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Welcome, to the very first fifth – thanks to @LemmyKilmister – edition of the Weekend Creature Feature. This is where you lovely beasts share your pets, farm animals, and random pictures, videos, gifs, and Tweets of all manner of living creatures BTL. I will do the best I can to feature your animals (or some of them) the following week.

[ Failure to participate will be noted…

…so if you are unsure how to share images in the comments please email your contributions to admin@deadsplinter.com ]

…as @lymond did to offer beautiful images of these guys getting a workout – or lackthereof? – via kayaking:

Itty Bit

Speaking of workouts, check out @butcherbakertoiletrymaker ‘s doggo mushing:

That’s it for this week (I have been slacking). Please help me out for next week as it’s pretty stressful to follow the Brain Drain.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Effie Awards in @hannibal ‘s FFF from yesterday.

Now show us some furry, or not so furry, creatures!

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    • Thanks @Hannibal – that was this year’s Xmas card – the tagline was Rowin’ With My Gnomie. They were good sports – actually Itty Bit and Oskar are experienced kayak dogs. Milly isn’t about that kayak life.

    • Butcher is always *this close* to nailing a squirrel.  We don’t compete in urban mushing, mostly because it’s just a very occasional hobby, but also because I’m sure that doing it for real would involve dealing with a bunch of hardcore people that I really don’t care to deal with…and then have to laugh in their faces after Butcher Dog annihilated them in a race.

  1. I still can’t figure out how to drop ’em in from my phone, soooo here’s a link to some of the most recent pics of Lil & Rocket;


    It was laundry day, and of course cat-cat decided that *in the clean towels* is the bestestest of all best places to nap, and this was also an extremely rare time that he decided he needed to be touching Lily while he slept, rather than laying next to (or near) a person😉

      • …you may consider it embarrassing…but you know how completely it kicks the ass of my comments section?

        …probably not…& that would be because I can’t claim to have a dog in that fight…so the actual answer would be dealer’s choice…but starts with words like “comprehensively”, “utterly” & “genuinely embarrassingly”

        …just sayin’

      • Just on my phone (and presumably somewhere in the Google/Android and maaaaaybe Samsung(?) cloud(s)) is all…


        I know that at various times folks here have shared a few different”how to drop in pictures” explainers, it’s basically an issue with me having the attention span of a gnat most times lately(!🙃🤪🤣💖), and just not being able to “math my way through” understanding those explainers!💖💗💞

        But I DO know how to do the “Google pictures link” way of sharing them–thanks to Rip, Farscy, and a few other folks who helped me fiiiiinally understand that method a few ages back😉, and it seeeems to work pretty well!


        And after seeing that link, I’m trying something….


  2. I’ve talked about my African Grey, her name was Maile.  She was an amazing bird with about a 50 word vocabulary.  She could also associate words with situations pretty well.  If the phone rang, she would say “hello, yeah, oh okay, yeah…”  If I walked in the room and ignored her she would say my name in my dad’s voice like he was pissed off at me.  Scared the shit out of me the first time she did it as I came home from school stoned!  I recently found this pic of her. 

  3. and on a sadder note, our neighbors and good friends recently lost their dog.  She was an amazing berndoodle puppy named June.  I was her “godfather” and loved having her visit and play with her.  She died before her first birthday of a rare condition and it was heartbreaking for all of us.  They are getting a new puppy next week but June will always be in our hearts.  Reminded me of why I would rather be a godparent than an owner right now.

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