VIA [DOT 18/3/23] boldly go where we've been before

Based on some recent comments about the possibility of audio versions of @splinterrip ‘s DOTs (and @hannibal ‘s admission just last night that she’s damn near blind on occasion) I planned on putting the actual feature as an option atop every post. I still intend to do so for the sake of accessibility but my next to best laid plan was thrown off-guard by the response to my innocent inquiry as to who was on DOT duty for today.

You’re probably a little surprised. That’s nothing on how surprised I am. Was. Am. Will be. The point is @megmegmcgee jedi mind tricked me into being the one to write this DOT instead of her.

So now you’re stuck with me.

This is the part where Jake thinks it would be funny to make a joke about Rorschach from Watchmen telling the other inmates he’s not in there with them, they’re in there with him. Which, once he’d explained a bunch of stuff I’ve already forgotten about who the hell that is, why it might be funny and why I should probably get around to reading Watchmen, did sort of seem funny. Or something I should be offended about. Or possibly a compliment. I can’t be sure. I kinda zoned out there for a minute to be honest. Anyway, I don’t remember enough to find the right .gif/meme anyway. So he’s shit out of luck. See. Stuck with me, lads and lasses. No. Wait. It’s stick with me. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. That’s wry, apparently. Or maybe rye. Ask Lemmy.

See what I did there? Instead of posting a semi-coherent rant like I bet you thought I would, I’ve decided to make this about EVERYONE else. You lovely lot, the commenters, as well as you, out there, lurkers.

When @splinterrip first approached me – when Splinter died – for help reanimating something vaguely Splinter-shaped using voodoo on a random Kinja burner account (because creating new sub-blogs the way the help logs said you could was no longer an option) it stressed me out. I knew how to do what he wanted to do but I’m not capable of putting my thoughts into words…as you’re all quite well aware at this point. IIRC my first reply to his initial message to me was, “I can help you do what you want to do, but I cannot write posts.”

@megmegmcgee and @bryanlsplinter jumped on board. They contributed a significant amount of posts on SplinterRIP and as they were trying to figure out the parts I already knew how to do, I felt that it was above my pay-grade to tell them how to do that part.

Then Deadspin died. I immediately created DeadspinRIP…and despite my insecurities concerning telling people smarter than me what they should do and what they should have been doing all along…I was all like 1:39 to 2:25 in this clip:

…and it led to a feeling that I was finally pulling my weight in this endeavour. An endeavour @splinterrip has alluded to, on more than just one occasion, as “the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet.”


During that time, on SplinterRIP, we started off with a palate cleanser and then a morning/daily open thread, aptly dubbed “the DOT.”

…but the DOT wasn’t the palate cleanser. The DOT was simply intended to be a place people could share posts they felt were relevant enough to discuss…and…maybe less about having actual discourse.

The way @loveshaq comments on the current DOTs…

Which led us to “VIA” posts. Posts for which someone (mostly me because I wasn’t contributing actual posts and had all the time in the world) would bracket “Courtesy of: So and So” and maybe a line or two of explanation or commentary around a link that had been shared on the DOTs…or sometimes when things were sort of going to plan on another post which we could monitor for submissions and suggestions…or requests for assistance with technical difficulties…those posts were where the discussions about this or that thing happened…which left space for just generally shooting the shit on the DOTs.

I don’t think there is a way to get us back to that because I for one definitely don’t have the time available now that I did then, but all the same I strongly encourage everyone to link whatever’s their heart’s desire on the DOTs and maybe some discussions about those things can ensue? As opposed to, well, the same flags being waved all the time? Be the change you want to see and all that non-violent good shit. The commenters here are an inclusive group and I want everyone to feel included…and valued…as much as I value all of you.

All that said…I’m neither going to link random shit nor am I going to rant incoherently as I may or may not be sorely tempted to do.

I’m here to do an OG DOT!

Courtesy of @hammerzeitgeist :

Gotta love the French and their literal dumpster fires.

Women making history this month  (I kid. They will likely be suppressed and silenced.)

Some good news for diabetics and those assholes who turned insulin into a new weight loss fad.

RIP Lance Reddick. Adding Fringe to my re-watch list in your honor.

Insert cute animal video here… that kind of stuff is not in my wheelhouse.

Courtesy of @splinterrip :

…two off the top

…& two off the bottom of the deck

Courtesy of @matthewcrawley :

Here’s an incredibly fab residential project she did here on Manhattan’s far west side.

Unfortunately for me they’re not exactly giving away units in that building:

Thank you for your contributions!

“Jake” and I…have had a few discussions about things I know nothing about – surprising no one I’m guessing – including what would make him Jake in a Blues Brothers analogy, which apparently, makes me a natural Elwood…and it took me longer than I’d care to admit to figure out if there was anything to it because, GASP, in all honesty, I’m not a fan of the movie.

What matters is that the band is together. THIS band. Us!

…I mean…if ANYONE can do it…

…we can!

…for that, I strongly encourage you all to share anything and everything with us without concern about judgement or insecurities…

It’s kind of the fucking point to all of this!

I’ve also had more than a few discussions about Charlie and Snoopy with Jake…most of which I don’t understand because I’m not … well … I really know very little about the two … but like when my brothers and I used to watch cartoons and decide who was who amongst us out of the characters on offer … I … still can’t tell you which one of us is Snoopy and which one is Charlie…

…but we do both agree on who is holding the football.

…the one with the jedi mind tricks.

If you’re at all interested in where I think I am going with this – and if you’re interested in what it might be like to have audio versions of posts available to you – I suggest you click on this link.

Now…go ahead and … wait for it … DOT DOT DOT!

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    • all honesty…i could have worded that a little better than i did? i didn’t like it when i was really young which was the first & only time i half-assed watched the thing so perhaps “unfamiliar” would be a better term to get the square peg through the round hole i was attempting to get it through?

      i fully intend to watch it again but i’m well aware of “the point” in this particular regard?

        • But @Brightersideoflife, the Nazi scene *alone* makes that movie a classic!😉


          Also, I have YOU in particular to thank, for the fact that I fiiiiiiinally understand why I’ve had a visceral reaction to, whenever I see him onscreen, since elementary school.

          I mean, I *knew* he was the bad guy-dad from The ‘Burbs… but I thought he was “Evil” wellllll before seeing him there…

          Turns out?

          He was the lead Nazi!!!😆😂🤣

          AAnd”Nazis are BAD GUYS! is (and apparently ALWAYS was!🤣) sooooooo deeply ingrained into my psyche, that I just automatically loathe Nazis–even when they *aren’t* actual Nazis!😂

          It’s hilariously ironic, too, because I ADORED Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web, watched the Pound Puppies alllll the time, and watched The Smurfs, too!😉



    • fucking discusting! i read this yesterday and it pissed me off to the point that i looked for it elsewhere to keep hate-reading it….

      what made it worse was watching their short video and not seeing anything that’d make me be like “oh god….oh no…fuck no!” if one of them were my own daughter.

      at least they weren’t forced to wear masks for the sake of protecting others for a couple of years…you know…because freedumb and whatnot…

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