Wednesday… [DOT 25/5/22]

…in America.

I hate it here. I saw this breaking on CNN earlier in the day and they weren’t saying anything so I knew it was going to be bad. Sandy Hook 2.0.

Texas school shooting: 14 students and one teacher killed – latest updates

So “pro-life”

A real galaxy brain level tweet there MTG!

There’d better be some pictures of your pets in the comments today gdi.



  1. I live in a super red area, as mentioned, Elise Stefaniks district, and no one says anything after shootings, nothing. They hide the fact they are complicit in the deaths of shooting victims through their support of our ridiculously out of control gun culture.

    It’s sooooo gross.

    • I didn’t realize we were neighbors! I was nearly moved into Elise’s district but the official redraw keeps me with Tonko again. (As it does for her, by the by; her home in Schuylerville is no longer in her district.)

      Also: Have we considered arming our thoughts and prayers? Make it less of a request and more of an ultimatum? Just spitballing here after yet another fucking nightmare of a day.

  2. I feel hung over this morning even though I didn’t have anything to drink last night. Are sadnesses hangovers a thing?

    Here’s Fanny lounging at the beach.

    • …don’t have a link to hand but I think before the pandemic guns had overtaken cars as the prime cause of death for people under…20?

      …might have been 19?

      …& since then gun sales have gone up, permit requirements & age restrictions have been reduced & the stock “thoughts & prayers” rejoinder appears to have been replaced by “horrified & heartbroken”

      …there’s a lot of responsibility to go around but it seems to be routinely ducked by the people who ought to bear it

      • It also plays into the Republican narrative:

        “Public schools are dangerous! Send your children to private, for-profit schools and eliminate public education!”

        “Wait … aren’t you the reason they’re dangerous?”

        “Don’t politicize this tragedy, you inhuman monster!”

        I had to turn off a radio morning show because the host was taking calls but “didn’t want this to become political.” No, it is fucking political.

        • My local college radio station that alledgedly plays alternative music is just awful as far NPR style self-neutering. All during Covid they wouldn’t even say its name or anything suggesting masks or vaccines were important.

          Just… “well, we know times are hard for some of you, and we’re hear to play some music to get your mind off of… things.”

          The lack of any narrative creates a vacuum that the GOP exploits — most people don’t like the GOP story, but they’ll take something over nothing. And then the media wonders why hate spreads.

    • Now that I’m thinking about it, this really should be the next play in the statehouses.  We all know that right wing states which are eliminating gun restrictions are also making damned sure that those restrictions stay in effect on state capital grounds.  So, instead of trying to fight them in terms of reinstating restrictions, we need to have people pushing to make it legal to conceal carry firearms on state capitals, and then force these Republican dickbags to talk about how it’s necessary for them to be safe from nuts with guns, but not anyone else.

      • They’ve actually tried that here. Unfortunately the Republicans have such a solid lock on the Florida Legislature that it gets shot down instantly. They do. not. care. that it’s hypocritical. Not one bit. There isn’t a single Republican with enough shreds of personal shame to even get the idea a discussion. And then, once it’s voted down, the Democrats walk away and never refer to it again. You wouldn’t even know it’s been repeatedly tried except for the Orlando Sentinel, which has a columnist that reports it.

        • Fucking figures.  Sounds though like the problem is that the D’s aren’t making a huge news splash out of it.  They need to get ACTION NEWS CHANNEL 7 on board to do a BIG STORY about how Democrats are trying to expand gun rights and Republicans are VIOLATING THE 2ND AMENDMENT.  That shit would get some eyeballs.

  3. That is also what is killing me. Everyone (not registered with the NRA) should be calling the exact people who are responsible for mass shootings, republicans and gun nuts (there are a few in the dem and left circles). Period. Enough walking on egg shells, enough with giving the fucking murderers equal airtime. This is insane.

  4. I have no pet pics, but one of my neighbors put some geese decoys in their yard and driving by I was like oh fuck no please god no not Canada geese. Then I realized they were just decoys, whew.

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