WE MADE IT! [NOT 15/1/21]

drawing of smiling sun with a baner saying "happy weekend"

Hi, friends! Anyone planning to do anything over the weekend?

I have a very exciting weekend planned.

I’m going to clean my kitchen. Bake a casserole. Maybe read a book. Oh! I’ve got 2 episodes of Star Trek Discovery on the dvr to watch. I’m liking season 1 so much that I ordered season 2 on dvd in early November and forgot that with it being on tv on Thursdays, there were a lot of holidays in there and it’s taking soooooo long for season 1 to end.



  1. likewise going to clean the kitchen
    probably the bathroom too
    going to the supermarket early in the morning to check out the bargain bin….and get nore bread…maybe croissants
    such excitement… much wow…
    *sigh* farscy misses doing shit for fun

  2. Do you have to know Star Trek well to get “Discovery”?

    I only know the Star Trek movies (the old and new ones) and a little of TNG (not enough to call it TNG but it is faster to type) but I could use something new to get into.

    • i dont think so…from what ive glimpsed so far i’d say its a standalone that breaks with tradition
      course…..i havent really watched it…just sort of absorved it as others watched

    • Oh and I’ll be cleaning for the most part. In between Leafs games and football playoffs, anyway.

      I Did a Thing that I haven’t done since I was a teenager and made a candle. I used a medium sized mason jar and the way it has been burning I think it might outlast the eternal flame in Toronto which reminds me…

      In Canada, we have the Centennial Flame that burns outside the Parliament buildings. I’d like to floor a motion to, instead of a Trump library, put up some sort of monument that never stops burning…it can’t be a dumpster (which would be fitting) because aesthetics, obviously…outside the Capitol so every congressperson and senator have to walk past it, every fucking time they enter, as a reminder of the abhorrent, fifth level of child development stage, bully that almost rendered their positions moot for as long as the fucking states are “united”.

      Sorry…I went off track there…YAY! I made a candle.

    • I actually didn’t like it much at first because it didn’t feel enough like Star Trek to me.

      However, I think it’s really well-done scifi and that’s why I keep watching it. 

      The reason it doesn’t feel Star Trek-ey enough for me is that it’s set like a decade before the original series but it’s very much *shit we’re at war with Klingons and we’re losing* and it’s much more warlike/fighting so I had a hard time understanding how in basically a decade Star Fleet could go from “BLOW ALL THE SHIT UP!!!” to “we’re all about science and exploration and want to meet all the aliens and have a good time as friends.”

      The only thing that I find boring as fuck is that some episodes have a lot of dialogue in Klingon and it’s subtitle time.

      • This comment already turns me off from it because I enjoy dialogue in movies/shows and can’t stand most action scenes. As much as I absolutely HATE car chases in movies (and sex scenes for the same reason) because, ok I get it, one chased the other in a vehicle (or they fucked), can we just carry on with the movie/show now please? the Star Trek “action” scenes are the absolute worst. The camera shakes, sparks fly, everyone bounces around like I am supposed to believe that “our shields are almost down” also means “all the futuristic computers are sparking in the middle of the ship so you, the watcher of the show, best be aware that we are in a dire predicament” until some “engineer” who probably got their “ring” the year before, catapulting them to a board room for some fucking reason (that reason being the CEO has no clue how to actually do anything that remotely involves how the company actually functions so surrounds themself with newbie engineers in order to seem smart with their last chance of saving their own ass) and then somehow deemed capable of being responsible for a fucking space ship runs into the room to say that the shields are back up and everything is fine so suddenly all the computers that were sparking a few seconds prior work perfectly based solely on the fact that the cameras stopped shaking.


        I assure you the only fucking sparks flying are right here in this comment and not on the server.

        *takes breath*

        …so about that casserole…

        • Discovery was filmed really well and they are not afraid to blow shit up. Like there’s been way more actual “damage” to starships than the usual “ohh no we’re taking all these hits and the shields are at 8% but magically no one dies”

  3. I too am a party animal…day 4, weekend 3 of the great basement cleanup. Also cooking, cleaning, bill paying, thank you note writing, blah blah blah ( I even bore myself). There will be a highlight, a zoom with friends. To quote @Farscythe, much wow. And @butcherbakertoiletrymaker the yippee was about the baking, not the sprots.

  4. Laundry, cause I’m a party girl like that! Normally on MLK Day I’d be attending the local Unity Breakfast and March. Obviously this year it’s virtual. But I’m going to listen to a local church do a reading of Letters from Birmingham Jail.

  5. I thought the greenhouse was being delivered today & it didn’t come so my honey-do list will be modified or I go back to drinking beer & harassing Myopic.  

  6. Tell me more about this casserole! I was totally uninspired tonight and ate cereal haha. I made lildamnhero his typical meal of random fruits, veggies, yogurt, and toast. At least I’ve been getting him to eat some veggies lately. And occasionally he’ll sample from our plates. He actually tried and liked the Ethiopian food I made earlier in the week, but then wouldn’t touch the leftovers. Three year olds, man.
    There’s so much TV to watch on our Netflix. I can never seem to convince my husband to start a season of something. I should just watch without him during lil’s naps. Someday I’ll watch season 2 of Discovery, and Picard too. 

    • It’s basically white beans and fennel. So like you chop and cook 2 bulbs of fennel and 1 onion a little bit (enough to soften, not enough to cook all the way) in a pan that can also go in the oven. And then you put a lemon’s juice, 2 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and a can of white beans (undrained) in a blender and puree it.

      Then you drain and rinse another can of white beans and add that and the stuff from a blender to the fennel and onion. 

      Then you take 2 tbsp of olive oil and mix it with 1/2 bread crumbs and 1/2 cup grated parmesan and use that as the topper on the dish. 

      Pop in the oven at 425 degrees for like 15 mins. 

      So I don’t have 2 bulbs of fennel, so I am going to use some chopped cauliflower in there. Also the recipe only called for salt and pepper as the seasonings. I’m going to add some nutmeg and sage because I think it’s going to need more than salt and pepper. 

      I’ve never made this before, but I’m excited!


      • I should really use white beans more. I remember reading a recipe a while back for a creamy white bean pasta dish that looked really good and I meant to try at some point. 

    • …I seem to be going about this wrong since I didn’t get to this until after the DOT went up & arguably I ought to save it for the brain drain thread

      …but I enjoyed picard a lot…& iirc it’s worth catching before the more recent season(s) of discovery since at least one thing crops up in it that is related to the introduction of a character at some point in discovery

      …not in a spoiler-related way…just kind of a world-building thing where you get more context when it comes up in picard than I recall there being in the other show?

      …there are other reasons I liked it but those would risk the spoiler thing so I’ll leave it at that

      • Good to know! So Picard first before season 2 of discovery. We also definitely need to find and watch a season 1 recap because it’s been a while and I have a terrible memory. 

  7. I’m really exhausted this week.  And my upper back is pretty sore.  I just realized today, I think I moved a literal ton of stuff this week a couple times, so I feel like the exhaustion and such is warranted?
    Was cleaning up some stuff from cutting/drilling pavement, and I filled about three dozen five-gallon buckets with mud.  Not sure how much they weighed, and it didn’t occur to me at the time to weigh them, but we’ve got 5 gallon buckets full of asphalt that weigh somewhere twixt 50-70lbs or so, depending on how full they are, and these buckets of mud felt significantly heavier.  Plus, I had to dig them out, and digging out mud kinda sucks, because it sorta sticks to itself and everything, so getting a shovel full of 10 pounds of mud takes a lot more than 10 pounds of effort.  I figure that’s probably why my upper back is sore…
    I know it’s not much compared to what a lot of people doing actual manual labor do, but I’ve been completely inactive for most of the past decade or so, so I’m kinda enjoying the occasional physical aspects of this job.
    But, no real plans for the weekend.  get some rest, drink too much, go on a grocery run, maybe consider trying to do some cooking.  Probably play some computer games and/or watch Hulu.  super exciting around here…

  8. I’m going to try to finish a sweater I knit to practice steeking. So some time this weekend, if I get the nerve, I will cut the sweater open up the middle and sew in a zipper. I’m scared.
    I’m going to make tamale pie and plan my fantasy Biden inauguration. Let’s see, at 11:55, the “you about to lose your job” singer will come on to serenade the outgoing administration. 

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