Weekend Plans? [NOT 12/2/21]

Happy Friday, friends!

Anybody got things planned for the weekend? Aside from some cleaning, I’ve got a whole lot of couch, blanket, and Netflix planned for the weekend.

I hope to only leave my house to refill the bird feeder.



  1. Just being lazy cause I did all these things during my week off.  Also nursing a sore foot that might have happened while I was adding a blind.  I really don’t know how it happened.

  2. I FINALLY took my cat’s cone off this morning, and after 2.5 weeks of that bullshit, today she seems to have a new lease on life. Aside from grooming herself all day, she’s been practically prancing around. Her eye still looks a little rough, but way better than it did, and I don’t think either of us could tolerate one more day of that stupid cone. Her grooming has all been very gentle, so I think it’s all good. 
    Other than that, we may have an outdoor distanced visit or two with family, depending on just how horribly cold it is. Luckily people are generally entertained by watching Lil play in the snow with his snowsuit. 

  3. My weekend plans mostly involve shivering under a blanket. It’s supposed to drop to -15°F Saturday night! And that’s not even windchill… I don’t want to think about how cold it’s ACTUALLY going to be. 

  4. It’s supposed to snow every day for the next week starting tomorrow, so I ran errands today. But there might be a break in the cold. I saw a day over 25 degrees in the 10 day forecast!!! People are going to bust out the shorts. 

  5. welp..as i just got up and discovered im out of coffee (the horror)
    i guess my plan is to scoot on over to the shops for coffee and croissants
    after that ill be cycling in to the woods to see if i can take some wintery pics..if theres any worth taking
    tho..tbh..dunno how far ill get..its currently -10 and sunny..and only the main roads have been cleared of snow and ice
    hmmmm….wonder if they cleared the local racetrack

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