Wednesday Already! [DOT 8/9/21]

Yay for short weeks.

I’m all for the 4 day work week whenever we want to make that happen.

gEt A jOb!! How about fuck you? He tweeted this on Labor Day no less.

Thinking about this thread today.

I know the airlines aren’t supposed to duct tape people anymore, but some of them sure deserve it.

Video shows unruly passenger growling, screaming ‘Joe Biden’ on American Airlines flight

This doesn’t seem fishy at all.

South Carolina attorney resigns and enters rehab after being shot in the head months after deaths of his wife and son

The replies are hilarious. OMG.

I strongly suggest clicking through to listen to a duck say “you bloody fool” over and over again.

Australian musk ducks have the ability to call you a ‘bloody fool,’ research finds

When you’re done listening to the duck, have a great day!



  1. Dear, sweet Rafael Cruz, Jr. We don’t all have the bootstraps your father did, wandering from town to town in the US and Canada (where you were born, to Cuban parents EDIT: Mom was born in Delaware; that’s how he is able to run for the presidency), setting up our revival tents, shaking down the yokels with our apocolyptic tales and what we must do to avoid our hellish fates. 

  2. In any language, 

  3. All the stars for Gabrielle Blair. 

    • The entire pro-birth argument is premised on the conceit that there is something cosmically significant about human life.  There isn’t.

  4. So what about the duck? There are lots of cases of animals saying snippets of human language.
    For example, my dog will occasionally stop chewing on her bone, lift her head and look at me and say “I am god and you must cleanse the world of filth and unholiness by carrying out a campaign of…” but you don’t see me bothering to listen to the rest of that drivel, let alone calling up some scientist.

    • Are you sure you’re hearing that right?  Maybe she’s saying “I am dog and you must cleanse the world…”

    • I am impressed.  All I have is a cat who literally says “Meow.”

  5. I also love how the Lincoln project has become strictly about trolling…


    • I mean, this one is for an audience of 1!

  6. Gabrielle Blair ain’t wrong…

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