Wednesday! Woooo half way done! [NOT 1/12/21]

Hi, friends!

How did your day go?

Anything good happen?

Random question time – are you a food sorter? If you eat something like trail mix, Chex mix, Skittles, etc, do you sort them and eat in a specific order?

I totally do. Even for things that taste the same, like M&Ms. I don’t know why. But it makes me happy to do it, so I won’t stop.



  1. Not much good happening.  Sent daughter back to school with her car on Sunday and now the check engine light has come on!  I just had my mechanic check it before she left so not sure what is going on.  She can’t get it into a shop over there until the 17th.  Not working much this week so watched too much of the supreme court and the high school shooting coverage so very depressed.  Surprise, the parents are Trumpers!

    I’m sure they are going to claim he was bullied and it was self defense or some other shit!  I did get out on my Xmas present (an e-bike) for awhile before it rains again.  Not really supposed to use it until Xmas but really?

      • Yea, I was just at Harbor Freight & was looking at those.  It would take more work, time & money for me to get her one & get her to figure out how to use it than to get it checked out over there.  I have a friend over there that recommended a good mechanic & good to get her to do those things on her own.  My other daughter actually put on her Xmas list “get dad to make appointment for my car recall” because I told her she needed to schedule that herself.

  2. I was waiting for your NOT. Since this is the season of gift giving, I have a present for you, Brighter.

    Did you know that there was a real Hidden Valley Ranch? Yes, in the mountains above Santa Barbara. The guy who owned it ran a dude ranch and he was the inventor of this delicacy. His guests loved his salad dressing so much they demanded to take some home with them, and thus a culinary legend was born.

    PS: I do not sort my food.

    Have you ever heard of a related phenomenon? Suppose you are served a dinner that’s meat, some vegetables, and a starch. Some people will sort that, so, say, all the veg first, then the meat, then the starch. I’ve seen an acquaintance do it.

    The only time I do something similar is when I’m served something like a sandwich or a burger and it comes with something I’m not that fond of, like a random pickle spear. I’ll eat the sandwich and then, while lingering because neither I nor anyone I know can ever shut up, will absentmindedly gnaw on the pickle spear as the conversation drags on.


      • The ones I’ve gotten often seem to be invariably something pulled from an industrial-size Vlasic bucket and past their prime. Ones found in traditional delis, even tourist traps like the 2nd Avenue Deli and Katz’s, yes, those I eat happily and greedily.

          • You experienced New York in all its exuberant variety. I wonder what the Guidos (your term) were doing in Katz’s to begin with? I will admit that I go to Katz’s sometimes and usually with fellow New Yorkers so it’s not as touristy as, say, the Times Square M&M store.

            By the way, do you know what Guido means in Italian? It means “Bill,” like the nickname for William. One of my best friends is Italian and named Guido and when he moved to New York as a child he didn’t know why his name seemed so funny.

            • I hope I don’t offend anyone w/ that term other than the wannabe gangster Italians that fit the term.  Not sure why they were there but I was willing to show them some Aloha spirit.  They seemed to be more talk than action.  I approached NYC like I did Rio & other sketchy places, make sure you carry yourself like you will fuck someone up if they start shit.  It has worked for me in all big cities I’ve been so far.

    • Yes, I do usually eat food by category on dinner plates, too. I’ll try everything and then eat food in the order of what I like the least first.

      But only things that are served in “sections” like if a meal is green beans, mashed potatoes, and chicken. I won’t pick things out of a casserole or salad, that food is supposed to be eaten mixed up.

      Brains are weird!

  3. I am not a food sorter, but I do eat my meals systematically.  If, for example, I am having a sandwich for lunch with a pickle, I will take a bite of the sandwich, then the pickle, then take a sip of whatever I’m drinking–usually water.  If I’m having dinner which consists of a main and a side or two, plus a salad, I will take a bite of the main, then each of the sides, then the salad, then the drink.  I’m sure it makes Mrs. Butcher crazy, but she’s been good enough not to jam me about how fucking goofy my behavior is.

  4. This is a little off-topic but since I somewhat obnoxiously steered us in the direction of New York:

    A 17-year-old city student was busted with a loaded 9 mm pistol and more than $30,000 in cash inside a Brooklyn high school Wednesday, according to law enforcement sources.

    A school secretary spotted what she believed to be a firearm inside the backpack of a student at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice in downtown Brooklyn around noon, sources said.

  5. Got my first shingles vaccine today. Overall it went well, insurance covers it, and other than a sore arm and slight headache, I’m doing fine.

    Not only am I not a food sorter, but I will even mix separated things at times. Last night I was mixing my salmon with my rice. (shrug)

  6. Food sorter depends on the meal and how hungry I am.

    If I’m stuck with elements of a meal I don’t like and don’t want to be rude, I’ll eat that first so I get the terrible out of the way. Otherwise it gets shoved to one side while I eat the rest.

    I’m Korean so mixing food up (protein, veg, carb) is our usual thing (bi-beem-bap).

    When it comes to Western food, I’m more of  a system eater, a little bit here and there till it’s all gone.


  7. My week has been kinda shit.  More because I think I need a vacation so I’m getting grouchier at work.

    Thanks to Omicron, any vacation hopes have been dashed.  Thanks to my new AC and the newfound drain on my bank account, any vacation hopes have been smashed.

    I keep telling myself that it is just life and home ownership before I lapse into a lottery winning fever dream.

  8. not a food sorter…..i do have a compelling urge to re arrange the coloured whiteboard magnets at work into smileys tho

    or flatout steal them…..hey? whered all the blue ones go?

    i dunno?

  9. Tooooootally a sorter/”type by type” eater on LOTS of stuff, buuuuut that makes sense, especially after realizing exactly how… neuroatypical Dad is, and having a conversation with my Auntie (his sister, the retired nurse😉😂🤣), about her OCD traits & tendencies!😂🤣🤣🤣


    Let’s just say. understand, *extremely well* where my own neurosis come from, and fraaaankly, I’m kinda surprised I’m only this much of a nutball!


    On the foods, I tend to eat a plate from “least liked” to “favorite,” so that the things I eat last are the ones whose flavors I like BEST.


    On things like snacks/candy, I don’t sort, exactly, but I’ll eat “all of ____” whether food type or by color, until that one is gone & i move on to the next.

    I’m NOT as rigid about those (imaginary!) rules as I was as a child, buuuut if it’s a slow day, I still do that on occasion.

    Green M&M’s were ALWAYS saved to the end–not because of whatever folks imply the green ones are for/about. When we were little, and M&M’s were a special treat at our grandparents house,** we cousins came up with the “Rule” that the Green ones were Spinach, and they gave us super-strength, just like Popeye in the old cartoons (which were REGULARLY on TV back then, in our rural part of MN)😉😁🤗


    **we also had “The M&M Masher” in the toy box at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

    It was actually a hamburger press, but somehow it ended up in the toy box, along with a Tupperware hamburger press, and at *some* point in the late 1970’s, we kids discovered that if we used “The M&M Masher,” (the GOOD one–that yellow one!😉), when you pressed *just hard enough* but also not too hard, that magic little machine would crack each M&M into at least 4-5 pieces–so in 2-4 year old logic;

    We could have MORE M&M’s!!!

    The yellow one was the BETTER one, because it was spring-loaded, and one was less likely to crush said M&M’s into chocolate-flavored nothingness…

    Buuuut if you were one of the unlucky cousins (there were 13 of us by the time the youngest was born, and between 9 and 11 of us at the height of the “Mashing years”), and got stuck waiting “at the end of the line” to smash your candy, sometimes you took a chance on the much less reliable Tupperware one, and *hoped* you didn’t simply mash your pieces into dust!☺😁😄

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