Wednesday Check-In [NOT 19/5/21]

sarcastic mom from That Seventies Show pouring alcohol into a blender with text "it's only Wednesday"
feeling this today

Hi, friends!

How are you doing this week? Check in so we know you’re doing okay. You need to vent or compalin about anything? Let it out and we’ll listen.

I’m over halfway through my training this week and oh holy fuck was today rough. Draaaagggggiing to get through the day.

Has anyone heard from Cousin Mathew?



  1. Hi @brightersideoflife, there was a comment on FYCE and a post with a message from Cousin M, both yesterday afternoon.  He misses us!

  2. Also, these fucking clowns. Remember the racist asshole and his racist asshole wife who pointed guns at BLM protesters in their fancy pantsy private street? 

    Remember how they got to speak at the RNC and our dipshit governor said he’d pardon them if they got charged over threatening the protesters?

    Well that asshole is running from Senate. Missouri is going to be a race to the bottom on this one.

    • “Midwestern palazzo” 

      Ded. GTFO with your foreign, EYE-talian words.

      • Riverfront Times gives no shits and publishes what they want. That’s why I went with them for the link vs one of the more standard, boring local news options. 

    • The frightening part to me as I read about this today is that it isn’t his status as a lawyer that “qualifies” him to be a senator, but the fact that he’s a racist pos who aimed a gun at peaceful protestors.  iirc that was the main point in his statement that he was running for the seat.

      Maybe that fact isn’t quite as alarming to Americans as it is to me?

      • Well, it’s Missouri.

        I would argue that someone running on the democratic ticket would need more qualifications.

        But the republicans are basically like “wow he threatened black people with a firearm, hang on we need to go clean the cum up because we got over-excited and made a lil mess.”

  3. …either this week is busier than I’ve been of late…or my already less than exemplary time management has taken a dive…because I don’t think there’s been a point since the weekend when I haven’t felt like I’m behind the curve

    …of course it’s possible I’m just out of practice on account of a year or so of “probably best to just stay home”…although arguably there’s not a lot of daylight between that & the second thing?

  4. @brightersideoflife Cousin Matthew saw your inquiry and emailed me to reply to you!

    Mattie says:

    As Dr Frankenstein so memorarably said about his creation: “It’s alive!”  and I may be with you sooner than expected: Apparently I am making excellent progress and may be switching over to home recovery soon!

  5. DS without Mattie anecdotes just isn’t the same. I’m not even creative enough to imagine them myself…unless he actually went pedal-boating in the French Riviera whilst eating peanut butter cookies that one time he let the other-half pack les collations in the picnic basket thinking they were madeleines…I need some actual CousinM anecdotes!

  6. Minor bitching coming. 

    I’ve been asked to run down another problem with some data that we get from a vendor once a year. Each time I try a new and interesting way of communicating what we need to the vendor he keeps blowing me off and saying it’s not their thing. Hey, asshole, it’s literally YOUR FUCKING DATA. I’m not asking anyone else how to interpret it and I’m not going away. 

    • I told a customer that they need to make their engineer do his own damn job after their engineer keeps asking for data that THEY generated but never bothered to share with me.

  7. 27hrs after my second dose of Pfizer and no side effects to report. My overactive anxious imagination went as far as to conjure up a plausible plot about a super friendly but secretly evil nurse who was not actually giving their BIPOC patients the correct dose. To which my husband rolled his eyes and said “maybe you got the placebo.”
    Maybe being irrational is a side effect. Yes. I will run with that theory.

    • Me, after 2nd shot: “Honey, my tits are sore from the vax.”
      Her: “Shut the fuck up. Do not talk about sore tits around any woman, ever. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.”

    • congrats on the second dose, and hoping you continue to experience minimal side effects.
      I feel like the stories of the severe side effects gain a lot more traction in our memory then the “eh, my arm was kinda sore for a day” ones, and throw off our perspective.
      I had absolutely no side effects from either shot.  Well, maybe my arm was slightly sore on the second, but I can’t say it wasn’t from lifting a half dozen ~70lb buckets the other day, so…
      Also, I might have been a little bit tired, but again, I really can’t say that wasn’t just from me not getting enough sleep as I tend to do…
      I did feel like a bit of an ass, just waltzing into work feeling absolutely nothing a day later, when I had coworkers who were noticibly not feeling well a full week after their second dose…

  8. Christ, I remember driving past the other mansion that this fucker and his shrew occupy as their law offices, and seeing the Trump flag that they kept hanging in one of the windows like a curtain – well after both the election and the insurrection. Eventually, it came down, though, and I actually thought for a moment that they’d come to their senses, just as I did when I drove past there again recently and saw a white man who may have been him pulling out of the driveway and wearing a mask. Guess I was wrong, though.
    Anyway, I’m trying to get some more decent sleep this week in preparation for Friday, when I have to get up  at the ass-crack of dawn to drive about two hours south and interpret for a court hearing, down by the birthplace of Rush Limbaugh, who apparently isn’t getting his posthumous statewide holiday after all. I could probably assume that our state’s come to its senses as well, but somehow, when our chucklefuck of a governor announces the early end of federally mandated unemployment benefits, the scuttling of the voter-ratified Medicaid expansion and an increase in the gas tax all on just about the same fucking day, I just decided not to get my hopes up.

    • I assume the failure of Rush Limbaugh day was a fuck-up and nothing the legislature actually intended to shoot down.

      Also that gas tax can suck a bag of moldy dicks. 

      • Yeah, I think they were too busy fucking up everything else and just ran out of time.
        Kinda like Rush himself, actually! 

  9. A coworker mentioned to me that I’m the only person who hasn’t blocked off any vacation time on the group calendar.
    I’ve been sorta just waiting until the pandemic is over before really thinking about trying to make plans, but I guess I should start considering taking some time off.
    I think part of the issue, is that I’ve been in a sort of “survival-mode” for so long, I don’t really know what to do?  I mean, I’m not rich or anything, but for the first time in my life, I’m not financially struggling,
    I don’t even know what I would do for a vacation.  My best guess is to try and find someplace accessible via amtrak or similar for a week+ backpacking trip (which I haven’t done in about a decade, so I’d have to dig out and dust off my gear and see what’s still serviceable…)
    Or maybe I could try a bit of bike-touring/bikepacking?
    what do real people do?…

  10. doing okay here….miserably failing on the whole getting enough sleep thing…as ive been staying up for the duans and watching junk on netflix and the tube of yous instead of going to bed around 10 pm like a good boy
    really..1 am ish..suits me better 3 hours and a bit of sleep is enough…least when i dont wake up somewhere in the middle and get my arse halfway out of the door before realizing its 3 am ish and i imagined the alarm clock….anyways…holding up pretty okiday here…tho my after work put me feet up for an hour before dinner has now become an after work nap….i should probably try good boying again next week
    ive also aqcuired a cycling buddy for the trip home…its one of the noobies…shes pretty good company for a ride
    as i typically keep to myself and work with 12 year olds theres already rumors about us planning to date if not already dating…but..its nothing like that..we just share 95% of the same commute….anyways..ive got the wrong plumbing for her…lol
    also i got friday off..soo woooo..just gotta get through today then im freeeeeeeeee….till tuesday 🙂

    • as a resident of gunland, and recent bicycle commuter, I’m envious of your cycling infrastructure…

  11. The tendency of management types at my company to procrastinate became a real problem instead of an annoyance this week when two separate projects due on the same day were pushed off to the last minute and we will not be able make the deadlines. I have a scheduled vacation day tomorrow that I refuse to give up since I gave everybody plenty of advance notice. At least I can have a convo about it with my boss, but that doesn’t mean he will change his m.o. My real cat is easier to herd than these cats!

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