Wednesday! [NOT 28/7/21]

Hi, friends!

WOOHOO I’m off work for the rest of the week!

What’s good in your life?



  1. Also I’ve given away heaps of tomatoes to 3 neighbors this week! Everyone loves fresh tomatoes!

  2. Tomorrow they’re giving me training for super user functions in SAP so I can have access to team lead functions.  I have a feeling they’re doing it because I made it clear I don’t want to be a production grunt anymore and want to leave (and they don’t want me to leave which I find hilarious considering the bad blood between work and I.  So why do I stay?  The pay for what i do is better than most aka golden-ish handcuffs.)
    Also heard some jealous comments from someone I hate at work.  This person is upset because this person wants the role, but is quite spinless and has a habit of running away from problems (which is the main reason I can’t stand this person.)
    My friend from /Redacted/ cancelled his visit this week (because he was ill; not CoVID), but is going to make another attempt in late Aug so I’m happy.

  3. I played disc golf today and I’m on my 5th beer. Yay Wednesday!

  4. I had vegan sushi with my daughter today. 

  5. We finally got an automated watering system setup in the greenhouse which will make our trips less stressful.  I wish we did it earlier in the day as it was almost 100 in there as we did it.      My first cayenne peppers are ready to harvest which is exciting.

  6. I got 4 loads of laundry done, and some general picking up. Never fails to amaze me how 5 guys can make so much mess in only 3 days! 
    Oh, and I had my eye exam yesterday and everything is good except that my right eye is getting distinctly worse. I already have such bad vision that, without my glasses on, everything more than 6 inches from my nose is a complete blur. I knew the one was getting worse but, hey, at least I haven’t lived up (down?) to the dire predictions of my last eye doctor, who told me I’d be legally blind by age 40! AND, I don’t need bifocals. Yet. 

  7. My kids aren’t showing any interest in this pie my wife made from the blueberries we picked this weekend.  More for me.

    • Are your kids Team Cake or what is their malfunction?!?!

      • No, they are pretty much Team Sweets, so I’m not sure what’s going on.  I’ll take it, though.

        • My wife makes the best pie crust anywhere, ever, and don’t even contemplate telling me different.

  8. i am not currently on fire…nor have i been fired….yet
    currently researching where i can best leave my phone….so i can stream the football whilst i work friday…and not immediately get caught by the fucking gestapo at work…
    netherlands vs usa….i gotta see that one

    saw a juvenile turkey this morning on my way into work.  Never saw one of those before, but it looks pretty much just like the adults, but smaller…

  10. I’m off work as well, but I have to pack and move, so no win here.

  11. I managed to pick up my sensor today (freestyle libre-for my ‘beetus), AND I have a replacement for the one that fell off/got bumped out of my arm showing up in the mail *sometime* later this week/weekend.
    And I also got a bunch of stuff ordered online for my mom, and have it shipping directly to her–some winter boots (Sorels–on clearance so they were CHEAP!😁🤗)
    And a bunch of craft supplies she wanted.  She needs to do some spending down of her stimulus money this month, so that she’s not over the allotted amount, when we have to re-apply for her benes later this month… which means getting her some things she’s had on her “like to get someday” list.
    She basically gave me a big ‘ol list of stuff, and I’ve been scouring the deals online, in order to get her the most things I can from her list, at a good price, for reasonable shipping costs😉

    • Shipping charges, arrrgh. I don’t get how some companies can charge $5 for shipping and others charge $40. Right now I’m weighing big shipping charges against total convenience. Shipping is going to win, I love not having to hit a bunch of stores and lugging stuff home. Fuck it. I’m doing my part to keep money flowing into the economy.

  12. Had a little excitement here a bit ago… nothing like hearing 6 people’s phones all start blaring the emergency alert system tone to really wake you up and get the blood flowing! Tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms. The lightning was insane for nearly an hour, just endless flashes and a near-constant low grumble of thunder, then it suddenly poured buckets for about 15 minutes, and the wind started whipping the trees around in a way the makes me nervous about the half-dead tree in the front yard. I guess there was a tornado touchdown in the next town over, but thankfully, our sirens never went off and things settled down. But now, it’s nearly 4am and I’m still wide-frickin’-awake.

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