Unpopular Opinions Post [NOT 23/1/22]

Thank you, Moira Rose, for this gem.

Hi, friends!

I hope your weekend went well.

Talk about whatever you want, as usual. We haven’t had an unpopular opinions post in a while, and these usually are fun.

Unrelated question – did we all lose spellcheck on these posts or did I change a setting I can’t find on my end? It’s not an unpopular opinion to believe I just didn’t pay attention to some checkbox on my end. Although I have looked around and not seen it.

So, here’s my 2 initial contributions to the unpopular opinions post.

  1. Swiss cheese is garbage cheese.
  2. Eminem is overrated and he’s going to be the worst part of the Superbowl Halftime show. Although with the NFL being an inherently racist organization, there probably will be some “surprise” performance sandwiched in there by some white country singer.

Please share your own! Or tell me I’m wrong and Swiss cheese Or talk about anything else!



  1. I think we may end up in a hot war soon. Honestly I think if Putin, Xi, and myriad bad actors keep escalating it is a matter of least worst options, and leaders will have to choose which set of innocent people get victimized.

    • I think Putin is counting on GOP support for his actions and expecting the US press to be stupid. I think Putin is fairly rational but I do not think even he understands the toxic depths that the combination of the US press and the GOP can reach. He really doesn’t understand what he has bought.

    • I am concerned about the same thing. And the problem many leaders have is they keep forgetting that Putin and a few others literally don’t even have to pretend to care about the lives of people involved, including their own forces.

    • if ukraine happens it will be within the next 2 months….after that the weather warms up and europe has 8 months or so where losing russian gas wont be a major problem

      well…not as major

      in any event russia will likely get to do whatever it wants whilst the world makes dissaproving noises at it…

      china and taiwan tho…not sure where thats going at all…

        • When the pandemic is over, I invite you to Montreal to have a proper bagel. It doesn’t require toasting to be amazing because it comes straight out of a wood burning over.

          • Yes! New Yorker here who is completely fine with betraying my city and declaring the Montreal/Mile End bagel superior to the New York bagel. I’ve shamelessly smuggled a Mile End bagel back home on flights past, and when some Montrealers opened a Jewish deli in Brooklyn (dutifully called Mile End), you can bet I went there all the time because they imported bagels from Montreal. Otherwise, I’m not a bagel person.

    • Cream cheese is BEST in *everything* cheesy & baked!

      But yeah, it’s just “ok” (especially PLAIN, non-flavored cream cheese!) on bagels😉

      But to make your “cheesy hashbrowns” better, to give homemade mashed potatoes more depth of flavor, and to make “Green Bean Casserole” that people actually like???

      Neufchatel or full-fat** Cream Cheese are the secret ingredient😉😁



      DO NOT bother with those “low-fat” plastic-tasting cream cheese bricks or tubs… if they accidentally appear in your fridge, throw them into the TRASH, where they belong!

      • Completely agree about the low-fat cream cheeses! The only times I’ve intentionally eaten them was after I unintentionally bought them and was like well fuck, I don’t want to waste food.

  2. I like Swiss cheese, especially high quality ones.  You are right on Eminem.  I need help from my east coasters.  We are going to Boston & Rhode Island this summer.  I haven’t been to either one since the first grade.  Any suggestions,  RI we are staying in Newport, Boston probably Back Bay unless I hear of something way better.  Any help appreciated.

    • Unless you really need to be in Boston proper, I’d always recommend staying in [the people’s republic of] Cambridge instead. I’ve always preferred it to Boston, but then I love college towns.

        • If you stay near one of the Red Line T stops (Harvard Square or Kendall), it’s relatively easy to get around, but staying in Boston will likely give you easier access to multiple lines and more centrality.

  3. I wouldn’t say Eminem is overrated. He showed his talent early on here:

    He wasn’t picking up much traction in Detroit so he created his Slim Shady shtick based off of Detroit underground hiphop legend Esham and Cage leading to stuff like this:

    and although he wasn’t the first person to bring multi-syllabic rhyming in hiphop to the forefront…he undoubtedly brought it to the mainstream in a way that no one else had and one he even admitted to:

    Even though I cannot appreciate most of his lyrics from the time I was in my late teens and have very little interest in his music since, considering him to be overrated would be selling him short for what he did for hiphop at the time and the talent he had/questionably still has.

    Drake is overrated.

    Eminem is a legend…whether we like it or not.

    • For places like Subway, probably.

      But like in our deli counters there is a huge difference between Swiss cheese and American cheese. For all that I hate Swiss, the texture is at least real cheese and not cheez product.

  4. While I will *mildly* disagree with you on the Swiss cheese issue, Brighter (lacy/baby Swiss is delicious, imo, and Jarlsberg is my gold-standard for “foods that need melted Swiss in them”–i.e. Reuben sandwiches), I will 100% AGREE that it isn’t a cheese for everyone, and I’ll never give folks crap for not liking it,the way I would any heathen who might say the same about Cheddar😉💖

    And to continue along on that vein,

    Cheddar cheese should be yellow/ orange in color!**

    “Vermont White Cheddar!” (Tillamook is an example, but NOT the only one!), is highly overrated and completely overpriced.

    you can get MANY, much better, cheeses, way cheaper, in any little hole-in the wall gas station in Wisconsin.

    Although this one is still the best Cheddar around, imo.

    It beats out the regional “best 10-year Aged Cheddar,” Hook’s 10, by a good mile or so–both on flavor AND cost😉

    Also, Brie is “Fancy Cheese, for those who either don’t truly like cheese, or who don’t know any better!”

    Brie is boring and nearly flavorless (except for the rind–which has a TERRIBLE flavor & texture!🤢), it’s just that most of us over here in the US don’t have access to GOOD, *flavorful & tasty* soft cheeses, so folks think that boring old flavorless Brie is “classy” “good” and “fancy!”

    Fromager d’Affinois is SOOOOOOO much better and has tons more flavor, than boring ‘ol Brie–the Wikipedia page snd many other places call it “milder,” but most times I’ve gotten it, it’s “punchier” and just “brighter” in flavor, compared to the flat, boringness of Brie.

    **Note: YES Orange–but not the “plasticky-near-neon-orange” of Kraft Singles…

    Although those DO have their own place in the world, which is NOT always the dump/ landfill!😉 like in trash-food like “cheese dogs” (the kind of cheap mystery-meat hotdogs like “Fundogs” that you slit lengthwise & pop some Kraft cheese-like-product into, before microwaving for 45 seconds, then eat with ketchup & mustard on a hotdogs bun😁)

    • Are you telling me you can taste the annatto used to color white cheddar to be yellow? I mean I don’t care either way but the color doesn’t impact flavor.

      Edited to add. And I tried this before so if there’s a double edit or something my bad.

      Is it because white cheddar wasn’t originally a thing and then places started making it to distinguish a product from the established Wisconsin cheddar so your disdain isn’t the cheese itself so much as why it exists???

      • Honestly?

        I don’t know on the Annatto thing?

        but there just always seems to be something…. I guess I’d call it “flat-ish” in the vast majority of white Cheddar I’ve tried over the years (unless they’re VERY small-dairy cheeses, and/or accidentally aged an extra year or two** in the fridge)

        I don’t know if it’s as much the annatto, as perhaps the places the cows grazed/grasses the cows ate, or perhaps the way they’re processed/made, with plans to ship cross-country?

        Basically, it’s like the “roundness” or difference you get in flavor, between Colby and an unaged Cheddar, or between say a small creamery or dairy’s cheddar or fresh cheese curds (i.e., if you’ve ever had Door County cheese curds, in comparison to something like Ellsworth’s?)…

        In the Vermont vs. Wisconsin Cheddar, there’s a hard-to-describe difference in both flavor & texture, just like there is between Door County & Ellsworth’s cheese curds…

        I don’t have a good way to describe the difference–but in the WI Cheddars– like in a good Colby–there’s almost a bit more moisture(?) in the cheese, that makes for a different *feel* to it in your mouth as you eat it… where the VT Cheddar I’ve had (Tillamook, included) were typically a bit “drier” in texture, and not quite as “smooth” to eat.

        Similar to the difference in Door County vs. Ellsworth. The Ellsworth curds are shipped ALL over, so they’re drier and almost “mealy” when you eat them cold, compared to the DC ones.

        If you’ve *never* had real, good & local, fresh cheese curds, Ellsworth curds DO seem amazing!

        But if you’ve grown up with the privilege of local, really fresh cheese curds–or a tasty, local “baby cheddar,” the Ellsworth curds taste like gross, sawdust-y, dry, garbage!🙄😒😬

        And the Vermont Cheddars I’ve had, have often tipped over into *that* kind of “extra dry” texture, which imo, tends to impact the flavor.


        **a couple times in the last few years, I’ve bought a brick of cheese that’s shrink-wrapped, shortly before a calamity/ family emergency, and that cheese ended up in the cheese drawer, unopened, for an extra year+…

        Mostly just because I had other non-shrink-wraped cheeses in there, that could mold, and needed to get used up sooner, and because I forgot when I went to the store during the ensuing year, that *that* cheese was in there.

        So the airtight cheese stayed wrapped, until I had “cheese night” with my roommates…

        every time (so far!), that “extra aging” has made those cheeses incredible… They’ve all been types of Cheddar (different brands, some white, some yellow), and it always got them to the “crunchy-crystally-extra-flavor” state, with a really good, even texture.😉😁💖

        • Adding,

          I *think* that most likely, it’s something in the way VT Cheddar is processed…

          I have NO idea what that difference is, but it’s a bit like the difference in a wax-dipped/coated cheese, and a plastic-encased cheese.

          Cheeses which are wax-covered (and only wax-covered!) tend to be “softer,” a bit less even-textured, and have more moisture content… I don’t know if that’s because they get coated earlier in the processing, before they age much, or what.

          But cheeses like Longhorn Colby & Longhorn Cheddar, Red Dragon, etc. tend to have a different, less-dry, texture than other cheddars, and that is part of what makes the VT cheeses I’ve had taste different & “flatter” to me.

          My current roommates used to think Tillamook’s were “some of THE BEST” cheeses and didn’t get why I’ve allllways been so “meh” about them, until this past Christmas.

          I had a co-worker who has relatives in one of the towns where Carr Valley has a location, so I asked if I could send cash & have them pick up some cheese.  Gave the roommates a block for Christmas, and kept one for me…

          NOW they get it!😉😆🤣💖

          I got a series of texts & messages from them on Christmas Eve night, after they opened up the block of cheese, and raves after I got back home after New Years, about it being “The BEST cheese I’ve ever had!!!” and they both noted the lactic-acid crystals/”crunchiness” and the softness of the “crumbles” texture-wise (that it isn’t as physically dry & hard as so many “10-year” cheeses are…

          And they both now 100% understand my years-long ambivalence toward Tillamook & reasons for thinking it’s “good, but overrated”😉

          • This has been a super interesting conversation.

            So the older I get, the more I like the dryer cheddars like you see from Tillamook and Cabot aged cheeses, so in direct contrast to you, the moister (?) cheddars are the ones where I’m like ehhhhh okay that happened.

            The good news is there is tons, literal tons, of cheddar out there so we all get delicious options!

            • “The good news is there is tons, literal tons, of cheddar out there so we all get delicious options!”

              This is 100% TRUE!!

              And we VERY MUCH do!😉😁💖💫

    • Most mass-market American takes on any sort of cheese are just complete crap. Hence, the crappy idea of “Swiss Cheese” and the widely available excuse for “Brie” that is rubbery on the outside and flavourless on the inside.

      Tillamook is fine, but also nothing to write home about unless you’ve only had access to Kraft singles all your life. There used to be annoying Tillamook adverts where a bunch of Americans enthused about it, and one woman said “I feel, like, I AM Tillamook cheddar.” Great, lady. Let’s never hang out.

      Vermont, Wisconsin, and any other American “cheeze” headquarters are prideful and boastful, but they just need to admit their cheeze culture is crap. People like Anne Saxelby and the folks at places like Cowgirl Creamery are actually what American cheese culture is capable of, but the larger places are the same old corner-cutting American crap.

  5. If you’re getting sliced Swiss in a package then yes, it’s garbage. But a good quality Emmental or the similar Gruyère, Jarlsberg, and Fontina are delicious. I love the way they melt. One of my favorite snacks is a good Swiss on a thick slice of bread broiled until the cheese is bubbly and just starting to brown. *chef’s kiss*

      • A former roommate and I had a really good chat about Swiss cheese one time, and she noted that SAME “funk” you mention!

        She was also the oldest of her siblings (4 altogether), and had the misfortune of accidentally grabbing the wrong small container of milk, and taking a swig from it, one time, when her youngest sibling was a baby…

        She explained that the reason she can’t do Swiss cheese, is that the “funk” taste in it was much too similar to human milk (she hasn’t been able to eat it, since she ended up with a mouthful of that wrong milk back when she was 8 or 9-ish, more than 30 years ago now!).

        Between the “foot” funk to certain cheeses, and the various “funks” (sheep’s milk, buttermilk, goat milk, and unfortunately human, too!) thatthe various Swiss ones can be reminiscent of, you are 100% reasonable in your dislike!


        And I personally wouldn’t call it an “unpopular opinion,” as much as a popular (or at least semi-popular!) one😉💖

        We’re probably just a bit outside the norm around here, because we have such a food-loving & “adventurous palate” sort of group💞



  6. All right, here I go:

    Schitt’s Creek seems quite overrated. It’s not really so much a TV show as it is just a series of GIF sourcing files.

    Oh, and the whole thing with beards should’ve ended a good 10 or 15 years ago.

    • The beard thing annoys me because most of the time they need some maintenance and product and then they would look so much nicer but the beard-havers just seem to go fuck it and do nothing.

      Oh I love me some Schitt’s Creek. Probably more than is healthy. Although season 1 is definitely the weakest season.

  7. Swiss cheese is garbage cheese.

    If by “Swiss cheese” you mean the prepackaged slices with holey spaces, then yes, that’s crap. But that is to Swiss cheese as Kraft singles are to cheddar. Proper Emmentaler, Gruyere, Fontina (yum), Raclette (unless you’re in the right setting, it’s overrated, imho), and Tomme (my favourite) range from standard to enjoyable, just like any other nation’s cheese board full of offerings does. Don’t knock an entire nation’s cheese culture based on a shitty American supermarket bastardization.

    Eminem is overrated and he’s going to be the worst part of the Superbowl Halftime show. Although with the NFL being an inherently racist organization, there probably will be some “surprise” performance sandwiched in there by some white country singer.


    I don’t think Eminem is actually overrated. @myopicprophet went into a spirited defence upthread, so I’ll just say that he is actually talented enough to have been one of many proteges Dre lifted to prominence. It might not be fair that he received so much attention for being white and semi-novelty, but it’s not like he took the spotlight from a more deserving white male rapper. He’s still better than–oh, say–Macklemore, G-Eazy, Post Malone, Chet Haze/Hanks, and whoever else is out there trying to skate by on low expectations for white male rappers.

    It fully makes sense for him to be in this Super Bowl Halftime show, because it seems to draw a thread from Dre to his direct proteges (Snoop and Em), then bring in Blige because she was an R&B icon during the same stretch of the 90s the rest were, and Kendrick Lamar is for the yoofs, but he’s also tied to SoCal/West Coast hip hop and part of Dre’s label. If anything, Blige is the least connected to Dre’s web of the lineup, but I’m glad she’s there because she’s fierce and I need to see East Coast representation.

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