Unpopular Opinions Post [NOT 29/12/21]

Hi, friends!

I don’t know how it’s only Wednesday but goddamn this week is dragging.

Unpopolar opinions time.

I’ll start, hop in with whatever you want to talk about in the comments.

Shrimp is the worst snack at parties. Either it’s overcooked or it’s been left out for dubious amounts of time and is probably unsafe to eat. Or it isn’t well-cleaned out and the poopy vein is gross.

Also, New Year’s Eve parties are rarely worth the effort unless you actually like staying up late. And if you’re single, they can get really awkward at midnight when all the people around you are in a relationship. Not to mention if you drove yourself you’re stuck waiting around until like 1:30am to be sober enough to drive home, but then you have to worry about that being when a lot of bars close and there being a bunch of drunk drivers.

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a bullet come through their roof and land on their coffee table from dipshits nearby shooting guns into the air at midnight to celebrate the New Year. Please don’t do that. Go bang pots and pans instead. Or get out the cowbell. You know, normal things that don’t cause property damage and risk injuring others.



  1. I remember my first New Years Eve in New Mexico.  Our neighbors went out and blasted their shotguns at midnight and we were like “what the fuck kind of crazy place do we live in now?!”

    Hamilton is 3 hours of your life that you’ll never get back.

    • I felt that way about Fiddler on the Roof.

      Also I think Grease is a horrible show and white people really show their racism card when they say they don’t want their preteens watching Hairspray because that musical is “too mature” but they’re a-okay with their kids watching Grease. Lyrics like “did she put up a fight?” in Summer Loving or “it’s a real pussy wagon” and “they chicks will cream” in Greased Lightnight are just not… child appropriate. Also the plot of Grease is basically *change everything about yourself in high school so someone will like you especially if that means becoming a little slutty*


    • …I unabashedly loved hamilton…but on the one hand I was lucky enough to see it before I’d had it over-hyped…& while I might not know enough about broadway shows to have got all the “references” to stuff…things like using biggie’s 10 crack commandments to provide 10 duel commandments really worked for me?

  2. I’m with you on New Year’s Eve parties sucking.  My sister was in a wreck when she was in her early 20s when s drunk driver hit her boyfriend’s car.  He died, she went thru the windshield & lost her front teeth & had glass coming out of her body for years.  It is a stupid night to drive.  Most of my opinions are unpopular but I do have a question.  Any Facebook users had a huge spike in right wing ads?  I go on my wife’s page to see my family’s pictures & have seen a bombardment of conspiracy memes & bullshit.  I’ve been reporting & blocking them but get more every day from other troll groups.

    • I’ve been getting so many whackjob* rightwing ads for various political stuff and products lately. Like bulletproof kid’s backpacks, clothing with Crusaders using automatic rifles for Jesus, Ben Shapiro crap, etc etc.

      Which is amazing because I’m literally following anti-capitalism groups and local black democratic politicians, but yeah still happening. I don’t know if their algorithm is doing this or it’s literally just right wing groups throwing money at advertising for the Christmas season.

      *I live in Missouri, it’s not uncommon to see republican campaign ads, but those are pretty normal political ads and not this bullshit that has been happening lately

      • Yeah, these ones are from groups like Kentucky Libertarians or Conspiracy Heroes.  All seem like troll sites & my wife’s follows are parents of college student groups or real medical stuff.  Just like blocking spam they just come back with different names.

      • It’s possible the organizations posting these ads are “nonprofits” raising money on an annual budget cycle be have to spend their 2021 funds on something. Online advertising is often an easy and quick way to unload earmarked funding.

      • I get texts inviting me to join tr**p’s new social media site. Actually to donate. To a site that supposedly has billions invested already. Looks like somebody figured out how to geofence and turned their bot into billable marketing. I’d rather eat cocktail shrimp 5 hours after the caterer took it off the ice.

        • ha!  I got one of those the other week, and I don’t know whether their marketers are completely incompetent, or just absolutely careless in their targeting…

  3. I haven’t gone out for New Year’s Eve in years. Even when I was younger I always preferred New Year’s Day. We’d put a crockpot of pork and kraut on before going to bed, cook it low, and slow all night and part of the day. Slept off the hangover, staying in didn’t mean staying sober, and waited for our hungover friends to show up. I’d toss some hot dogs in with the pork and kraut. Between the food and the kegerator, everyone would get to feeling better. Nowadays I don’t even care if I stay up until midnight.

  4. Going out for NYE sucks. Overpriced. (not exactly unpopular.)

    Every time it seemed we went out, it always ended badly for folks.

    1) We got stuck waiting for a non existent street car for 5 hours. Didn’t get to sleep till 7am.  On top of that, it was a cold miserable night and we saw a number of folks who probably got pneumonia including one woman who had a fight with her boyfriend who then refused to keep her warm and her lips were as blue as her thin party dress.

    2) A year later, a group of friends decided to have a couples event and ditch all us single folk without telling us. Karma arrived early as the place where the couples event was going to be held burned down and the alternative site was shit. We had a decent night out. I laughed a lot when I was told about the couples story of woe. Their story didn’t illicit the reaction they wanted.

    3) Decided to plan ahead and got a hotel room on the night out. It was fun (for new years) but too much damn work.

    After that we realized that NYE was generally a clusterfuck or too much planning for too little enjoyment and started staying home.


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