Wait, What? [DOT 18/1/23]

It’s already Wednesday! How did that happen? Love me a short week.

Color me SHOCKED. Shocked I say.

Election-fraud conspiracies behind plot to shoot at New Mexico Democrats’ homes, police say

This is what we’re doing now I guess.

House GOP lays groundwork for Mayorkas impeachment as moderates balk

Over/Under on how long this guy lasts in the House?

George Santos reportedly to be seated on two House committees


Billionaires in blue states face coordinated wealth-tax bills

I don’t remember if I shared this with you guys before but I came across it again and it cracked me up:

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  1. Sad news: Gina Lollobrigida has died, aged 95. What a life she led. I’m now inspired to do a Celebrity FYCE on her, because not only are several recipes attributed to her*, she has a particular type of curly lettuce named after her, Lollo Rosso, because of her famous curly hairstyle.

    * According to an Italian obit I read she got a panettone recipe published in an Italian magazine called “Casa mia Cucina mia,” which means “My House, My Kitchen,” but “cucina” also means cooking/cuisine, you get the meaning in context. La cucina di Matteo could refer to my actual kitchen or what I make in my kitchen. Anyway, I digress, I need more coffee.

  2. In other European news, one of Paris’s 36 (!) deputy mayors has decided to tackle climate change by denouncing “Emily in Paris.”

    Bless his heart. One wonders if he has ever seen a TV show set in New York. Even the grittier ones, like the vast “Law & Order” universe, mostly feature implausibly upscale settings for its characters. Not quite as bad as Woody Allen movies, where the population of a lily-white New York all inhabit spacious classic-sixes on the Upper West Side, but bad enough.

    Just wait until he stumbles across the episode of “Sex and the City” where Carrie goes to Paris to be with Mikhail Baryshnikov and, rather than distributing food aid to the homeless immigrants around the Gare du Nord, holes up in a hotel suite at the Plaza Athenée with its unparalleled views of the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Only the best people. 


    Before his run for office, Peña served nearly seven years in prison on convictions related to a smash-and-grab scheme that included burglary, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  4. CNN maintained the lazy trope of DC political beat reporters by categorizing as “moderate” the GOP reps who might be uneasy with an impeachment move against Mayorkas.

    There is nothing moderate about them, and calling them that only worsens the polarization that the DC punditry says they want to avoid. It lets radical right wingers essentially Santosize their resumes by dropping a drop of bipartisanship into a sea of radicalism, but still campaign as moderate when needed, and raise money from corporations desperate to maintain their PR.

    The flip side is that it promotes the stupid take that anyone closer to traditional moderates is somehow a radical leftist. Balk at most gun laws but support limits on assault weapons? Pundits will lump you in with the Socialist Workers Party. Support modest abortion rights? You’re a Smith College Women’s Studies major from 1978.

    The DC press understands nothing, which is why they are such easy marks, if not in on the scam.

      • “They’re looking for their version of John Oliver,”

        Sure, except they also want someone right wing investor John Malone won’t have any vapors over. That means they end up perpetuating the spiral. They can’t do this with another Jay Leno, which is what they’ll end up with.

        • …they may well not be able to pull it off…but acknowledging that there’s a substantial demographic for whom the john olivers/jon stewarts/trevor noahs of the world are their primary source of news & current events is probably a step towards looking at their audience share problems head on

          …that their target may actually have moved on to tik tok/you tube/twitter type sources is probably too big a leap to be within their grasp…but someone tried a right-oriented comedy approach to the news & it was pretty much an abject failure…so I expect malone would be over the moon if they managed to pull out even a diet version of john oliver rather than an imitation so weak as to keep their viewership dwindling away?

          • I think it’s the equivalent of McDonalds looking at the success of iPhones and deciding to increase their profits by offering deep fried text messages in a glossy crust with elegant curves.

            They have a vague idea there’s value in going upmarket instead of catering to a demographic that wants $5 burger and fries combos, but are so deeply unaware of what they’re after that they can’t even begin to understand why Apple’s phone business makes so much money.

            • …could be…but these days mcdonalds shifts a lot of salads & I didn’t think they’d pull that off, either

              …you might not pull a lot of new salad-fanciers in to take advantage but at least you maybe hang on to some of your existing customer base before they start grabbing lunch from a salad bar somewhere instead?

              • It’s interesting that you bring up McDonald’s and salads, because they dropped them (at least in the US) when Covid hit and have been very slow to bring them back.


                Franchise owners haven’t liked them for years because they were relatively labor intensive, went bad quickly, and used up a lot of storage space relative to their sales, which have always been low.

                It’s not that people don’t eat salad — salad bars are established money makers for a lot of companies. But McDonald’s at the corporate level decided to just jam them into their offerings without really thinking about changing their business model.

                And I think that’s what will happen with CNN and their hopes for comedy. They’ll shoehorn some comedian in, the vetting process will be done by execs with no senses of humor, John Malone will start moaning about any jokes about the GOP and demanding more attacks on Biden, and they’ll keep losing viewers. It not that nobody will buy CNN’s comedy salad, but like McDonald’s salads it’s going to be an awkward fit that symbolizes the inability of the execs to understand  how to attract and serve the public.

          • Right-wing “comedy” fails because there are significant psychological differences between conservatives and liberals.

            Though the headline says “new,” this is from 2017:


            New research helps explain why the right has yet to produce a Jon Stewart or John Oliver.

            “We have ruled out the argument that political satire is liberal because it challenges the status quo,” the researchers write in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture. “When looking only at humor’s structure, rather than its target, conservatives are still significantly less likely to appreciate humor than liberals.”

            With the help of a professional comic, she created eight pairs of apolitical jokes that “made the same argument aimed at the same target—one through irony, and the other through exaggeration.”

            The results were clear. “Conservatives rated both types of joke stimuli as less funny, smart, enjoyable, and interesting than did liberals,” Young and her colleagues write.

            This difference “is partly explained by the cognitive activity required to decode the humor,” they add, “and in part by the fact that conservatives value humor production and reception less than liberals.”

            • I don’t know, I think it could work if you just had Larry the Cable Guy or similar just making fun of Liberals.  “You might be a liberal if …” and call it news parody.  Most Rethugs wouldn’t know the difference.

              • Ratings =/= talent. He also probably benefits from the fact that the Fox audience is too old to find or work their remotes. My mother-in-law is no longer capable of changing channels.

                Less facetiously, younger people don’t watch television. What passes for good ratings now would have gotten any show canceled 20 years ago. Viewers have splintered to streaming services and other types of entertainment. Murdoch has been living off the last remaining viewer bloc (the elderly) for years now, and they’re all dying. Even I only watch late-night television via YouTube clips now. It’s faster and I get directly to what I want to see.

        • I think CNN should provide my favorite form of entertainment, panel shows made up of comedians and non-comedians who just happen to be very funny. Britain has these in abundance. I don’t know if it would work in America, but maybe they could get some of the British veterans over to get things off the ground. It gets a little tedious listening to one person carry an entire show, but with a group they can play off each other. Watching “Meet the Press” is about as much fun and far less informative than undergoing a colonoscopy, but imagine if it were stocked with people who were there to mock, not to pontificate and repeat tired nostrums and self-promote. THAT I would watch.

            • That’s why I’m not sure it would work in America. Several British imports have flopped, and even The Office wasn’t as good as the British version, I don’t think. The shows I’ve seen have comedians who are more abrasive and the audience less thin-skinned. Dave Chappelle would not raise an eyebrow. I think the British like to laugh at themselves more than we do.

              I used to love the NPR parody on SNL because it was so, so accurate. I once told a group of friends that I found it irritating that Better Half listened to an all-news AM radio station in the mornings (you know, traffic on the eights or whatever, same stories repeated every 20 minutes, same three commercials.) They suggested I switch him over to NPR. My response was, “Oh God no.”

              It was that AM radio station that made me realize we were aging rapidly. When we first got together we used to wake up to a power-pop dance music station. Now we don’t listen to anything in the morning, because we just need silence, hours of silence.

              • Also, there are far fewer sacred cows. Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer get raked over the coals in equal amounts. Even the Royal Family comes in for some criticism, but it has to be very factual and not speculative. Except for Hazza and Megs, of course who have half the top London law firms on speed dial. With them the panel shows don’t seem to say anything at all, which I suppose is like death by silence.

    • …I think maybe it’s a lot like the tobacco stuff…we’ve in known they were busy lying in public & being a creepy sort of honest in private but you kind of have to beat people over the head with it pretty frequently before it really soaks in to a point where people think it might actually mean something has to change?

      …obviously that’s just a guess…but with the UN guy going off on how fossil fuel industry/investment is tracking a path that is broadly at odds with the interests of the bulk of humanity right around when davos & COP stuff is going on I think the timing is meant at least to some extent to assure us that there’s pressure being applied to them to start changing their ways…not that I’ve seen any particular evidence that that’s true or anything…but it seems to be intended that we infer it all the same?

  5. That Twitter thread is hilarious. I wish I could shop at Sainsbury. I know I’d be at least in the top 5 for salmon as I buy a few lbs a week. I want an award dammit!

  6. I saw on one of those elevator screens the other day (because screens are everywhere) that Musk is literally auctioning off physical Twitter assets. Stuff like kitchen equipment and office supplies. This is even better than I thought.

    • Indeed. What level of genius is required to create a new revenue stream from yard sales? Elmo is truly a cognitive god, and his grasp of high finance is very nearly the equal of my Aunt Missouri. Aunt Missouri retains the edge because her yard sales were fiscal triumphs. The jury’s still out on how much profit Elmo will generate from the resale of Post-It notes.

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