Weekend Creature Feature

You know that's a vacuum behind me, eh?! Try using the fucking thing!

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Creature Feature. This is where you lovely beasts share your pets, farm animals, and/or random pics, vids, gifs, memes, and Tweets of all manner of living creatures BTL. I will do the best I can to feature your creatures (or some of them) the following week whenever I get the chance.

In case you missed it last time:

Failure to participate will be noted…

…so if you are unsure how to share images in the comments please email your contributions to admin@deadsplinter.com ]

C’mon guys…how hard is it to share something from the interwebs? Like so:

…and that is a face that says, “I’m ’bout to get shit done!”

Let’s recap:

Olivia – courtesy of @keitelblacksmith & @elliecoo
Courtesy of @farscythe
Courtesy of @emmerdoesnotrepresentme
Fanny – Courtesy of @hannibal
Maile – Courtesy of @loveshaq

And, last but not least, the featured creature…

[Portrait images don’t fit as featured images so whenever the featured creature is a portrait I will feature them at the end]

…because I want to caress Lemmy’s asshole:

Asshole – Courtesy of @lemmykilmister

That’s it for this weekend. It’s time to participate!

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  1. Our good friends got a Berndoodle puppy recently, she is only about 10 weeks old.  Her name is Leia and she is the cutest little thing.  I am going to be dog sitting her a few times later this month.  I haven’t taken care of a puppy in a long time but it should be fun.

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