Wednesday [NOT 9/11/22]

Hi, friends!

Halfway through the week, and that’s a relief!

I hope your day went well. I had a coworker try to have a conversation with me in the bathroom and finally I had to bluntly tell her I needed her to leave because I don’t enjoy talking while I’m needing to use a bathroom stall.

Ugh, so annoying.



  1. Stay hydrated, and remember you don’t need to to give 100% if you’re feeling the side effects of the vax.
    We’ve got wildfires burning about an hour SE of here and we can see and smell the smoke. I can feel the beginning of a migraine coming on from it. I feel sorry for the folks there who are still recovering from the floods.

  2. Well. I had a call with my boss today. He told me they loved me and they desperately want to make sure I don’t leave and gave me the biggest raise I’ve ever gotten in my career, along with the biggest bonus I’ve ever gotten.

    I’m still trying to process it but I gotta tell you, I’m periodically getting choked up.

  3. I’m still making my way perilously through Season 5 of The Crown. What’s distracting is that now it’s the 90s which is when I, and especially The Old Ball and Chain, spent a lot of time in Britain, and with this cast no one looks like who they’re portraying. In the 300 or so media run-ups I read everyone kept saying how much the actor playing Diana looks exactly like her. Maybe in still photos, from a distance, but no, not when you see it on screen. All the cast is like this. I will say that the actor playing Prince Charles (with a slight mullet) does actually sound somewhat like Prince Charles did, but otherwise…

    In the first episode there’s no exposition, so you have to guess who is who. By the time they get around to showing the Queen Mother you wonder if you’re having a disprovable recovered memory: Wait, wasn’t the Queen Mother in real life plump and hair-up and darker, rather than the gaunt, wraith-like character who barges in every so often?

    One thing it clears up, for me at least, is that supposedly the children did indeed kind of formally address their mother with a nod or something before speaking to her, and Mom didn’t think this was strange. When I was angry with my mother, which was rare, I used to click my heels, give her a Hitler salute, and, in German, a language she didn’t understand, spout nonsense to her. My siblings would sometimes ask me later, “What did you say to Mom?” “I merely told her that I would be departing on the train leaving Frankfurt at 08:30 hours with three goats and was frightened by the drop in the Swiss franc’s value relative to the Spanish peso” (that’s how long ago this was.) Good times. Mom, you were the best. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

  4. Somebody around here knows a lot about bikes…Butcher maybe?

    I jammed my brother’s Schwinn cruiser into my Mini Cooper and brought it home with me this weekend. So far I’ve gotten all of the cobwebs and rust off of it. I pried the dried disintegrating tires off as well.

    Question is, what tires do I put on it? He had whitewalls and I think that’s what I want. However, if I measure across the rim it’s 23 inches and from what I see standard tires are 26 inches. Is the tire size larger so that’s the measurement?


    • I just measured my mountain bike rims with 26-inch tires, and the diameter of the rim is right around 23 inches. So yeah, that Schwinn cruiser is most likely a 26-inch tire.

      Just make sure that you get a tire that is suited (ie, wide enough) for the wider rims on that bike. I know bike shops were struggling with supply chain issues, but I bet a bike shop in the DMV would have some of those. REI would also be a likely source. Be sure to take one of the rims in with you, in the event that your particular Schwinn uses an odd size.

  5. saturday the beardy dude in the big hat arrives in my town…must do shopping before then

    also ive found a solution for the whole black pete problem

    fuck yeah….black metal pete and satanklaas…..boom racism problem fixed…..christianity problem fixed too…fucking win win

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