Wednesday Again!? [DOT 6/10/21]

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What did she think was going to happen when she told the Trumps? They’d all of a sudden develop an empathy chip?

Opinion: Stephanie Grisham: I told the Trumps my relationship with a White House staffer had turned abusive. They didn’t seem to care.

More Trump derangement syndrome.

Lindsey Graham told Republicans they ‘ought to think about’ getting a coronavirus vaccine. They booed him.

It never ends…


ESPN’s Sage Steele calls Obama’s choice to identify as Black ‘fascinating’: ‘His Black dad was nowhere to be found’


Dow rebounds 400 points, wipes out Monday’s losses

I hope he gets to see the money.

Tesla ordered to pay $137m to Black former employee for racial abuse

This is a clever FU!

Lord of the Rings orc was modeled after Harvey Weinstein, Elijah Wood reveals

Quick, everyone go read about this guy and his Crane. Or this Crane and her guy!

Have a great day thinking about Walnut.



  1. Read this in Frodo’s voice and I dare you to not die with laughter.

    “The guy is fucking incarcerated. Fuck him.”


    • I kinda love this story. This is the level of petty I aspire to.

    • It’s a great “Fuck you. I have LOTR money, too and I never have to work again.”

  2. I can’t stand any of the “insider” books about Trump, especially ones in which the writer pretends to be any sort of protagonist — no, you knew what you were doing and who you were dealing with. Did it get bad for you? Well I’m just shocked, because it only got bad for literally everyone else who has ever dealt with them.

    • One of the creepy issues unintentionally emerging from all of the press accounts of these books is the way the books don’t talk about the ways the writers manipulated the press, and the press doesn’t ask.

      Grisham was a press secretary. Of course that’s what she was doing, especially since she wasn’t holding any briefings. She was pitching stories and leaking all day long. The Trump White House was loved by beat reporters because it was so full of supposedly disgruntled employees dishing minor league, off the record gossip.

      They were all doing it — Grisham, Bannon, the Kushners, Spicer…. and yet never do their books even hint that the NY Times, NBC, etc. were even in the same city, let alone taking them out to lunch.

      The first rule of media club is never talk about media club. And the DC press, which endlessly pats itself on the back about how savvy it is, never considers how naive their complicity actually is.


    • Right!!!!

      Interview a contractor who was hired to work on a property in Atlantic City in the 1980s and got fucked over? Okay, sure.

      Anyone who has worked for him in the last 20 years? He’s not exactly hidden what a fucking douche he is.


  3. “Mixed race” can be “not-black” now, as long as it means you don’t have to recognize a black man’s accomplishments.  See also: Bubba Wallace winning at Talledega.

  4. And now for something completely different…

    What this discreet listing doesn’t mention is that this abandoned Sun Belt mall home is owned by Joe Pesci. It just went into contract so we all missed out.

    I love that there is a Jersey Shore town named “Lavalette.”

    • I snorted at the room with the Lethal Weapon 3 pinball machine. But that wasn’t even the tackiest decor.

      • The whole thing is a horror. There’s a house right next door that I’d much prefer, but it looks like a quaint Victorian inn in New England. I’m not even sure it’s single-family, but I bet in a town (“borough”) named Lavalette they don’t allow multi-family housing and probably frown on commercial uses of residential property. I guess whoever owns it was a fan of the old “Newhart” show, where he ditches Emily back in Chicago and finds a new wife and kooky neighbors and guests up in rural Vermont. Comical enough, but the show was no “Fawlty Towers.”

  5. On my phone so it may not embed.


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  6. This is pretty disturbing — it turns out OAN’s main financial backer is AT&T.

    OAN is propped up by a sweetheart subscriber fee deal with AT&T property DirecTV, and without that cash OAN wouldn’t exist.

    One of the ways Facebook is known to operate is to push content that it knows will not maximize eyeballs when it favors the right wing agenda of top FB exec Joel Kaplan.

    That seems to be the case for AT&T as well. They’re boosting pure crazy right wingers to court the GOP.

  7. I am not entirely beating a dead horse because he’s not quite dead yet politically, but I think it’s fair to say that none of us had as a bad a week as “disgraced former Governor” (his new official title, in the media at least) Andrew “Handsy Andy” Cuomo.

    I won’t provide links, you’d be here all day. Here’s my summary. [Redacted, changed my mind, my “summary” was getting into Dickensian territory.]




    (This last one is significant because Jay Jacobs is a bought and paid for Cuomo Creature so, to keep his sinecure, he’s now all in for the new boss, to the point of telling other Democrats not to even think about running against her in the primary. If I were Tish James or Jumaane Williams, my response would be, “Oh, we’ll see about that, Jay-Jay.”)


  8. Since this is an open thread notionally and I’m so, so bored:

    Did I ever tell you about the annual wreath war that we instigate? Yes. Every year right after Thanksgiving we put a holiday wreath on our door. Since we are directly opposite the elevators it’s the first thing you see when you disembark.

    Well, that’s nice, and festive. However, two of the other apartments on my floor are inhabited by interior designers, so this sparks some amusing one-upmanship. One will go first with something more elaborate, and then the other will follow with a large arrangement more appropriate to the sales floor of an upscale department store in Dubai.

    Today I have decided that what we really need is a nice autumnal wreath too, to welcome the season. I am currently in search and am looking for something $25 and under. I can’t wait to see the response.

    • I currently have a black, DIY Halloween wreath on my door. I’m sure your neighbors would love (hate) it 😝

      • They would neither love nor hate it, they would consider it a challenge accepted.

        Over the course of the day I was talking to Better Half about my autumnal wreath. “You know, we’ve never done this before, but sometimes people hang seasonal wreaths to welcome spring, maybe vaguely Easter themed?”

        “I thought you were friends with these neighbors.”

        “Frenemies. Plus we’re all bored.”

      • That is perfect! Many thanks for the rec!

  9. So Mr. Crowe is basically a niche market sex worker.


    I’ll see myself out.

    • LOL…Please do!!

  10. I like the redditship where they posted “My wife has 5 kids that are all being raised by different families and her first two husbands died mysteriously. Should I be concerned?”

  11. I bought a new toaster and microwave (they’re both red! It makes me feel neat!!!). I threw out the old toaster, much as it pained me. It was in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. A coworker got it for me when it was moving into my first place but the toast no longer wants to stay down. Microwave still works but i suspect it might be on its last legs so i put it on CL for free and got three hits in an hour. Otherwise i have to take it to the special recycle place and it weighs about 60000 lbs. So now someone can get some more life out of it.

  12. I wonder if Chris Crowe uses the crane stance to woo Walnut.



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