Vacations from Hell [NOT 16/4/23]

If this is what's going to happen to me in the afterlife I will deserve every eternal moment of it.

The gates of Hell.

Recently I was reading up on Universal Orlando (rest assured I was being paid for this) and my mind wandered, as it does. I was astonished at how eye-wateringly expensive everything was, the park entrance fees, the hotels, the restaurants, all the add-ons like stroller rentals and valet parking because the parking lots are so vast and special one-use passes that let you jump to the head of the line at a rollercoaster, or whatever, and I thought, “People, families, must pay hundreds of dollars a day to do this. If I were physically up to it I could board an economy flight to Paris and spend a week at a mid-price hotel for what it must cost a family of four to spend a day there. And summer is when everything is at its most expensive? Inland Florida in July or August?”

Then I learned that there’s a part of all this called CityWalk (sic) that’s a regional “entertainment district” for visitors and locals alike. It’s free I guess to wander in and be entertained. Well, that wouldn’t be too bad, I thought, surely there must be…


I cannot STAND Jimmy Buffett music and Parrotheads in general, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by margaritas, bloated hysterical sunburnt, adopting fake Florida Keys accents…”

But then I felt shame, because recently, after a lengthy delay, a Jimmy Buffett/Margaritaville “hotel/resort” opened in Times Square. I read a review, and thought, “I wouldn’t mind going there.” The food’s overpriced and apparently inedible, but on some floor, the third I think, there’s a big pool overlooking Times Square and a bar and valet cocktail service, and I think it’s open to the public for a hefty fee (to keep out the riff-raff) so you don’t actually have to stay there.

My mind was wandering, wheels within wheels, what would be an absolutely unacceptable vacation destination? I’ve been to Las Vegas, that was pretty awful, no Brat Pack and very “People of Walmart,” but again there was a pool and cocktails, so it wasn’t all bad. I’ve never had a bad time abroad, even though Better Half has with me, because when I misread a bus or train schedule and we get stranded in some provincial village when we mean be in some semi-glam coastal town, I take the opportunity to take a good look around and try to chat with the no doubt bemused locals who may have never seen an American tourist in their out-of-the way workaday town. Plus, we’re in Catholic Europe, so there’s always a centuries-old church to see, no matter how humble.

But then I remembered that there is this. There is absolutely nothing about this I would enjoy. All the cheap American beer in the world wouldn’t numb the pain, and besides with the Anheuser Busch boycott going on I’m not sure what they’d be serving, since A/B seems to make or license all the big commercial beer in America.

So, fam, can you think of something you know of that people move Heaven and earth to try to see/do/go to that you wouldn’t join in on at gunpoint? [Weddings don’t count, because I love weddings.]



    • I was actually in DC once, at the Mall, during one of those confabs. I think those were held on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I’m like Zelig, or Forrest Gump, just kind of blundering into scenarios I was oblivious to. To be fair I was spending the weekend with a friend, and it coincided with the MLK Jr. holiday that year, this was a while ago, and he made no mention of Right to Life rallies. We were inside the Hirschhorn, and then we exited to admire the sculpture garden, and in the interim seemingly tens of thousands of people had shown up and the noise was deafening.

      I said to my friend, who lived in DC, what the Hell is that? And he said, “It’s the King holiday, maybe they’re doing a March on Washington thing or something?” There were plenty of Black folk in that crowd but not that many, percentage wise. Then it all became clear…

      • The Catholic high schools do field trips there to participate in the march. And I’m like oh yes, 15 yr old boy whose only intimacy has been with his left or right hand, definitely you’ve got strong opinions against abortion.

        • Didn’t we recently talk about how Catholic schoolboys might have more sexual experience than we know because of their especially attentive classroom priest? Oh, Beloved Father, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and all the Saints in Heaven, please don’t be Catholic…or at least have a sense of humor and a grounding in our earthly reality.

          When I did my stay in the physical rehab two years ago now (time flies) they asked me if I wanted a spiritual advisor to stop by. “Sure, whaddya got?” They had a bilingual English/Spanish Catholic priest, a trilingual English/Yiddish/Hebrew rabbi, and some kind of ecumenical guidance counselor type. I said, “You don’t have a someone like a Unitarian, do you? Someone who doesn’t really believe in the existence of God but likes to talk about values and some vague higher power that we can call on? Because I have so many friends who now call themselves Unitarians, none of them born Unitarian of course, and they’re all bright, funny people. Or how about someone who calls themself a ‘recovering Catholic’ and is now vaguely Episcopalian? A few of my friends do that, too.”

          I struck out, but I struck up a good friendship with my physical therapist, who visited me daily, so while I was doing these routines, like sitting on my hospital bed and reaching for small objects with my right hand and, without falling over, depositing them into a cup to my left, we had some good chats. Nothing very spiritual, actually; he and his wife were househunting on Long Island and he told me what a nightmare that was, because the wife was from LI (he was from New Jersey) and she had definite ideas about where they should live but, surprise, it’s not the 1980s or 90s anymore and things have gotten a little pricier.

  1. Also the families that spend ridiculous amounts of money to go to Disneyworld confuse the fuck out of me. I’ve had coworkers fucking drive from Missouri to Orlando to go. Presumably because of the cost of airfare, but sure why not drive 1000 miles with kids.

    • The first time dad and mom took us to Florida, they threw us into the family station wagon and drove to Orlando in 3 days. Both my parents were zombies during and after the trip due to the drive and having to listen to us be excited, bored, yelling or fighting.

      The next two times the family went to Florida, we flew.

  2. The only vacations from hell I’ve had were Great Wolf lodge where my daughter slipped & got a concussion.  Fucking slick tile at a kids water park seems like a bad choice!

    The other was our first trip with our new RV &  we had 50mph winds, rain, & daughter got sick.

    Oh yeah, forgot about being raped by a tree at Whistler.  Getting a new asshole ripped for me & spending 3 nights in a Squamish hospital.  That sucked too!

      • I’ve never heard of Great Wolf Lodge, good to know I guess. I only recently became aware of why Six Flags, NJ, is called that. It started in Texas, of course, and the first one called itself that to reflect the six political entities Texas has been a part of, including the Confederacy, so that’s nice for an overpriced amusement park not far from New Jersey’s state capital.

    • I don’t know about now, might just be Trump flags used for the dogwhistles, but back when I was in school at Alabama we were driving through Talledega area during a race weekend anw wow it was a fuckton of confederate flags.

      Anyways, later that year a tornadic storm was in the Talledega area during a race weekend and my friends and I were like yep definitely no god exists because that would have been a fantastic opportunity to smite those assholes.

  3. A few years back our kids had a long weekend off from school — Columbus Day maybe? –and the weather was pretty warm, so we decided to have a weekend at the beach, figuring the summer crowds were gone and it would be nice and quiet.

    On the drive out about an hour away we started to notice a lot of hot rods on the road. Whatever. But when we got close traffic was crazy and the one road in town was clogged with hot rods, along with people who had come to watch the procession.

    That weekend, out of all weekends in the offseason, there was a huge rally in town. Cars with massive engines, all tricked out with light displays and smoke, were parading up and down the only road, and tons of cops were there to keep order.

    Fortunately our room was in the back of the hotel, a healthy distance from the main road and facing the beach, so we heard nothing, except when we walked to a restaurant for dinner and saw the full parade. During the day almost none of them were out because they had been up all night watching and driving. It ended up being surprisingly peaceful, and we left the last morning before most of them had woken up.

    • I had a very New York-ish bizarro-world experience kind of like that. A friend and I (Better Half is not a fan of family reunions, college reunions, my bizarre road trip schemes, so I often recruit a friend to accompany me) were up in bucolic New England and on the drive back the traffic was absolutely horrific. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can just grit your teeth, stay on 95, and maybe a day or two later arrive at the Cross Bronx which will point you to Manhattan. But once you enter New York State you are in Westchester, the Home of the Parkways. They all have charming names, like the Hutch (Hutchinson) and the Saw Mill, but they’re not very descriptive. Even if you know the geography of Westchester, if you pick a parkway the exit signs aren’t very helpful, because instead of saying “THIS WAY TO NEW YORK CITY” or even, “Downtown Yonkers” (that’s good, Yonkers borders the Bronx, so you’re getting close) you get something like “Spring Hill Road.” Is that Scarsdale, which would be in the right direction? Is that Rye, which would take us too far east? You get the picture.

      So I was confident I could navigate the parkways but we got hopelessly lost and the traffic was gridlocked everywhere and I said, “That, I’m sure, is Co-Op City, which means that is the Bronx, so take an exit and we’ll just drive some local streets.”

      That was even worse, not for the reasons you associate with the Bronx, but because we were in the Bronx Botanical Garden area, which is always a traffic nightmare, AND it was the 5-Boro Bike Tour. Street closures, hyperagressive Tour de France wannabes wearing thousands of dollars worth of neon nyprolene or whatever that Spandex is called on the stretches of roads that weren’t officially closed off, pedestrians bouncing around like targets in an 80s video game…good times. That was return-from-vacation Hell.

  4. I’ve had a vacation that was both hell and the best?

    The family went to Asia for the summer (6 weeks) when I was 15 because dad and mom wanted to visit relatives and had saved up enough money/vacation to go.

    My siblings and I got chucked into what was termed “Korean Camp” for three weeks which was a government program to educate the spoiled western brats of Korean expats about the Glories of Korea*.

    *I forgot the official name, but that was the name I gave it while I was there.

    I hated it there. I wanted to like it, but I never felt soul crushing rejection in my life except there… it was bad enough being the only Asian kid in my class but to be rejected by other Koreans was a bit much for me. My parents raised us with the notion that Koreans shit gold and pissed sesame oil and all them smart… also I lived in a most white rural area with very few Koreans so I didn’t encounter many.

    All those notions died when I discovered they were a) human and b) assholes especially in regards to the fact they didn’t get I was a country bumpkin from a mostly white rural town not a true member of the Korean community. I got a taste of the Korean xenophobia from who I thought were my “own” people. I got rejected because I didn’t go to “their” churches and had white friends.

    I ended up getting kicked out my original room (because the assholes were all family) and lived with “the camp rejects” who I actually enjoyed being with. The guy from Alabama who had a thick ‘bama accent and who I learned “Fuck all y’all” from, a boy who had non Korean friends, a crazy guy and an asshole. I ended up getting into a knockdown drag out fight with the asshole.  He screamed “I know TaekwonDo” but I knew how to wrestle and he learned first hand why TaekwonDo guys got their asses handed to them in MMA fights.  After taking a few punches to the face, I ended up putting him into a choke hold and kicked his feet out from underneath him until he turned purple which was when my roommates pulled me off him.

    My sisters didn’t enjoy their experience either.

    After a week with family, we ended up spending two weeks in Japan traveling mostly by train. I really enjoyed that part. That was one of my best family vacations. I loved the Shinkansen and eating bento lunches.

    Japan is a beautiful place to visit. It opened my eyes about my world (even though the memories of 35 years of occupation are hard to forget.)

        • Just curious…he speaks Japanese because of the occupation?

          When I was over in the Bundesrepublik it became kind of chic to vacation in what was then Yugoslavia, partly because it was so beautiful and so, so very cheap. Germans are very thrifty. I fit right in.

          There’s a two-month academic break in the university system in March and April (who knows why) and then the second semester starts up, and lasts until about mid-August, you get a couple of weeks, then back to the books. On my program we were told that if we wanted to go to Yugoslavia, first of all, it was Communism-lite but still Communism, and second of all we couldn’t expect anyone to speak a word of English. What we could expect was that in different areas they speak various Slavic languages, Croatian, Serbian, etc., and Russian. If any of us spoke Russian that would be super-helpful. Failing that, we were told, many older Yugoslavs could speak German. They didn’t like to, but they could. Left unsaid was why.

          • Yeah he learned Japanese because of the occupation. During the 35 years, the Japanese tried to make Korean, its characters and Korean culture illegal.

            Before his brain imploded, my dad spent some time studying languages and Asian history (at one point he was planning to try and obtain a PhD in languages for as a senior) and being the perceptive sort realized that perhaps the dirty ironic secret of the Imperial Japanese family is that it was originally from Korea. A large swathe of Japanese history is borrowed or stolen from other nations as well as lot of the traditions.

            The sword making and anime are Japanese origin.

        • Omg it’s so bad. My 100% Japanese born and raised friend told me that she has always been treated badly because she “looks” Korean.

          Also I’m pretty sure all Asians are racist against other Asians. My mom and her Cambodian family definitely are.

  5. Feeding my kids ice cream right before supper and the witching hour is a special vacation Hell designed by grandparents… oh no wait that’s my life right now. Thanks have a great fucking flight home.

    • The solution to that is, mix a little gin into the sippy cup. If it was good enough for the Victorians it’s good enough for us. Just kidding. I was a veteran baby-sitter of a number of nieces and nephews and I would never do that. Once the little precious ones are safely tucked away, though, there’d better be a little liquid refreshment for the unpaid laborer to sip on while he reads whatever book he brought with him and awaits the arrival of Mom and Dad.

  6. CityWalk is not free. You have to pay for parking. So you can’t just casually swing by and stroll up and down. I think the movie theaters may validate parking, but I’m not sure.

    Disney Springs is, in fact, free to visit. Parking is free and you can wander up and down at no charge. Y’know, providing you’re not buying anything. It’s a fairly pleasant diversion. Those of us in the know realize you can jump on a Disney bus, head to a hotel, and access the monorails and boat lines for free. So you can wander around the hotels all day, as long as you’re willing to take a short trip on a Disney bus (which, to be fair, are perfectly pleasant).

    Going to the parks is now insanely expensive. A day pass for a single park runs you somewhere around $130 plus you’ll pay $25 to park. And then you’ve still got to eat, and if you actually want to go on one of the good rides, you’ll need to buy speed passes (or whatever they’re calling them today), which are reservations that allow you to bypass some of the lines. So a day at one Disney park for my family of 3 runs somewhere around $600. There used to be ways that you could pack lunches and whatnot and store them in lockers, but I’m not sure that’s even feasible any more.

    So my quick math says minimum $550 a day for a family of four, just to go to the parks. That’s if you don’t care if you get on any good rides. Add another $50-$100 for speed passes because you live in Toledo and you ain’t getting back here for a while. All four parks is going to run you over $2200 plus speed passes. That doesn’t incorporate hotels, which are obviously not cheap, though you might at least get breakfast. Some Disney properties allow you to enter the park a half-hour earlier than the riffraff so you could conceivably sprint to the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance line and only wait 45 minutes or so, which is a godsend. So you’ll get that for your exorbitant hotel fee.

    People do this every year. Full disclosure, I’ve been to two Disney parks this year and will probably hit the other two, but I haven’t been in probably 8 years or so. Only reason I’m going is that it’s the 50th anniversary, and heck, I remember when it opened. I also remember tickets were $13.

    • What really got me was how expensive the hotels were. Like the ones where you’re on the property and they come with perks like early admission times or whatever, and one of them, the Grand Floridian maybe, started at $1,000 a night. And then there’s some crazy Star Wars hotel or suite or something that’s even more insanely expensive.

      What I would do is stay at the Dolphin Hotel in (or near?) Epcot. It is a masterpiece of the short-lived post-modern period in architecture, designed by the late, great Michael Graves himself, and looks fabulous. So over-the-top, so kitsch, and it was meant to be at the time, so that’s fun. Like the Memphis Group. All that stuff brings a smile to my face and sometimes makes me burst out laughing. Of course this is treated very seriously as an academic subject, which makes me laugh even harder.

      Then, I would enjoy (or maybe “enjoy”) the attractions at Epcot. I would actually love to see how Disney Disney-fied these cultures (most of them Western European I believe, so not too “exotic”) and sample the cuisine at the restaurants, but there too, the menu prices! A family is supposed to do this? What is the median family income in the US at this point? $400K a year? What can a banana cost? Ten dollars? This is insanity.

      • There are some hotels that are Disney-affiliated but not Disney-owned, and you can stay at them for a more reasonable price. I haven’t stayed on Disney property at my own expense ever, only when it was paid for by an employer. I simply can’t see paying that kind of money when I can stay at my own house for free, and use the money for a better purpose.

  7. My late friend complained endlessly about someone’s wedding he went to in my old home town.

    The highlight was when the reverend asked if anyone had any objection to them being married seconds later the horse that carted the bride to church decided at that moment to make a ruckus which got a laugh from everyone (except the bride.)

    • No, No no no. You broke the rule: no weddings. Unless they’re financially ruinous for the guest for some reason the “worse” they are the more I love them. I remember I went to one where the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother hated each other, I don’t know, probably because they didn’t think the partner was good enough for their child. Both women were more than a little narcissistic. Both women (unbeknownst to each other, and their respective children) decided to wear these slinky off-the-shoulder black “gowns”/cocktail dresses to the reception at least, but I guess at the ceremony too, but it was weird self-concocted ceremony where some motivational-speaker-like guy was the “officiant,” who knows, as long as they got a valid state marriage license I guess it was all good. It was also at that wedding reception that on the groom’s side, an older cousin showed up in an old Hawaiian shirt and jorts (I am not making this up) and his date, his girlfriend du jour, basically wearing a sports bra and jorts, occasionally took to the dance floor and their signature dance was, the girlfriend would get on the guy’s shoulders and he’d kind of hop around and she’d scream, “woo hoo!”


  8. Cousin Matty, this part cracked me up,

    “…since A/B seems to make or license all the big commercial beer in America.”

    Because I personally know *NO ONE* who drinks A-B products, up here in the upper Midwest!😉😄🤣💖

    In most of MN, Bud/Bud Light is considered “crap” compared to “the good stuff” made either at local breweries or at the classic big-brands like Leinies, Miller High Life, Coors Light, Coors Ponies/Banquet, Hamms, etc.😉😂🤣

    Molson-Coors own most of the brands upper-midwest folks drink–heck the Coors Light crowd is probably the bigger supporter of Sturgis, than the Bud crowd, anyway!

    Fwiw, as much as I like the *idea* of going to Sturgis to see all the pretty bikes, it sounds like hell to me, too.

    Too many people, too many asshats & jerks in & amongst the good bikers,** too much misogyny, too many people with more money than sense, too hot/dry/crowded, and too many folks whose lack of ego & self-esteem is equally inverse to the amount of chrome/ accessories/ Horespower/ baffles punched out in the exhaust systems on their bikes…🙄

    Having once known someone who grew up in Sturgis, and having myself grown up in MN’s  “Lakes Area Resort Country,” i also wouldn’t attend, after finding out that it’s HELL for the locals every year…

    Especially not after hearing her stories of seeing plenty of women treated like property–including being led around on collared leashes–in numbers that seemed a *bit* too large to just be a BDSM-kink sort of thing…

    The idea of backed-up traffic for *hours,* crowds of tens of thousands, and ALL that in the hottest part of summer, in podunk-nowhere South Dakota just doesn’t appeal.


    **i’ve known LOTS of really nice people who adore going to Sturgis, and they’re ALL the sort of folks you’d want around, if the shit hits the proverbial fan!😉💝

      • I did wonder how Elysian managed such a large distribution. It makes sense now. I wonder if the craft breweries were happy to be bought out. Kind of like start-up app companies that aim to be bought by Microsoft or Facebook.

        • Elysian was NOT happy.  Dick Cantwell, the founder was screwed out of his own company by stockholders.  Only good thing was the head brewer Steve  started Cloudburst which makes some of the best beer in WA.

      • Once, my mom took me and my two siblings on a cruise. Our cabin was so tiny that even as a kid it felt claustrophobic. When we docked at some tropical tourist trap, my mom insisted on eating the local street food which was some kind of ceviche that has been sitting out in the sun all day. We made it back to the boat in time for her to be spraying it from both ends in a our bathroom that was at most double the size of an airplane’s W/C. Us being very young and her being a single parent meant that we were all stuck in that closet sized room for the next two days as the ceviche worked its way out of her. Worst vacation ever.

  9. I can’t remember the last time I went on vacation. Not whining, just making choices. I can afford four dogs with mill problems, or vacation.

    I have an acquaintance who goes to Disney twice a year. He and his wife plan their attack via vlogs, websites, insider info from a relative who works there…They plan coordinating outfits for each day, within the strict park rules regarding no character costumes but homage dressing is allowed. This year they brought their 15 month old child. The start of a tradition.

  10. Never went on any Spring Break trip, but the worst ever I’ve heard of was one my friends took to Ft Lauderdale.

    They had a bad time with their hotel rooms (water pipe broke and flooded their rooms) suffered two crashes in their rented van and ended up losing 1/2 their beer money paying for the tow truck to pull their van out of the mud the 2nd time.

    The hilarious part was my friend had just broken up with his girlfriend the week before and they were both on the trip, not speaking to each other both creating drama and tension on the way there and back to make matters worse he crashed the van the first time and she the second.

    Initially I felt insulted that I wasn’t invited, but as my friend was telling me how bad it was I realized the fates did me a favor.

    I laughed till I nearly barfed as he told me this tale of woe.

  11. Unrelated to anything in tonight’s post, but taking part in the “Open” part of the OT, y’all are probably… let me rephrase that, in light of all the shootings going on in the US nowadays…

    y’all are going to *maybe* be hearing about an “officer-involved shooting” which happened “up home” yesterday, on the national news–since it did hit the AP wires…

    I don’t *personally* know the officer who was killed, or his partner who was shot. Both joined the Pope County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) well after I moved to the Cities.

    And as far as I can tell, Mitch (Johnsrud the Starbuck Police Chief) is the only one I’ve known on Starbuck’s PD…

    But because I grew up up there (Cyrus is NOT my hometown, but this *is* the part of MN that was born & raised in–Glenwood Hospital, the one that officer Owen was taken to & died at, is the place where I was born)…

    I know Owen’s death has, is, and will impact countless people I’ve known…

    And I’m hoping that Mitch (that Starbuck Chief) wasn’t the Starbuck officer out on the call, but even if he wasn’t, my heart is aching for him, st the thought of one of his young officers being at that scene…

    Because I can’t help but think that this incident–because it was for the arrest of a man accused of Domestic Violence–is probably bringing up more than a few memories of Missy Stammer’s murder in Starbuck, years ago…

    Mitch and Missy were classmates and they grew up together. Kent Amundson–Missy’s murderer was also basically raised in Starbuck…

    Plenty of the people on the local First Responder crews either went to school with Missy or had Amundson as an asshole teacher (dude was a JERK by most accounts–he wasn’t a teacher in the early 90’s, he started the year Mitch & Missy graduated, but I do know people, including relatives of mine, who had him as a teacher)…

    And plenty of others on the Starbuck Fire Department, Glenwood PD, PCSO, and the other local FD’s & First Responder crews who would’ve been called out last night in a Mutual Aid capacity?

    They lived through or responded to the scene of Missy’s murder/the house fire/Amundson’s suicide (all in Missy’s house), or they knew Missy as she grew up & opened up her own Daycare business, other knew Amundson-the-asshat…

    And many of them would’ve known officer Owen really well (all the towns are SMALL up there, Glenwood is the biggest in the county at a little under 2,700 people!), and if they didn’t know him personally, they’dve known him by sight/name, & probably DID know one of the other two officers, and maybe the killer or the victim who had filed the charges…

    Everyone knows everyone up there or at least knows *of* them (hell, that was part of what drove me nuts, and was a reason why I moved to the Cities!🥴), and this is impacting *everyone* on those departments, the volunteer fire departments, the first responder crews, and the staff at the hospital, too.

    And my heart is breaking, for the poor person who filed the charges that brought about that arrest warrant!!!

    Let’s be honest, it was most likely a woman, and this incident has to be one of her worst nightmares, come to life.

    She has the validation/vindication that all her fears were valid, *and* the added fucking horror that they were, and someone else DIED because of it… along with the complicated feelings, around her abuser now being dead.💔

    Annnnnd *everyone* up there will be talking about it nonstop for months-if-not-years… she will probably have everyone in *his* family blaming her “for ruining his/ our reputation!”

    Because now his name (after it’s released) will *forever* be tied to his murdering of a police officer & the wounding of two others (much like the way the Amundson family tried to play their abusing asshole of a son as a “Good Guy” after his death & whitewash his reputation–declaring the Students & Staff at the school district where their murderous son worked “Honorary Pallbearers” to try & polish the tarnish off his wretched, murderous, action😒😡🤬).

    The shit that this poor person is going to have to face… the rumors, the whispers, the stares… small towns are great sometimes, but in regard to stuff like *this,* where someone died & will (rightfully, tbh) be hailed as a type of hero, and where others were injured–all because *you* did the right thing, but the deadly thing?

    That’s a hellish load to carry, and I can only *begin* to imagine how that person is feeling now–and will continue to feel, as the details come out💔💔💔

    I truly & sincerely hope they’re able to get the mental help health they’re going to need, in order to get through the crap that ALWAYS spirals out of this sort of thing, and that there’s an excellent support network around them, too.

    And I hope that if the Starbuck officer was Mitch he has great support–and that if it’s one of the kids on his department, he *and* they have the support & mental health assistance they need!💖💞💗

    My heart is also aching for Owen’s partner, officer Merrill gets the mental health help & support *he* will need, too!💝

    • That is a terrible thing to hear, but the problem has been the enablers of the abusers letting them get away with it till it is too late. If they are so worried about their family rep then do something about it instead of letting it happen.

      Having grown up in a small town, too… I won’t miss that part of it. The constant whispers.

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