Wednesday Steel

Wherein I bring you the metal. You—-

“But Lemmy, this is hardco-“

Sit down and let me explain something. Hatebreed was one of the first bands to be labelled “metalcore.” It’s right there in the name. That is, unless you’re one of those genre snobs for whom “That’s not metal” simply means “I don’t like it.”

Now go out there and stare down the barrel of your Wednesday. Who’s got more heart than you?



  1. I thought today was Wednesday, I planned the Wednesday things I needed to do, including going to Fresh Market to pick up the falafel Little Big Meal. I logged on to Deadsplinter to read with my morning coffee, saw Wednesday Steel, thought, huh, it can’t be Wednesday then, looked at my calendar and sure enough it’s only Tuesday. Thanks for saving me an unnecessary trip to the store. Now on to the metal.

    I like the band you posted this morning. It’s becoming obvious to me that I’m mostly into the bands that blur the line between hardcore and metal. Like these guys –

    Bleeding Through – Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire



  2. Hatebreed may have been the first to be labeled Metalcore but definitely not the first band that should have been.  I’m sure I could go further back but 24-7 Spyz definitely comes to mind.

    and Suicidal Tendencies definitely!


  3. ive given up on keeping up with the sub genres….its all metal….(cept nu metal…that shit can go die in a fire)
    anyhoo…today im in the mood for goblin metal

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