Wednesday Already? [DOT 13/10/21]

Amazing how taking Monday off makes your week go by fast! Someone should look into making that a permanent thing.

I hope you all are doing great and let’s see how these people are doing….

eh, Not Great.

Couple accused of hiding US navy secrets in sandwich appear in court

Jim Jordan is an embarrassment to the home state.


Are Jay and Jon Gruden the same person or separate people?

Raiders coach Jon Gruden apologizes after racist email discovered during investigation

These people need lives.

Canceled Southwest flights send the right-wing rumor mill flying


Dow falls for third straight day as investors await inflation data, bank earnings

Today’s Turtle Content!

A ‘McNugget’-size turtle hatchling born with two heads is doing well, but survival is uncertain

For those that don’t have WaPo:

Did a cat write this?

Have a great day!



  1. It’s a grifting ouroboros!

    Yes, another NY Post link, but they broke the story and no other media outlet has picked it up yet.

    And by the way, that two-headed turtle with three legs on each side will haunt my nightmares. Barnstable, where it was found, is a large Cape Cod town (by area) and encompasses Hyannis Port, which is the worldwide HQ of the sprawling Kennedy family. Their compound is famously private and well-guarded so it’s unlikely it was living there, to be found by just any old beachcomber, but maybe close by and taking advantage of the elevated property values?


  2. I loathe the political media in this country, but quite honestly: They’re FAR better than the absolute nonsense highlighted in the Gruden story. Adam Schefter — ESPN’s soulless NFL scoop-monger — calling an owner “Mr. Editor” and running a story by him pre-print? Even Maga Haberman would never.

    And in a similar vein, Shams Charania — an NBA variant of Schefter — wrote an incredibly tone-deaf story about what a hero Kyrie Irving is for not getting a vaccine and wanting to be a “voice for the voiceless” while using … unnamed sources. Shams, dude, that doesn’t even make sense! (And I’m not linking to it because, good God it’s a shitshow.)

    • On NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast Tony Dungy and Mike Tirico tried to block for Gruden when the initial email was released. The segment was obviously staged and somebody should have had the good sense, knowing Gruden, to have just said to wait and see.

      Access journalism defenders angrily argue the whole point of gaining background access is to improve their ability to deliver better reporting. But they somehow never get so angry about when journalists conspire with sources to cover up wrongdoing.

      It was no secret that Gruden was a raging right wing uncle. Access journalists sat on the story and got maybe a five minute advance release on “Joe Tight End’s ankle is keeping him listed as questionable for Sunday.”

      Access journalism defenders never actually measure the tradeoffs when they launch kneejerk tirades.

    • It’s why I only enjoyed Dan LeBatard and gang on ESPN and the OG Deadspin because they didn’t care about access.

      Those dipshits cancelled his show so what’s the fucking point.

      Sports media has always been the worst.

      As for Kyrie, he’s just another entitled fucking narcissist who thinks his jock skills translate to intellect (a sad byproduct of being a talented jock in the US.)

      • LeBatard was the only good part of ESPN.  I can’t watch any of the other shows & only watch basketball games or college football on it now.

  3. I just learned that I have been living in the Neu-Yorkische Demokratische Republik!

    The url is so long to avoid the Times Union paywall, I guess.

    Anyway, the gist of the story is that starting in 2015 some creature named Rosa Klebb Linda Lacewell, not to be confused with Linda Lovelace, who was nicknamed Handsy’s “Minister of Defense,” embedded highly paid attorneys in two dozen state agencies. What was their role? Ostensibly, to enforce compliance. In reality, to report back whenever anyone submitted a Freedom of Information Law request that Handsy and the Hauptregierung (loosely translated, The Regime) might want to suppress. It was remarkable in its efficiency. Even the most banal FOIL request would languish for months or years and many inquirers just gave up.

    Not the Times Union, though, and not the NY Post. The TU is like “Radio Free Europe” and the Post is like a particularly rabid “Voice of America,” lobbing endless broadsides at Handsy’s Chamber of Horrors/The Executive Mansion.

    • The maddening thing about this kind of obstructionism is it only makes government worse in the aggregate, which only weakens the ability to win.

      Paranoid politicians think they can stop attacks by preempting every possible angle, but there is always going to be something. If you are going to embed someone in the bureaucracy, it needs to be someone who can identify problems and fix them in ways that get good press.

      Fake savvy cynicism that drives inertia is a dead end, and the only possible way out is focusing on always moving forward.

  4. Turtle content!

    It’s a little difficult to find information about bicephalic (think that’s it) turtles and lifespan. In the wild they don’t typically survive because they have to learn to coordinate their swimming/movement and often, when they get frightened, they just flail around. Not a strong survival tactic. People will pay a lot of money for them, and there seem to have been cases of them surviving 5-7 years. So with the right care, these two may live a long life.

  5. Jim Jordan is an embarrassment to humanity in general. Miserable bootlicking scumbag.

  6. On a happier note, although not if you’re Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or a viewer of Fox News, today is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s birthday. She turns 32.

    • Speaking of Nancy Pelosi…



      and yesterday the woman I was doing a job for told me she had to get back to work to fire all the anti-vaxxers at the state university she works for.  She said she would feel bad but these people average $20,000 per month and are all college educated.

  7. Read this and the related posts for the craziest fucking story!  Harvard Law is now doing this case as a class in judicial corruption.

    Here’s a good short summary of the case…

    Fuck Chevron!

  8. I need all the FYCE contributors to weigh in on the question:

    What’s the best sandwich in which to hide US Navy secrets?

    Chicken parm? Meatball sub? Sloppy Joe?


    • I think it would depend on how the secrets are being passed. If it’s microfiche (because American intelligence agencies haven’t upgraded since the 1960s) insert into a meatball and serve as a sub (which, in this case, is entirely appropriate.)

      If it’s on a thumb drive, wrap carefully and mix in with a little Subway tuna salad and serve in a sub (again, on-brand). Though I have never had a Subway tuna sub from what I’ve heard I wouldn’t be shocked to find a thumb or a thumb drive in one.

      Let’s assume a GS-11 has managed to print out some intel using Windows 95, which is state of the art at the Navy Department. This would be tricky, because you wouldn’t want to the ink to run. The GS-11 could plausibly claim that they were following a Dr. Oz-promoted quack diet that advised having two Wasa Crisps as a sandwich, with paper as a filling, and then wrapped in paper.

    • It would depend on who they were selling the secrets to

      Cuba – a Cuban obviously

      China – a pork bun

      Russia – A Rueben made with Russian dressing

      Isreal – Corned Beef on Rye

    • MemeWeaver, you aren’t thinking strategically.

      You use tacos because if anyone stops you and asks, it’s probably because they love tacos. If they want to search your tacos out of assuming you’re selling state secrets, you call them racists for not liking tacos.

  9. havana syndrome…now in bogota

    i am fascinated….interesting that it only seems to happen to americans

    i mean…if it is a’d figure it’d be used against other countries that pissed everyone off too….

    and if its not a weapon…you’d figure it’d be less selective

    maybe its all in their heads?

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