We Made It! [DOT 10/12/21]

Hi! Thanks for coming around.

What a loser.

Trump White House records can be released in Jan. 6 probe pending Supreme Court review, appeals court rules

Appeals court rejects Trump’s bid to keep January 6 documents from House committee

The teens are powering up

FDA authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine booster shots for 16- and 17-year-olds amid omicron threat


Stocks close lower, ending 3-day rally


Decks a pitch invader, gets a yellow card?!

Really sorry about this thread you guys.

Happy Friday!



  1. Side note. My name is Adam, I am a short white bald dude. At one point, I worked for a newspaper in Lowville, NY where another short, bald guy named Adam hired me. The reason I am posting this here and now… His name was Adam Atkinson (check the name of the tweeter). His family is well known for blue grass up here and I think around the nation (well, blue grass nation.)

  2. Ugh. The comments note that guy’s record is a swamp, including writing for a Holocaust denial group.

  3. Longtime evangelical TLC reality star Josh Duggar was just convicted on child porn charges. Back in the day Gawker reporters did a lot of good work digging up evidence of how big a sleaze he was, and plenty of right wing politicians have cozied up to him, including Mike Huckabee.

    • He’s looking at 19 years and counting.

  4. Safe to say that the engagement announcement did not go in the direction I thought it would. I thought I was looking at a senior goth couple, maybe preferring to be referred to as warlock and high priestess.

    I had the same reaction to the Sam Kerr story. I have never seen any on-field official penalize a player for bringing down the hammer on a pitch invader. I would hope that decision could be repealed.

  5. Looks like we finally have a way to stop QAnon!


  6. I read an article on CNBC yesterday that Pfizer thinks we’ll need a 4th shot because of omicron. *siggghhhhh*

    But also Illinois lawmakers have proposed a bill to make unvaxed patients responsible for all their own covid bills. Hopefully it passes. Course, can’t pay if you’re dead.


  7. Here is an example of how things change with the GOP out of the White House:


    Monsanto pleaded guilty to multiple counts of illegal pesticide use, is paying millions in fines, and entering an environmental compliance program.

    During Trump’s term, his Justice Department appointees bent over backwards to protect Monsanto from charges. Adding to the GOP’s malignancy, Monsanto is owned by the German Bayer company — so they were screwing over Americans in Hawaii for the sake of a German company.

    • This kind of thing is made way worst in Hawaii where they get all fresh water from an aquafer.  If you get chemicals in the aquafer you fuck up everyone’s water.  The military just seriously fucked up Oahu’s water supply…


      As for why the GOP doesn’t care about clean drinking water, it’s called corporate greed and any regulations destroy freedumb!  They are no longer a political party, just a death cult of trolls and grifters.

  8. I’m glad I took a few extra days off this weekend.

    I know I’m hitting burnout (thanks to 7 months of continuous overtime without a real break) as I have a hard time waking up, don’t give a shit at work/low motivation and my temper is on a hair trigger.

    Spent most of the day so far cleaning and reading.  Going to the gym soon.

    • I wish her the best, hopefully she learns some new life skills like making toilet merlot and makes some great new friends!


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