We Need to Talk About Venice

High tide Dec 23, 2019, St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

You may remember reading about the historic flooding in Venice this past November, but you may have missed the flooding again at Christmas:


Venice is, clearly, a unique situation, but many factors are being cited for the flooding, including human failure and climate change; but it is also being pointed to as an example of how climate change could affect other coastal cities:


and World Heritage sites all over:


It’s time to pay attention.



  1. I pay A LOT of paranoid attention to Venice because my city has been flooding after minor rainfall lately. It’s due, in combination, to more rain (likely due to climate change), but also over development because the reason has nowhere to drain to. A few times a year, people are literally paddling boats down our streets.

    Some nuns are on the case haha: https://thehill.com/changing-america/resilience/smart-cities/477197-nuns-are-turning-a-monastery-into-a-wetland-to-fight

    • Go nuns!! It’s nice to read about people becoming active participants in the climate battle. My 75 year old father – who doesn’t vote(he hates all politicians except Jimmy Carter) and is the poster child for boomer white guy views – has taken a keen interest in recycling and electric cars lately. Like researching and actually paying attention to where things need to go. So, I feel like the environmental message might be breaking through. The racism message – not so much. We are working on him though.

      • Maybe you can use his new found awareness as a way to introduce him to environmental racism. Not immediately of course, but if his interest in the issue grows.

      • Good to hear. The overwhelming majority of boomers born in 1950 aren’t going to innately care about climate disasters. Conciously or subconciously, their frame of reference is too limited.

        But bringing their grandkids into the discussion is a different story. All of the hard headed boomer whining about Al Gore is a lot harder to keep up when they are asked to think about what they’re leaving for their grandkids. Which is why young people taking part in climate action is critical — they are probably the best hope to break through the Fox News demographic.

      • That’s good. My Boomer mother who is unfortunately Republican does care about the climate also.

        Wish she’d make the connection that the climate can only be saved when the big business interests destroying it are held to account…

        • That whole generation were brainwashed to worship “Capitalism” over all other things

    • I wonder if something like could be implemented in Houston as well, since they have so much concrete, and such a flooding problem?

  2. #notalllboomers. My mom is actually pre-boomer by a few months and she was on environmental issues way before there was any awareness. She actually developed the environmental science curriculum at the school where she taught and helped get it implemented statewide. I used to think it was weird shit back in the ‘80s, but turns out she was on to something…

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