We Made It! [NOT 9/4/21]

drawing of smiling sun with a baner saying "happy weekend"

Hi, friends! We made it to Friday!

I’m learning the new formatting here and I like it!

Is the new layout annoying or good?
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What’s on your weekend agendas? Tomorrow I will probably go to the farmer’s market, and I will be doing some gardening on Sunday. It’s too early to plant tomatoes and peppers but I might go ogle the options at the local gardening stores.

My lettuce and spinach is doing awesomely and the weather has been so good for it. I’ll be eating delicious salads all month. Also a great way to cut back on single-use plastic for my salads when the lettuce part gets plucked off plants on my patio. The radishes are growing slooooooowly and my lil’ arugula seedlings have their 2nd sets of leaves growing already. I have no clue how arugula grows so this is my spring experiment.

The bok choy is coming in like gangbusters so ahhh I need to figure out what I should do with that. I love cabbage in curries so some of it will probably be in a delicious curry.



  1. I am testing a voting capability and added the first dry-run into this post. Idea I have been thinking about/working on since @brightersideoflife mentioned something about it in a previous NOT.

    Please vote so I can test it out.

    I voted annoying just to check.

    • The only thing I am struggling with is with the vast white background, I’m having a little trouble visually understanding when a new comment starts vs. someone commenting on an existing thread. I know they’re indented when it’s a comment on an existing thread, but it’s not strongly visually easy to identify in some cases. 

      • I think it has always been that way I just had it black on the sides. I need to do a lot more work before I get to nested comment threads.

        Some have been using the @ mention feature more often and I think it’s a good idea in the meantime?

      • No indentation for replies vs comments for me on a pixel 4a. Bring the ninja edit back!

        • I made no changes to the nested comment threads though. All I have done is change colours and added a sidebar to the left and removed the navigation bars up top..

          I don’t know what to do about the nested thread thing…I am quite a while away from doing anything even about the max number of nested comments in threads.
          In the meantime, I’d advise people to choose “desktop view” on their mobile devices or use the @ mention feature.

          • I like today’s layout and color scheme. Last night’s colors were way too in your face RED RED RED EVERYWHERE for me. I was blinded by the banners 

          • My favorite thing at work is when the devs make a change and something completely unrelated breaks or changes. Because our code is basically done with bandaids and tape due to the speed they have to shove things out to production. 

            • That scares the shit out of me.  Our development-to-production process can take weeks or months, and even then we can still have a systemic breakdown in the process where something gets missed and we wind up breaking something–like just this past week.  I can’t even imagine having the autonomy to just throw shit into production as fast as possible.  That would break the system beyond repair in no time.

              • Oh it’s not automony, it’s super senior leadership giving us projects with no reasonable timelines and hard dates we can’t get out of. 

          • Sidenote: Desktop view never changes anything on my iPhone using safari. So I just get what I get with mobile. That being said, I like the mobile site but I’ve often wondered what Deadsplinter even looks like on desktop! 😆

            • Which is a reminder that Apple phones should not be allowed to be pitched in marketing  as “smart phones” because the only thing “smart” about them, including their users, is how Apple has convinced the masses that they haven’t been duped.

              The difference between Qanon believers and iphone users is that …whoops…I don’t have the actual data to say that most of those idiots weren’t using iphones whilst incriminating themselves by means of selfies whilst storming the US Capitol..

  2. I’m going to be planting a shitload of onions, starting more seeds, making some split pea soup and experimenting with another dessert recipe of my grandmother’s.  I’m also going to try and carve out some time to do more walking, now that the weather is decent.  We’ve got a very nice walking trail nearby and I’ve only really used a mile or so of it.  I’d like to walk another section that runs about 1.5 miles if I can squeeze in a couple of hours to do what would amount to a 5 mile round trip.  Butcher dog would certainly appreciate the chance to expend some of her boundless energy.

    • After a few days of out of the blue lower back pain I got back on the trail and walked a few miles today. The park trail was muddy but the sidewalks were fine and and it was great to get out. I’m thinking about  a tracking down a nice compact zoom camera — I see enough interesting stuff that a phone can’t capture but my bigger camera is a bit too bulky or longer walks.

  3. Sorry to ruin your NOT.

    I’m basically catching up on cleaning this weekend.

    • Nothing is ruined at all!

      I have cleaning too, but I am also lazy and unmotivated. 

  4. My wife and I are getting shot #1, so my plan is to work out a set of compatible false symptoms that con our daughter into running out for pizza and ice cream on our behalf.
    We will probably end up with a big pile of nothing, to be sure.

  5. Overtime!
    Also work has decided in their wisdom to host a vaccine clinic.  We were visited by Premier Doofus and his entourage of halfwits and media in the hopes of him trying to avoid getting blamed for fucking up the CoVID response (again.)
    I’m also eligible to get vaccinated by the municipal government as I’m in the age range (oldish) and living in a hot zone (sigh) and an essential (level 2) worker.

    • They have cancelled all of the second shot appointments to reschedule at an undisclosed (never) time in order to give more, younger, people their first shots. It’s fucking embarrassing. 

      • It is.  My parents among them.

  6. It’s going to storm here, I hope there will be a window where I can walk Fanny. The rest of the day I’ll clean and do laundry. 

  7. True fun code push story…code is updated…all the social media icons for sharing various content bits on myriad pages disappear…except…the update made them all white on a white background, they were still there, just invisible to the eye. Good times.

  8. Hi everyone! Hope y’all are thriving in captivity. 

    I am almost at my Max Vax date, so I plan on PUBLICLY DRINKING this weekend! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though – it’ll be outside in a large area and I might run away. 

    • Hey!
      Hope you experienced minimal side effects.
      Initially, I was planning on waiting until everything cleared up completeley as much as can be expected before resuming activities…
      But I recently reconnected with someone I fell out of touch with a couple years back, and holy fuck, grabbing a semi-public drink or five is really damned appealing.
      Also, I’m a big fan of running away when needed.  It tends to work pretty great for removing self from uncomfortable social situations…

      • Definitely had mild side effects! I thought I might never return to public but because so many ppl are refusing the vaccine but our numbers are quickly falling, I decided at some point I’ve gotta try to live. 

    • @Hello America  hello! Lovely to see you, enjoy your cocktails among humans. I miss people watching, give them a look for me, please.

  9. Hooray for public drinking! Have fun.

  10. I just got my major switched (from my end, anway–the college will take a few days to process all of it), and will most likely spend the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on homework, snd wrapping my brain around that whole “You can graduate NOW!!!” thing!😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
    No more stressing about that semester of student-teaching for the undergrad degree that I didn’t *really* want licensure for, but thought was my only way to move forward to the ECSE one I want, and just mind-blown, over the cutting out of about two years of timeline i was expecting to have tobslog through, before I could get started on that ECSE certificate & licensure🤗🤗🤗

    • …congrats on the accelerated timeline, there

      • Thanks, Rip!
        It was more than a bit of a shock😉🤣
        I had no idea that the major even existed, until Tuesday night… definitely figured I’d need to do a capstone, AND to take that Communication class that’d gotten switched…
        Started making plans & doing some reaching out, as far as the ca0stone went, on Thursday afternoon.
        To learn that I don’t even need to do that was just… wild, I guess.
        I still can’t quite wrap my brain around the shift, tbh…. I’m THRILLED, but still pretty much in shock.

  11. I’m in bumfuck Wa, helping a friend finish a giant deck in middle of nowhere.  We brought another buddy that is in my beer club so it has been 7 hours of crazy construction followed by 4 hours of liver destruction.  Pain & pleasure.  One more day of the same & hopefully I don’t need to come to this corner of my state again for a long time.  *if u ever build a deck invest in good knee pads.

    • …maybe it’s just a getting-old thing…but I think it may be hard to exaggerate the difference a decent set of knee-pads can make in a wide variety of physical tasks

      …or maybe I’m just a wuss…people in japan seem to do a lot of kneeling their whole lives without them?

  12. I don’t see any difference in the layout. Either it’s not apparent on whatever the kindle browser is or you have already changed it back 🙂 
    My county is finally opening up vaccines to the unwashed masses on Monday, so I get to start the hustle of trying to get an appointment. It took my dad 6 weeks of getting up between 4 and 5 am to get his first one so I’m not really optimistic I’ll even get a shot before June. 

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