Wednesday Steel

Wherein I bring you the metal. You hone a razor of grammar, rhetoric, and logic, and send your Wednesday back to the Stone Age.

Chaos reigns on Wednesday, but don’t let it be the ghost that’s haunting you.



  1. I never gave a damn about Van Halen before Eddie died. I always thought there wasn’t enough guitar for such a “guitar-god” band. It wasn’t until today that I listened to some of his best work and realized what an influence he had on one of my favorite highschool era bands. Enjoy this blackened slab of arena metal, just in time for spooky season! You can’t spell Wednesday without \m/ upside down!

    • I did not like Van Halen but I really came to appreciate Eddie.  In weaker moments I would have grudgingly admitted he was probably the best guitar player on the planet.

      • Marty called him sloppy when I brought in a Van Halen song to learn.   He had never heard the song but played along to it and in very Marty fashion said, “this is what he did…this is what he SHOULD have done”.  It was hard to appreciate Van Halen in our high school with a few of the obnoxious Van Halen loud mouths but I found appreciation much later.  I’m blasphemous but enjoyed Van Hagar concert more than early Van Halen.

        • I saw them with both singers, and Sammy was far better live.  Sloppy is not always a bad thing.  I’ve noticed that Marty has backed off of the precision shredding and gone for more feel in his playing.

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