Unpopular Opinions Post [NOT 5/3/21]

Hi, friends! HAPPY FRIDAY, WE MADE IT!!!

Unpopular opinions post.

Easter candy is far superior to Halloween candy.

If you don’t like black jellybeans? Just eat the rest! Or get the Starburst jellybeans which are fucking delicious.

Don’t like Peeps? Use them for rice krispie treats or one of these other 18 things.


When I was a kid, Easter candy baskets were waaay better than going trick-or-treating.

My grandma would get us chocolate Easter bunnies from Fannie May when I was a kid, and those were delicious. I will admit I thought it weird when I would hear an adult refer to Fannie Mae because why would the same company do mortgages and candy???



  1. I find Easter and Halloween candy to have equal numbers of abhorrent concoctions.  Jelly Beans are the Candy Corn of Easter candy.  I will say, though, that the Cadbury hard shell eggs are fucking glorious.
    I am sick to fucking death of Meghan Markle and the whole “royal intrigue” thing.  As much as Americans love to shout from the rooftops about how we fought a revolution for a reason, as a people we sure can’t get enough of these rich assholes.  Enough already.  Everyone just shut the fuck up and go play polo.

    • Well there’s also like 18 variations of “rich women who live in ____ city and this is what they do” shows on TV, so clearly there’s an appetite for obsessing over what socialites and wealthy women do. She’s kinda the apex of that I guess in some ways because she literally married into a royal family. 

      • It’s not just the women. It’s the whole royal family and really any of the reality TV shitheads in the US. All these rich people with their imaginary problems can go screw. 

        • I really hate 95% of reality shows. I only watch a few HGTV and Food Network shows that would fall under the category 

          • My wife and I can’t watch HGTV because it enrages us.  Especially the demolition of perfectly good houses in the name of some shitty “upgrade” or “refresh”.  I can’t hear the term “open it up” without wanting to commit some sort of felony.  Also, bathroom vanities with two side-by-side sinks are an abomination.  Why not side-by-side toilets?  

            • It’s called Sochi Style or the Putin Double Dumper.

        • It isn’t just the rich. Watch Judge Judy. I’m sure the litigants are chosen for their pettiness and freak factor. Damaged cars. Roommate troubles. It’s not a real courtroom, it’s a televised mediation session and the show picks up the damages awarded. “Judgment for the defendant in the amount of $214.” You humiliated yourself on national television to get $214? And this episode will be in reruns for as long as humans roam the earth? And it used to be that the show would fly in the freaks from around the country and put them up for a night, so I guess they at least got a little LA vacation away from their mean, pinched, uneventful lives, however briefly, but now, because of the pandemic, they draw from the LA metro area and I would guess the wannabe reality stars drive themselves to the tapings. This I completely don’t understand.

        • My friend in Vancouver is part of a family well established in (mostly white) Vancouver High Society.   His two brothers (who he has been feuding with) and their wives were asked by producers to appear in the Vancouver version of shallow awful people who should die in a fire.  The matriarch put her foot down.  She’s a dignified woman who protects said family dignity with the same ferocity that a Wolverine would her den.  Don’t blame her.
          I laughed when my friend told me about it.

    • I like both candy corn and jelly beans 😜

    • I haven’t seen a decent post-holiday sale in about a decade or so, but back then, I felt like there was a much bigger selection/better discounts on easter candy.
      I suspect that there has been some widely-used software that makes pretty accurate predictions, so that stores end up with minimal excess inventory now.  It’s kinda disappointing, now the after-holiday sale is rarely more than a couple shelves, when it used to be almost 1/2 an aisle…

      • I wonder if it also corresponds to the “pre-made” Easter baskets you can buy now that are all cellophane-wrapped up with candy in there. 

        Like maybe more people buy those so there’s less interest in buying 10 bags of Easter candy to put together baskets for the kiddos?

  2. Don’t like Peeps? Use them for rice krispie treats or one of these other 18 things.

    Better yet, put them in a vacuum chamber and see what happens.

    • If you’re day drinking it’s also fun to go outside and try to have a snowball fight with them. 

  3. People that drive in the fast lane under the speed limit should face the death penalty.  

    • What if I don’t believe in capital punishment? Is there a different option for consequences you’re okay with?

      • Public flogging & ban from driving for life! 

        • Can we sell tickets to the flogging to help fund social services and other underfunded things? I’m cool with fundraising someone’s shame in this situation. 

    • @Loveshaq Everyone here does that, drives me crazy! 

      • Connecticut used to be famous for it. We live in NYC but travel north (husband is from Boston, went to school in MA, and we both have tons of cronies in MA and points north.) It was always such a relief to get to the RI border or, better yet, cut up to the Mass. Pike, which is like the Autobahn. As long as the road was clear there seemed to be no enforceable speed limits. A MA friend once said, “Hell, you’re paying for the privilege of driving on the thing, why putt-putt along at 55?” Although I’ve also found that MA drivers in general are—aggressive, let’s put it that way.

        • The Mass Pike is no longer the Autobahn.  In fact, the disease of fast-line-slow-drivers has infected that state as well.

    • the fast lane is the one on the right, isn’t it?

      • It sure has been since they made weed legal in my area!!!!

    • This is an Unpopular Opinions post.  Not a Self-Evident Truths post.

  4. I had a very exciting and busy evening. I went out to get the mail around 5 an found a little dog running loose in the neighborhood.  He came right to me, was a friendly little guy. He was wearing a collar but the tag was worn and I couldn’t read the phone number. But he was wearing a microchip tag so I brought him in to call the company. Fanny, who misses the company of other dogs, was immediately enamored of him. They ran around the yard for hours. When it got too cold outside they ran around the house. They rested together and played some more. The people finally called and came to retrieve him. Fanny cried as they carried him away. It was so cute and sad. I should get her a friend but I don’t know if I can walk two dogs at once. Maybe I should try fostering to see how it goes. Any suggestions?

    • @Hannibal I will bow out of answering you, as I am your friend with four dogs, who would love to have a fifth dog. Sadly, he who shall not be named has committed no recent offenses egregious enough to warrant dog number five. All dogs are good dogs. Maybe go small, for balance? 

      • My 80 lb girl loves little dogs. This was a Malti-Poo, maybe 12 – 15 lbs, and they had a wonderful time together. She enjoyed having an unexpected play date so much. It broke her houndy heart when he left. A little friend might be just what she needs.

        • Butcher Dog very much misses having a playmate.  She used to go to work with Mrs. Butcher and play with another coworker’s dog.  Every time someone walks their dog by the house, she’s in the window with her tail wagging.  I regularly suggest to Mrs. Butcher that the dog needs a playmate–preferably a very large playmate that she can crash into without hurting it (she loves crashing into things full tilt boogie).  Mrs. Butcher’s response so far continues to be:  “You have two choices.  You can have a playmate for the dog.  Or you can have me.”

          • Did you respond “…I’m thinkin'”

  5. Easter candy?
    You mean chocolate eggs and bunnies?
    Coz that’s about it here 
    Not that there’s anything wrong with chocolate

    • …I’m not at all sure about this but I vaguely recall there being something about cadbury’s creme eggs only being “available” in the run up to easter…so when shops eventually ran out of whatever they’d ordered up then they were out until the next year

      …which would imply that either people didn’t buy all that many or some places over-ordered by a considerable margin because I thought they were available year round until whenever it was I asked someone in some newsagent or other why there weren’t any…mind you that was the UK…& some several decades ago…so I don’t know if it was ever true…much less still is?

      • Far as I know shops still only stock Cadbury cream eggs in the run up to Easter after Easter if they’re gone they’re gone
        Tho I’m sure you could find them online if you really wanted to

    • Farsy we are the country of fat people who love sugar. OF COURSE WE HAVE A FUCKTON OF EASTER CANDY OPTIONS.


      • lol…well…when you put it that way
        i guess i should have expected it

        • Yeah there’s like 3-4 aisles of Easter candy at Target right now.

          Most of it is just the usual candy in bags but with pastel wrappers or other theme packaging. Like mini KitKat bars in pastel wrappers or Hershey’s miniatures in wrappers with eggs on them. 

  6. As an atheist easter is very problematic. On one hand, delicious candy, OTOH, no satisfactory way to separate it from its roots, at least December 25th can be tied back to pagan beliefs.

    • I maintain that Easter is only about a magical, sugar-dealing rabbit. I refuse to acknowledge any religious significance to that. The colored eggs are just a stand-in for Christmas lights. 

      • If only! I was raised greek orthodox and easter is a huge huge deal, like a special church service every day during easter week, my grandmother would keep 40 days of lent, we’d sneak out for burgers. For a while i enjoyed the pageantry, but that eventually felt hypocritical.

    • I’ve solved the issue by simply not worrying about religion
      Soooo what am I supposed to believe to get the candies?
      Eh I can go with that for a couple hours at least 
      Hand em over 
      (I’m an opportunistic agnostic)

      • That is awesome!!

    • I can see how whatever flavor o’ Jesus a person was raised with would influence enjoying Easter stuff when now an atheist.

      Like we were the epitome of lazy Catholics. Catholics joke about Christmas/Easter Catholics, who just go to mass on those 2 holidays and skip mass the rest of the year (unless it’s a wedding, baptism, or funeral). We didn’t even go to mass for Christmas or Easter because my mom felt like it would be really annoying to the regulars who really liked going to mass to have our lazy asses crowding up the pews. 

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