Wednesday Steel

Welcome to Wednesday Steel, wherein I bring you the metal. You-

“But Lemmy, it’s not really Wed-”

Take a seat and zip it. I decide when it’s Wednesday around here. As I was saying, you take that metal, mill some machine screws, and universally donate them right into Wednesday’s eyeballs.

Yesterday, Wednesday was just some stupid tomorrow. Tomorrow, it will be dead again.



  1. I’ve been prepared for this Wednesday since last Sunday, which I think occurred on Friday?  New Accept album coming out…who knew they were still alive?

    I’m not sure what this is but I love it!

  2. I’m a little bit hurt that Lemmy didn’t post in my very first DUAN last night, but I’ll let it go because I’m a big person.  I did kind of write it with him in mind though. 

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