Wednesday Steel

Wherein I bring you the metal. You fashion it into a hate creation.

Wednesday is somatically incorrect. Get out there and make it bleed.



  1. If we’re gonna do this, then let’s do this

    • Gaahl is a really intriguing dude.  Check out the Vice video where two knuckleheads tracked him down in Norway.

  2. Red Fang – Blood Like Cream


  3. Hellripper – Spectres of the Blood Moon Sabbath



    • Holy shit, it’s blackened thrash metal!

      • Is that a good thing?

        • Hell yeah.  Interesting sound.

          • I don’t know the various genres, but I liked it. 😁

    • I thought about featuring these guys sometime.  Great name and concept.

      • lol..tbh..when i first heard of them i was expecting them to be more cheesy and less good than they are

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