Wednesday Steel

Wherein I bring you the metal. You hone it to a straight edge.

Now get out there and declare your war against Wednesday.



  1. There is a low-power radio station somewhere up here in the mountains that I can hear when I drive to town.  In the morning, they play a lot of  early metal.  I’ve never heard a commercial, so I’m guessing it’s just a labor of love for some old metal head.

    • @MemeWeaver, I had the Deftones Ohms pale ale from Belching Beaver yesterday and thought of you.  Good pale, refreshing and clean with a mild fruity hop taste.  I’m trying to post a picture of it but it’s not letting me post or I’m a bonehead. 

      • Thank you for thinking of me, @loveshaq. Glad it turned out to be a good beer. Great brewery. I wish they would put out a brown or Scotch ale instead of all those hard seltzers, but they’re probably worried about things like “profits” and “paying their employees”….

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