Wednesday Steel

Welcome to Wednesday Steel, wherein I bring you the Australian Metalcore:

Go kill your Wednesday with a smile.



  1. The record label thought they could contain Olivia Newton John…but they didn’t realize how metal she was when she fucked up contract law for the entire record industry.


  2. Some band known in Oz as Acka Dakka

  3. Not Australian but hey, it’s Marty!


  4. ok, here’s your Aussie metal


  5. This was a big enough hit that even I heard it.

    Amity Affliction – Pittsburgh


    • Hit may be a stretch and I only listen to college radio so…

  6. From Australia’s neighbor New Guinea


    Riot Squad — Heavy Rockers of Rabaul

  7. Five Star Prison Cell – Cola (live)

  8. I really thought it was Wednesday when I saw this.

  9. Australia seems to be a magical place

  10. i guess ill go with the theme for once and actually stick to aussie metalcore

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