Weekend! [DOT 4/3/22]

image of neon letters spelling out "HAPPY SATURDAY"

Today is my Mom’s 81st bday so happy birthday Mom McGee!
I have book club later today; bets on whether or not I’ll finish the book by 4PM?


Singin’ the coups: Donald Trump releases single with January 6 prisoners

Stay safe!

At least 9 people are dead as severe storms threaten more tornadoes and flooding across South, barrel toward Northeast

Eff You.


Evergreen Kelly Slater on surfing at the age of 51: ‘I’ve kept myself in good shape’


Stocks close higher Friday, Dow breaks 4-week losing streak as 10-year Treasury yield retreats: Live updates

I couldn’t find anything cute to share so you’ll have to do so in the comments. Brain Drain will be along shortly!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Since all seems quiet on the Saturday front, we can distract ourselves by salivating over my latest real estate target, an incredible San Simeon-like estate in Pasadena:


    I don’t know what’s so special about the Langham Huntington, as I’ve never stayed there. I do, however, know what’s special about the Norton Simon Museum, the Huntington Library, and the Rose Bowl, all of which are also in Pasadena. What’s exciting about this two-structure offering is that it comes with its own museum, but you have to fill it yourself.

    A caveat: the listing contains many, many, many photos.

    • I just can’t with the brown floor and white counters/marble tops in that kitchen. Massive fail by the designer, imho…

      but that brown living/sitting space is something to behold.

      • You can’t possibly imagine that you’d ever set foot in that kitchen, do you? It might as well have dirt floors for all you/I care. There would be staff, whom you’d refer to as “like family,” when not berating them in broken Spanish for sins real and imagined and handing them their $100 Christmas bonuses and whatever odds and ends you’d want to discard from one of your many closets. Plus, I bet those floors are original and that wood has been forbidden to be harvested since about 50 years or so ago so no one’s going to let those go without a fight.

        • @matthewcrawley I intended not to offend. I’m sorry. fwiw I am in the industry and work with architects and designers every day. Perhaps my own personal bias toward whites and greys got the best of me. I’m just not a fan of it. Sorry.

  2. …the insurrectionists’ charity single story genuinely made me question if I’d stumbled into a nearly-the-same-but-super-worse parallel reality

    …but…no…mundane reality now includes grifting off the back of recording a literal choir he normally sings to singing the national anthem back to him over a prison phone line…while his serially-staving-off-litigation ass mumbles a pledge of allegiance he has less allegiance to than the oath of office he disdained to the point of not only parody but penny-ante mob-rule with an antebellum flavor

    …how that density of hypocrisy hasn’t resulted in a critical mass imploding to leave us all at the mercy of a seething gravity well & the inevitability of entropy being the final girl of the movie getting massively accelerated, I don’t know…but I feel like it might be a rewarding field of study for a theoretical physicist or two?

    • On the plus side, CPAC is suffering attendance woes:


      What’s also notable is that Fox has pulled away from it, which is another indication that they have the ability to shape coverage when they want to, and aren’t somehow forced to cover Trump or promote his themes if they don’t want to.

      You can sense awkwardness in the coverage of a lot of the political press corps. The low attendance is impossible to miss, but they’re doing all they can to avoid framing it as a potential sign of weakness for the GOP. What this is showing is that the political press needs CPAC even more than Fox.

      CPAC provides the political press with simple narratives from unified GOP talking heads so they don’t have to think about anything. If there isn’t a simple narrative, what are they going to do — actual reporting?

  3. There comes a time when we heed a certain call

    When the insane/stupid/violent must come together as one

    There are people lying

    Oh, when it’s time to attack congress and ruin lives

    The greatest gift of all

    We can’t go on pretending day by day

    That Mike Pence and losers elsewhere will soon make a change

    We’re all a part of Gawd’s great big violent family

    And the truth, you know

    Hate is all we need

    We are the jerks

    We are the assholes

    We are the ones who make a darker day

    So, let’s start swinging

    There’s a choice we’re making

    We’re saving Donald’s precious ego

    It’s true we’ll make a worse day

    Just you and me

  4. Last night’s snow storm was bad.

    1. Work let us out “early” but I was one of those who stayed behind because I had to protect my precious OT (work sez I can’t come in early for OT then leave early to collect it… let’s just say we had a number of folks who abused that.)

    2. Winter tires are a great investment. Beats spinning out into a ditch or paying to repair a damaged vehicle.

    3. I never went over 52kph (30 mph), but I was the fastest on the road because I learned how to drive in way worse winter conditions and never forgot the near pants wetting lessons I learned.

  5. Central KY got walloped by the winds yesterday. Locally one person is dead from a tree falling on her car, roads are closed, and many people are without power. We didn’t fare too badly. A patio table was blown over, and the umbrella snapped. The chiminea was blown over as well, we’ll have to assess it for damage. It was very expensive, I hope we won’t have to replace it.

  6. I have been around Kelly Slater & have some friends that know him pretty well.  He is a crazy anti-vaxxer & Trumper.  He will go down in history as the greatest contest surfer but in surfing you will never get consensus on the “best” surfer.   If I had to pick just one “best” surfer it would be John John Florence but so many guys are better on this kind of wave or that spot.


  7. I need to do a bunch of yard work today, but I over-did it for my morning workout and now I’m not looking forward to working my thighs more.

    I mean I still will do the weeding and whatnot, I’m just going to whine about it.

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