Weekend Check-In [NOT 14/8/21]

image of neon letters spelling out "HAPPY SATURDAY"

Hi, friends!

How is your weekend going?

My Saturday is going so much better than yesterday. For one, the chiropractor did help me out despite how rough the appointment was. Today has been one of those “don’t overdo it because you feel much better because it’s definitely not 100% yet, moron” days. So far, so good. Fingers crossed tomorrow continues the improvement.

In exciting news, they had lima beans at the farmer’s market! I was thinking on the way there that with the fresh corn and tomatoes it would be a great week to make succotash and HUZZAH I bought limas and shelled them earlier this afternoon. Also, I’m lazy and have a fuckton of cherry tomatoes so a few handfuls of those will be halved and dumped into the succotash to help use them up.

There’s this super old codger dude who grows a few things no one else does there (crowder peas, yellow flat beans, a few other things I forget because I don’t like) and his cantaloupes are available, too! No clue what variety of cantaloupe he grows, but they’re smaller and delicious. I don’t want to get one of the honeyrock varieties that are in season right now because they’re ginormous and some will go to waste. These ones I get from the old codger? Perfect until a few weeks from now when the yellow doll watermelons start coming in.



  1. I didn’t do a heck of a lot today, just laundry, played with the dog. My daughter is coming tomorrow so I won’t get anything done then either. The world won’t end if I’m not busy, busy all the time. 

    • I might make and can salsa or something tomorrow. I’ve still got close to 10 lbs of tomatoes in the fridge… None are romas, so not good for canning tomato sauce, but I bet I can do a decent salsa. 

  2. Covid exposure update: we went home today. The whole camp was tested yesterday and results came back this morning that everyone is negative. So far, anyway. I think it’s still a little early for much confidence. We’ll retest sometime next week, and I hope other people will be doing the same thing. 

    • I’m glad all the results came back negative. Fingers crossed that the later tests also come back negative!

      I did a test a few days after getting back from ye old cesspit (Florida panhandle). It was very comforting because while I was asymptomatic, I was worried about being a carrier. 

          • Oh see I’ve done it a few times now and it’s always been just a normal nasal swab (halfway up the nostrils, not deep), but they’ve been the PCR tests that you generally get back 1-2 days later. I thankfully never had to get the deep jab.
            I’ve been meaning to look into the state of rapid testing these days. I know earlier in the pandemic, the market was flooded with shitty rapid tests that gave very unreliable results. I don’t know if that got corrected? 

  3. Also I’m currently watching The Suicide Squad and I am not sure exactly what is happening but I think James Gunn needs to consider sobriety when editing his writing prior to production starting. 

  4. Glad you’re feeling better, brighter! I’m looking forward to my chiropractor appointment later this week. I swear, sometimes she’s the only thing keeping me upright.
    I’m hanging out at my friend’s house tonight. BabySmacks came along, and Other-Husband, and KidSmacks3 has been here all week. Tomorrow morning, we’ll pack everyone up and head home. At the moment, I’m watching her enormous dog yip and paddle in her sleep… I would love to know what she’s dreaming about! We might do something real exciting tonight and go to the McDonald’s drive thru for hot fudge sundaes. Other than that, it’s watching nature documentaries and reading, maybe a game of 500 Rummy later on. We’ve been friends for so long, there’s no “entertaining” involved, it’s basically my second home. It’s nice to have someone to chat with, though. 

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