Wednesday Steel

Wherein I bring you the metal. You cast some ball bearings and play a little pinball.

Now get out there and test your might against Wednesday.



  1. The Glee Cast will destroy you at pinball, then shove those balls down your throat.


  2. In “honor” of something dangerously stupid happened at work where an improperly installed metal piece fell this week.

  3. I have a day of farm work ahead of me, so here’s a farm-themed cut from Melvins.

  4.  Back in my barroom days I was really good at pinball. I’d love to have a machine at home but they’re pricy. 


    Dragonforce -Cosmic Power of the Infinite Shred Machine from the Heavy Metal Pinball Soundtrack



  5. Kevin Ayers – Ball Bearing Blues

    • I adore Kevin Ayers.

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