WEEKEND [NOT 30/4/21]

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Hi, friends!


What’s everyone doing? I am going to the zoo with some extended family tomorrow which has me really excited. If you enjoy zoos and ever come visit St. Louis, come to our zoo. It’s free and it’s awesome. There’s even free street parking in Forest Park and you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and snacks with you, so it’s definitely a great way to have fun without breaking the bank.

I also need to finish the raised bed situation. So darn, another trip to Lowes. I’m excited to ogle their veggie plants while I am there buying compost and mulch. What an exciting life I lead!



  1. Getting a haircut tomorrow–finally got Mrs. Butcher’s input and it looks like it’s grown quite enough, thank you very much.  Now the trick will be to make it more manageable.

    Running our once-every-four months credit report.  If you go to annualcreditreport.com (NOT freecreditreport.com or any of those other data-sucking sites), you can choose which of the three credit bureaus from which you want a report and can get those reports once a year.  So, in order to keep a more-or-less constant eye on our reports for any signs of fraud, we get one report every four months. 

    Also, garden day, tortilla-making day, and dessert-making day.  So, plenty of shit to do.  I may not get it all done on Saturday, so Sunday might have some carry over.

  2. The kids are coming over for lunch and to pick up the six Creeping Jenny plants I got them. If you are not familiar with Creeping Jenny, it is annual, but the ones near the house over-wintered for us (we are in plant zone 6b). It is a very bright chartreuse green, small, round, leaves; makes a great pot filler and will grow down and trail.

  3. I’m getting shot 2 tomorrow so possibly just lying and moaning, but assuming all goes OK I’ll keep working on the little fountain I’m building. I have most of the form made and the aggregate mixed. If I pour concrete this weekend then the waiting period starts for the cure to complete.

  4. Update – a person down the street had extra (free!) delicata squash starters so now I have a few to plant as well.

    I bought some cucumber starters earlier. 

    Do you think I’ll remember which is which when I plant them? I expect not to and be wondering in a few months which was which until the cukes ripen quickly.

  5. This weekend is kind of an in-between time for me because I finally went over to the Dome and got my first vaccine a couple of weeks ago, got all my papers and shit together to send in my state tax return last weekend, and then next week I’m finally getting my fucking dryer looked at on Friday and getting the second dose the next day.
    Of course, I have eight pages of handwritten text to translate, and they told me that if I submitted them on Monday, then they’d pay me with this pay period. But I’ll pretty much just work on them because there’s nothing better to do – not being I’m hustling to meet the deadline or gunning for the money.

  6. Working another shift.  I’ve decided to load up my stock portfolio with as much cash (blue chip stocks aren’t cheap) as I can so I’m going to crush the over time for a while (at least till the fall.)  Willing to make the sacrifice, but not for long as I’m already made some mistakes and the judgement goes to shit if I get too exhausted.

  7. I recently reconnected with someone after a few years, and that was pretty cool, and sorta reassuring?
    I fell out of contact with an RPG group I had spent a few years in, 2-3 years ago, and just assumed I did something dreadful and was excised from the group.  Plus, I had a lot of personal stuff going on about that time that made social stuff very much not a priority…
    But, the GM just out of the blue contacted me, we hung out recently, and they are looking to continue the campaign, so I’m kinda excited about that.
    So, this weekend I’ll be digging through my note book, my old emails, etc, trying to refresh my memory and gather as much details about what was going on at our last session, remember what my character was doing, etc.  definitely worse ways to spend a weekend…

  8. The weather here is still shitty. In the ten day forecast there are 4 days of rain and 1 day with temps over 70 degrees F. I went out yesterday to find a zipper for the sweater I knit that won’t look too heinous. Life tip – pick the colors for a zipped sweater to match the zippers available. Anyway, tons of people out yesterday, got spooked, went home without hitting the liquor store so I might have to drink that bottle of Jim Beam Repeal Batch.

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