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    • Riots aren’t about footie/football anymore.

      After witnessing how the cops here treat anti-vaxxers here and in the US… I’m guessing your cops aren’t made up 1/3-1/4 of idiot anti-vaxxers.


      • they might be….but our cops are trained for 3 years before they are allowed to start doing cop stuff… they’re professionals


        it makes a difference

        (edit actually…84% of adults fully vaxxed here….so at worst our cops are about 1/5th idiot anti vax)

    • The fact that Rittenhouse was acquitted was a foregone conclusion, thanks to that piece of shit judge.  What I didn’t realize–but definitely should have expected–is that the prosecution can’t appeal.  Just another day in America.  One thing the prosecution should try to do though is to file a grievance against the judge for his entirely bullshit behavior and the fact that he clearly wanted that little asshole to go free.  See if they can get him impeached, because a recall obviously won’t do any good.

      • That stupid kid/racist murderer and his supporters don’t realize yet that he and a lot of them are going to be spending their lives looking over their shoulders.

        His victims are dead and suffering. Justice was never served.  But they can’t hide from themselves. The overwhelming fear they have will destroy them from the inside out.

        • Will it though?  These fucking people never leave their bedrooms without being armed to the teeth and that was before this bullshit circus of a trial.  They’re already afraid of the world, so I don’t see that having an impact on them.  What I do hope, however, is that they have to spend their lives running from one town to the next while being doxxed at every turn while the real threats to their lives keep coming.  They need to actually feel what it’s like to have to fear for their lives.

          I wonder if @myopicprophet has any hacker connections to get the ball rolling.

          • He could still face a civil trial which would be much easier to win.  Not that any of the money would come from him personally but any money you can take away from the Nazi right couldn’t be a bad thing.

          • Before his fear was a general unspecified fear of the unknown.  Now it is a specific one that he or they can’t ever shake or feel free again.

            He’ll never feel free in his mind ever again. No one will ever let him forget it even those idiots who think they’re helping.

      • …I believe that technically there are some federal charges that could be pursued since he effectively admitted to a straw purchase deal while underage even if the judge dismissed that part of the thing…but it’s unlikely since they aren’t generally something they go for against individuals so much as gun dealers who repeatedly sell guns to people they shouldn’t

        …& I’d sort of understand if the victims’ families didn’t want to end up targets for reicht wing vitriol…but a civil suit or two wouldn’t be amiss?

  1. The NY Times has failed to get a blatantly unconstitutional prepublication ban overturned.

    The case now goes to a hearing before a judge who has already shown his cards. Westchester County Republican Judge Charles Wood refused in March to dismiss a nonsense defamation suit by Project Veritas against the NY Times, which claimed that the Times defamed PV by characterizing as deceptive a PV video claiming to show voter fraud.

    The well established standards of defamation under First Amendment law are clear — reporters are allowed to make these kinds of characterizations. Every day, they call congressional Democrats divided, they refer to a president’s speech as unimpressive — whether it’s a fair conclusion or not, it’s a part of a free press.

    Westchester County Judge Charles Wood didn’t care, and has allowed the suit to linger.

    Woods’ new order blocks the NY Times from even continuing background reporting on the PV memos in question — it’s nuts. But avenues for the Times to fight back are limited due to the path the suit must follow.

    The Times scoffed at the idea that the Gawker shutdown might have any impact on what they considered serious reporting. They’ve continued the drumbeat of anti-liberal articles and pieces bemoaning liberals as the true threat to the First Amendment. And yet all this time they are at the mercy of a judge who is clearly uninterested in established principles at the heart of journalism — Judge Wood issued the first ruling for a prepublication ban since the Times won the Pentagon Papers case before the US Supreme Court in the 1970s.

  2. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    -Maya Angelou

    We forget that inspiring words can have negative connotations as well.

    The fact Donald Trump defeated the establishment (giving power to the powerless) and triggering the libs (extending a middle finger to people whose ideas they love (medicare for example), but taught to hate from years of media bullshit) is one reason why Trump remains a strong cult figure.  They (the cultists) don’t fucking care about the rest of what he does, the incompetence, the authoritarianism, the nepotism, the nepotistic incompetence, the deaths he caused etc.  Trump is a drug for a bunch of scared, ineffectual, weak, selfish mostly white folks (all races have their selfish shitheads–for example my US Amercian (Korean) uncle is a Trumper and he is quite a selfish self involved shithead) who feel they have grievances/resentments against the system (but really shouldn’t as they benefited more than many non whites ever did from it.) And these addicts would watch the whole system burn down just to get that feeling again.

    Trump really is cocaine to them and to the media as well.  Like an addict, they need more to get that same feeling they crave.

  3. We’re inching towards the day that Americans violently turn on each other like Rwanda: en masse. It’s been happening on the fringes and online, but moving towards the mainstream inexorably in my opinion.

    Let’s all be hopeful, stay active, take care of each other and also be prepared.

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