Wednesday, Again! [DOT 24/8/22]

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Hope everyone is having a good week so far…

Election updates:

Nadler defeats Maloney in battle of N.Y. Democrats

Speaking of douchebags last night:

Dr Oz campaign draws ire over unsavory remarks on Democratic rival’s stroke

How is that an option? Can you just ‘stall’ the FBI?

FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search followed months of resistance, delay by Trump

I mean, not good, but neat!

Dinosaur tracks from 113 million years ago uncovered due to severe drought conditions at Dinosaur Valley State Park

I had not.

This made me laugh way harder than it should have.

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  1. That Nadler/Maloney cage match got really nasty toward the end. It was like two dinosaurs in a tar pit and only one could survive. Jer sailed through pretty serenely toward the end, but Carrie, growing ever more desperate, started placing ever more bizarre online flashing ads, until toward the end the only focus was on “I AM A WOMAN!” Which, you know, we all knew.

    Jer did get in a zinger that I really hadn’t considered: if he were defeated New York City would have no Jewish representatives in the House. That is kind of remarkable to consider, given that (looks it up) apparently about 1/5 of the population is Jewish. That was an interesting factoid. I used to live in his (old) district and I was a reliable Nadler voter and I’m not Jewish. Which has what to do with what? Beats me.

    Today is Ukraine Independence Day. On this date in 1991 their governing body signed a Declaration of Independence and formally broke with Russia. Or so they thought.

  2. That twin story kinda creeps me out in a #twincest adjacent way. They live in the same house and share a bank account. I’m surprised at myself, I’m not usually this closed minded. I get that they probably make a living off of their social media following and are milking #twinning for all it is worth.

        • I have a question for you, actually, which I could look up: when an animal gives birth to more than one animal (do goats have multiple births or is it one at a time?) are they considered twins, triplets, etc? Like if a dog has a litter of six, are they sextuplets? Fraternal sextuplets? So many people have told me over the many years that I’ve had dogs, “This is X, and this is Y who’s his brother from the same litter.” Twin, though? I’ve never heard of dogs referred to as twins, only siblings.

          This question has never before entered my mind.

          • Knowing nothing about veterinary medicine, but having grown up on a farm and having slept in more than one Holiday Inn Express, I believe that most littermates are technically fraternal twins, because they are developed from multiple fertilized eggs, whereas identicals come from a single egg that has split.  I think, because so many animals give birth to more than a single offspring at a time as a matter of course, nobody thinks about using human baby terms to describe them.  But, again, it’s all just a guess on my part.

          • The answer from bbtm below is correct.  Sheep often have two or three babies.  We refer to them as “twins” or “triplets” but that’s just anthropomorphizing them.  Some are more identical than others.

            Next time our large animal vet comes to the farm, I will ask him for a more qualified answer.  We also have a woman out here who keeps lineages of the sheep and has done genetic testing.  I’ll check with her.  We have access to all these great veterinarians because the university has a big vet school and professors are always bringing their students out for some practical rotations.

    • I’m friends with a set of identical twins and I totally get the weirdness factor, but also, they have a bond that I envy. Surely I’m self-absorbed enough that if there was a person who thought like me and completely understood me all the way down to the genetic level that I’d never leave their side.

      My friends don’t live together, but live near each other and, I suspect, made sure they did not marry twins (or even women who were similar to each other).

    • On the one hand, if someone needs bone marrow or a kidney, there’s definitely a match.

      On the other hand, if there’s any genetic predisposition to diseases, they’re gonna find out real quickly.

  3. Actually, now that you mention it, I have thought in the past what the relational result would be if identical twins married identical twins and then had kids (I had two cousins who were dating two sisters–none were twins but there’s no stopping me when I get on a tangent).  So, this solves that riddle.

  4. Given the timing and the redistricting wins it picked up, I still firmly believe that the GOP will win the House in November.

    But the post-Dobbs special elections and primaries have been pretty ugly for Team Fash — a 52-48 Senate seems very in play right now, and 53 isn’t impossible. That would, at the very least, allow Sinema and Manchin to vote their donor’s conscience without fouling all legislation up.

    The Dems can and will still blow this, but we’re looking at an entirely different map than we were even 2-3 months ago.

    • You are probably correct. Democrats can be leading by 20 points and will somehow manage to shoot themselves in the dick, every time. However, last night posted some VERY interesting results with a major Democratic win in New York’s 19th by Pat Ryan over Marc Molinaro. Molinaro is not a pathetic brain-addled Trump candidate — he’s a top Republican choice who is not openly insane and was favored to win. He did not.

      More discussion here. The Dobbs decision is completely upending conventional election prognostication.

      After last night’s stunning Democratic upset victory, the promised ‘red wave’ has ebbed

      • Redistricting likely means it would take at least D +5 or +6 nationwide just to break even, and while that’s possible it’s gonna be a stretch. That said, the question is if Trump voters will show up a) when he’s not on the ballot and b) after he’s declared voting doesn’t matter anyway. If the answer is somewhere between “not really” and “nope!” then the Dems could definitely score. To me the big swing is Wisconsin; if they can beat Johnson then everything is on the table.

        And I was pumped by Ryan’s win, but I would caution that upstate NY district is not gonna be the same as a R+2 in other places. I was, in fact, surprised that Molinaro was favored going into this week because I felt like he was at best a toss-up. (For the record, I’ve actually met him. And he seems like a halfway decent guy.)

        • Yeah, cautious optimism at best.

          Molinaro’s likeability was one thing that made the victory different. You’re not talking about Oz whinging about crudite or Walker mumbling incoherently about trees stealing money (true story). Molinaro is the real deal. And Ryan ran hard on women’s right to choose, which paid off. So other Democrats, who, let’s face it, couldn’t campaign effectively against confessed serial killers, are going to take note and hammer the abortion issue. That’s the Republican Achilles heel. And Democrats have to lean into it and stop being wishy-washy. Those female voter registration numbers are crazy.

          The other takeaway is that polls are bullshit. Calling 600 senior citizens (because they’re the only ones picking up phones still) and asking them what they think is absolute garbage.

          • It definitely seems like the Dems are way more fired up right now than the GOP is which is really, really unusual for a midterm. Abortion is definitely a major reason why.

            Weirdly, they don’t have a lot to run on as gas prices settle and inflation dips and their biggest card to play — Trump — tends to fire up the opposition even more than it brings in their voters. I really thought we were looking at a +30ish House for the GOP this year; right this second I’d guess much closer to +5 for them, which is still not good for America but also would be a disaster for them given a seemingly poor economy + unpopular incumbent + Democrats democrating.

            • It’s amusing watching Republicans try to latch on to a red-meat issue. They’re trying to hammer the Inflation Reduction Act, and none of their bullshit sticks.

              “They’re going to tax corporations now.” What, 15%? You know how much I paid last year?

              “They’re funding the IRS.” Umm, good. A lot of the businesses that my company works with waited 6 months or more for tax refunds. My father-in-law’s final return and refund took TWO YEARS.

              “They’re adding lots of auditors.” Okay, and I’ve been paying taxes for 40 years and my total audits = 0. Rich people get audits, so thoughts and prayers.

              “They’re fighting climate change.” Okay. My state is on fire/under water (pick one or both).

              The only other one is:

              “They raided Trump’s house.” So maybe he shouldn’t steal? Marginal Trump supporters are starting to peel away because they might not understand tax evasion, but they do get that storing top-secret documents in your closet is a bad fucking idea.

              Republicans keep trying, though. Just like Wile E. Coyote.

  5. I just learned that today is Nick Denton’s birthday. He is 56. RIP, old Gawker. An eternal curse upon your house, Poison Ivy Hill Partners, or whoever owns the shattered, failing remains of what’s left.

    • And Thiel too. His campaign was one thing that points out how “it’s all about the money for billionaires” is just wrong. They will happily blow millions for nothing more than weird ego trips. At a certain point money just becomes an abstraction.

      • It’s all about the money for millionaires.   Once you become a billionaire, money is essentially meaningless.  Like the town in VT that I visited which used to be the home of a major marble quarry.  There was so much marble there that they used it to make their sidewalks.  From.  Marble.  This is how billionaires relate to their money.  They have so much, and it continues to accrue at such an extraordinary rate, that they just don’t give a shit.

      • nice kick in the teeth for anyone that made the investment in solar energy for their homes…

        those corporate profits are going to send us right off the cliff

        tho…going by the massive droughts everywhere….i think they already have… that whole we must focus on renewables now so we can unfuck ourselves is just a carrot to keep us all trundling along calmly as everything goes to shit

        or maybe the fucking heat has made me even more cynical than usual….

  6. Biden administration announced student debt forgiveness of 10k for folks making up to 125k and an additional 10k if the folks had Pell Grants.

    Pell Grants, if you aren’t familiar, are basically “the govt checked your parents’ tax returns and y’all are poor, here’s some money towards your college.” About 20 years ago, I qualified for the max they would give a student at about $4k a year.

    Apparently my low income situation was really well known by my friends because wow I had several people message me today with variations of “hey you had Pell Grants, did you see this??”

    I know they mean well but wow as someone who was consistently ashamed of how low income my family was thanks to my dad refusing to work, I definitely had some feelings today reading these messages.

    • My father worked, and so did my mom, but as school teachers. So crap salary + big family = functionally poor.

      I can sort of ignore it usually except for my new job. My company works with venture capital startups and that is a very exclusive network of people (both my company and their clients). At least three times a week somebody drops some little tidbit like “I’m a small investor in that company — about $250K” or “my favorite vacation spot is the south of France — I go every couple of years” and I realize that I’m literally the only person there who knows what it’s like to wear his brother’s hand-me-down clothes or stay at a Best Western.

    • Yeah agreed. This will make a huge difference to some folks but not much impact on others.

      One of my friends summed it up perfectly – just forgive the interest, she’s got no issues repaying the loan it’s the interest fucking her over.

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