nailed it with reducing inequality and improving the social safety net.

    Aside from that, it was an interesting game, and I’ll probably play it again.  Maybe others here can give it a go and let us know how they did.

    • So, I played the game again, this time switching out strenghtening the social safety net for investing in the future, and this time was able to win the game.  Got three green stars on all my goals, blew the debt completely out of the water (17% past the goal), and when I looked at how my choices affected other goals in the game, I even got two green stars for Fiscal Hawk.  That’s even making zero budget cuts, and increasing spending because I taxed the rich and corporations back to the stone age, the way it should fucking be.

      As an added bonus, I even got three red stars on Republican Priorities.

      • It’s pretty clear that they designed the game to have certain goals that are incompatible with each other when trying to reduce the debt, such as strengthen the social safety net and fight climate change.  This time I tried it with a third goal of invest in the future.  So even though I got three green stars on all of my goals, I still couldn’t get the debt down to the target level (was 25% short).

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