1. I don’t have a video as this was in the early 90’s but I was really good friends with an indigenous family in LA. They went to powwows all the time and I tagged along. At one of them, they were doing a ceremonial dance around the fire and all of the dancers one by one started to kind of fade out of the actual dance leaving one lone guy. He had a full helmet of feathers that just bounced so fantastically when he danced. He wasn’t wearing anything but an american flag wrapped kind of like a diaper and these amazing knee high buckskin boots. The only sound was the one drum keeping a beat. Everyone was so quiet watching him because he was just mesmerizing.
    Then, out of absolutely nowhere a hawk screams. We all look up and flying overhead was one lone hawk circling above the smoke of the fire. Chanting erupted from the other dancers and they jumped back up and started dancing with the hawk guy again. The hawk stayed for what felt like forever and to this day it was the most spiritual thing I’ve encountered and really metal AF.

  2. Wednesday Steel on Monday? This is going to seem like a long week even though it is a short week here because today is Thanksgiving, or as I call it, “Thankstaking” Monday.

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