Wednesday Check-In [NOT 22/9/21]

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Hi, friends!

How is the week going? We had another lovely weather day and I’m about to go do some yard work.

Anything new and exciting?



  1. My boss made the new partner cry today. She’s only been here a month.

    My neighbor and I pulled out of our parking spots at the same time this morning and ran into each other. Yes, in my new car. It was just a little love tap though, thankfully.

    Especially given that she is know as the speed demon of the neighborhood. When I moved in she hit our moving truck with her Prius. Like a big ol’ box truck. Just nailed it. Took out her tail light.

    And that’s how I met my neighbors.


    • The first little ding in a new car stinks, but it lets you relax from here on out.

      Assuming that’s not a Ferrari.

      • It’s used so it came with a few dings as well!

  2. I got an email today saying that all of the gear I asked for to be able to work from home effectively came in.  Now, I’m pretty skeptical, considering that the request only went in a couple of months ago, but we’ll see what’s what soon enough.

  3. I harvested all of my grapes that were still fit to be harvested yesterday as well as way too many tomatoes & lots of hot peppers.  Now I have to deal with the grapes & make juice.  Trying to shake of jet lag and get back to work has been a challenge.  Second day of empty nesting and I have no idea how to cook for 1 & 1/2 people (my wife eats like a bird and has no sense of smell so can barely taste food).  All motivation to cook anything is quickly gone so am doing chicken breasts and salad for dinner.  Starting to look like fall is coming here which is nice to see leaves start changing but not sure I am ready for real cold yet.

    • Are you making wine or bottling the juice?

      We’ve been getting the last figs of the year and they’re pretty awesome. I made a few quarts of jam and socked them away in the freezer for the dismal days.

      • I only got enough to do a few bottles of juice, not to do a batch of wine.  This is only the 2nd year we got much of a harvest but they taste really good, they are Muller-Thurgau I got from a winery.  I’ve made wine twice (not these kind of grapes) with one batch amazing and the other awful so think I will stick to beer for now.  They would probably make really good jam but the wife is out out of town on all her days off for the next month plus & I don’t have time or skills for that.  I’m open to other suggestions though or mixed drink options with really good grape juice.

        • I have a brother in law who has a few vines and makes wine, and I agree that hit or miss is how it works. It seems like one of those things where if you have the space to grow a bunch and get a lot of practice it’s worth it, but it’s not for dabblers.

          • I know a bunch of great winemakers, I will leave that to them.  They all tell me, “it takes a lot of beer to make good wine.”  So, I will make them beer & trade for wine.

  4. I had another court gig in the next state at 8:30 in the goddamn morning. (I also found out my colleague who routinely assigns these gigs to me is . . . vaccine-hesitant. But that’s a story for another time.) I waited in the hallway for the case to be called, and when the two-hour minimum expired, I asked the clerk what was up:

    “Oh, they had to continue the case because the other party wasn’t served. They didn’t tell you that. . . ?”

    So, after I left, I took a different way home so that I could get a sandwich at this one place I discovered and then got home barely in time to meet with my supervisor for my annual review. (Her files had frozen when we were originally scheduled to do it the other week.) Part of the review was that I had several tardies, and I probably didn’t help myself this time by signing in one minute late because the program I use to do that prompted me to changed my goddamn password. But my overall score was a 93, so I guess I’m doing pretty well.

    Now I’m just waiting for my last break in about 20 minutes, and to clock out in about two hours, before I go pick up lunch for tomorrow . . . and maybe some frozen custard for tonight.

  5. I just found out one of my step sisters is getting married in 2 weeks. I don’t know if she is vaxed but her partner is Q so that’s a no. She already had it last year so I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t. This has already gone from small dinner to wedding in the park, then dinner, then maybe partying after that?! I’m driving with my 72 year old dad so there won’t be any excess celebration. I don’t even want to go but it’ll cause a Whole Thing if i don’t 😑

  6. Anyone following the Gabby petito case?

    None of it makes any sense to me. You off your fiance, then drive 2400 miles back home alone? And the cops don’t bring you in and now you’re ‘missing’?

    • Yeah he went “hiking” and now no one can find him. I would not be surprised if they find his body, too.

    • We’ve been posting about it in the DOT off and on. I didn’t today because there wasn’t anything new. Basically, Brian Laundrie seems to be a good bit of an idiot. And the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, because his parents are similarly stupid.


      After murdering Gabby, he apparently panicked and went hauling ass home to mommy and daddy. The parents got him lawyered up and all of them went radio silent. Apparently all of them determined that Brian is guilty as fuck and has no chance of beating this in court. So parents apparently decided to help sonny boy flee justice and concocted this red herring where they claimed young Laundrie fled into the wilderness. They supposedly went and picked up his car from the wilderness area and brought it home. Again, why would anyone pick up their kid’s car and leave him stranded out in the woods, without trying to find him? Well, because that got the cops busy searching the woods while Brian (in my opinion) is fleeing in another direction.


      At one point the police announced they had abandoned the wilderness search, but now they are saying they’re still looking. During that period, the FBI took over the case, and the police are “assisting.” A search warrant was executed on the parents’ house and the parents were hauled off and presumably questioned. I’m not sure if they are still in custody or not. But they are clearly guilty of obstructing justice and aiding a fugitive, at a minimum.


      My guess is that the FBI knows he’s not in the woods, but they are asking the local police to keep up the fiction of searching for Brian, so that he will get even more stupid and reveal his whereabouts. I further posit he’s trying to flee the country, probably through Mexico.


      Yeah, it’s fucked up. I don’t know why the cops didn’t have him under surveillance as a “person of interest.”

      • Yea, I have so many questions. Namely, why the cops let him escape. Nothing about whats being told to the media makes any sense at all.

        • Yes, this!!! Like it was suspicious as fuck when he shows back up in her van and then like days later there’s a missing person case. He shouldn’t have been wandering around with no tracking at all!

          As one of my coworkers put it, this is the same state that brought you the Casey Anthony case.

          • Why drive all the way back to Florida?

            Why immediately lawyer up?

            Why stay home for two weeks, then suddenly go camping?

            Why would the parents not ask any questions? Why let the son leave?

            And why tell the media any of this? Do you really think we believe any of it?

            • dumb,

              actually not dumb,


              also dumb, and complicit,

              dumb, stupid, and rich, and yes (see rich)

        • Pretty sure the local yokels have gotten chewed out by the FBI when they “took over” the case. There was a rather sheepish statement saying something about North Port PD being happy to move into a “assistive” role on the case. Which suggests to me that a) they fucked up hard and b) the FBI is pissed at them. Again, I think making them “search” 25,000 acres is a trick to lure Laundrie into a false sense of security, but it’s probably also a punishment for being stupid as fuck.

      • I’m not even following this closely, but it seems pretty clear that the murdering asshole is also dumb as fuck.

        I guess we just have to wait and see if he’s wealthy enough to cover for his stupidity…

  7. Happy Mabon, I normally would have had some outdoor activities planned but it rained all day. I managed to take the pup for a short walk, then spent the rest of the day making tomato sauce. That seemed like a harvesty thing to do.

  8. Work dropped a bomb on the vax hesitant/resistant/stupid.  They just announced that it is a mandate for everyone to be vaxed or find yourself a new job.

    For once they aren’t fucking around which is fine with me.

    One guy said they should offer him a package and he would go someplace that doesn’t offer a vax mandate failing to get that work doesn’t offer packages.  In fact they don’t like paying out packages because they won’t (read cheap.)  I know one guy who has been trying to get a package and they just won’t budge.

    I know we have more than a few right wing crazies working here so I’m curious to see what their reaction is.

    • Wow what a sense of entitlement to expect a package to leave.

      I can understand expecting to get paid out for unused PTO for the year, but like that’s it.

  9. i lied my ass off coz i came in late for work again yesterday

    had a flat tire me….had to walk a ways back to grab the spare bike

    (what actually happened is i took my time for coffee and breakfast and only realized it was almost 7 am when i went to have a shower…..i was expecting it to be almost 6 am…..i am seriously disfunctional in the morning…. to the point of misreading the time for a full hour…)

    can i get night shifts now?

  10. oh also

    seems our fancy pants QR system to prove you are vaxxed which is about to be mandatory if you want to go out for a drink or a meal or anything else as of this coming weekend…is about as watertight as a fucking colander

    welp..i have no plans to go anywhere anyways

    still…healthcare workers that actually sabotage healthcare should be executed….

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